Best Microphone Headsets For Singing: How To Choose The Right One

best headset microphone for singing

Choosing the best headset microphone for singing can be really tricky. There are so many different models, brands, and designs out there that it might seem like an impossible task to find the perfect one. Overview of the best headsets microphones to use when singing The first type of microphone is the tube microphone. These … Read more

Bluetooth Headphones For Truckers: Full Guide

best bluetooth headset for truckers

Truckers are on the road every day. Not only that they have to focus on the conditions around them to drive safely. Amidst all this, they can’t answer calls using their smartphones. Not only that, according to if FMCSA it is illegal for truckers to answer their calls unless they use hands-free. Communication on the … Read more

How To Fix Earbuds That Work On One Side: Full Guide

one earbud not working

Is your left headphone not working? Have you ever experienced a moment where you listen to music or podcast, then suddenly your headphones broke and loses sound from the left headphone? Is it frustrating that you keep buying new headphones every month as a replacement for your damaged headphones? Well, worry no more, because, in … Read more

Tozo Wireless Earbuds Review: Everything You Need To Know

tozo t10 review

Watching a Youtube video or Netflix movie on your devices wouldn’t be as enjoyable without some trusty wireless earbuds. Finding the perfect pair that suits your liking is a must since sounds play a big role in your viewing experience. The perfect earbuds should give you both splendid sound quality and comfort, all at a … Read more

Best Open Headphones: 5 Best Open Air Headphones For You

best open back headphones

What are Open-Back Headphones? Open-back headphones are ones that allow air to pass through the earcups from the back of the speaker driver, hence the name “Open Back”. The main advantage of the open back design is that compared to the typical closed-back design of headphones open backs don’t have to deal with resonances and … Read more