Tozo Wireless Earbuds Review: Everything You Need To Know

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Watching a Youtube video or Netflix movie on your devices wouldn’t be as enjoyable without some trusty wireless earbuds. Finding the perfect pair that suits your liking is a must since sounds play a big role in your viewing experience.

The perfect earbuds should give you both splendid sound quality and comfort, all at a price within your budget.

The TOZO T10 is a decent pair of wireless earbuds that may suit your taste. Like any other electronic device, it has advantages that you might love and disadvantages that may ick you off. To help you decide if this is the purchase for you, here is a review of the TOZO T10 wireless earbuds.

tozo t10 review

TOZO T10: A Buying Guide

Let’s talk about the TOZO T10, the wireless earbuds that are fairly affordable for most users. In this section, we will tackle the product specifications and the qualities it was advertised. This quick description will make it easier for you to judge if it is just as how it was described by the manufacturers.

The highlight of this wireless Bluetooth bud is the stereo sound quality. The earbuds’ speaker driver is sized at 8mm, 1.77 times bigger than the normal ones.

The main thing to look out for in its vibrant sounds is the powerful bass it will deliver. Along with that, it also reproduces a vivid mellow midrange and clear trebles to your ears.

As it is designed to be wireless, you can pair it only by means of the Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It has an instant pairing ability and a stable transmission, completely blocking out any interruptions that will hinder you from connecting these earbuds to your device.

Included is a one-step pairing function that perfectly matches its Bluetooth technology. By taking out both headsets from their charging case, it is designed to immediately connect, and all that’s left is for you to pair it on your device settings.

If you have already connected it before, then you wouldn’t need to fiddle with your settings anymore as it will pair automatically.

Not all wireless earbuds are waterproof, which is why TOZO T10 may be a little higher up on the list when you compare it to its competitors. The nano-coating made the waterproof and sweatproof abilities to be possible. No more worrying about sweat or water drops and splashes.

Lastly, it can be charged on the go. The playtime is decent as it lasts for about six hours on a single charge, and up to 30 hours if you bring your charging case with you. Charging is made convenient with the rechargeable case you can bring everywhere.

Reading the TOZO T10 product specifications will truly amaze you. It doesn’t sound like a normal Bluetooth earbud you’d find on Amazon, especially with the convincing waterproof abilities it has to offer. The question is, are all of these things true?

Will the TOZO T10 Be Worth It?

It’s time to talk about business. Now that everything about the item is laid down, we will go through specific factors that many earbuds users should take into account before buying their item. This review will be helpful for you to know if the factor discussed will largely affect your listening experience or not

Will the TOZO T10 live up to its perfectly written product description?

Style and Design

It’s pretty sleek with its glossy black and smooth design. It measures 0.9 inches tall and 0.7 inches wide. Very simple in looks and small in size, which is good if you don’t want something oddly peeking out from your ear. It’s not that cheap-looking either, thanks to the minimal design.

The style of these earbuds is just very straightforward, just a flat surface even if it has buttons for the functions. Black color is definitely the best out of all the other colors they offer, namely white, gray, blue, and khaki.


TOZO T10 is made of plastic but they are solid and doesn’t look like it’s easy to break.

Many users thought that the tactile buttons do need a little more push to sense your change of setting. It may be an advantage though, as it can ensure that the button would not just randomly press from something you encounter in your environment.

Comfort and Wearability

Like any other earbuds, it offers various sizes of switchable buds to fit perfectly in your ear. This makes sure that it wouldn’t fall out from your ear, and you can even do some moderate activity without worrying that it could get lost.

As for comfort while using this pair, it’s best to avoid using it for longer hours. It’s not that comfortable, and some users reported the feeling of fatigue and discomfort in the ears.

However, it is fairly normal for others, as wearing earphones or headphones for several hours (especially the low-quality ones) can definitely cause some headaches.

Battery Life and Charging Case

With continuous usage of the product and set at a low volume, the TOZO T10 can last as long as four hours without recharge. It’s just about right for enjoying your spare time, but not enough to last long for a day-worth of listening.

To make up for the four-hour battery life, it comes with a charging case that will conveniently recharge your earbuds. You will need to wait for an hour to get it back to 100% charged, which is fairly quick in my opinion.

In addition, the charging case gives you not only one, but an additional four full charges. This sums up to a total of 30 hours of listening time. A few users expressed though, as they expected more a longer battery life since the case is on the larger side.

Nonetheless, the case still will get you through more than enough for a single 24-hour day before you plug it back to a socket.

Control Ability

There’s no companion application if you want to customize the sound profile. Even without much personalization allowance for its users, it’s still a good product. As long as the earbuds are functioning well with their buttons, then you don’t have anything to worry about.

Also note that there is no single earbud mode, as some users prefer to only listen with one earbud in.

Sound and Microphone Quality

Like how it is advertised, the TOZO T10 earbuds sure do have a very powerful and distinct bass sound. Definitely made for people who love EDM and hip-hop music because of the consistent heavy and deep bass and treble. Even if the T10 is known for the bass, some would regard this as overemphasized thus it might sound terribly boomy at times (again, EDM and hip-hop enthusiasts will love this flaw).

Since it has a bad bass accuracy, it wouldn’t give justice to softer sounds like folk or classical music. Unlike the bass, the treble is of an acceptable standard. The mid-treble also has an over-emphasis to keep it from being overpowered by the heavy bass.

Still, its frequency response consistency is one of the best, so its sounds are consistent. This means that it can cater to almost every listener, no matter the head size, ear shape, and the like.

Another outstanding thing in the T10 is its noise-canceling ability. It doesn’t have an active noise cancellation feature, but it still blocks all the background noise like chatters and AC fans well if you properly wear it.

To finish it all off, the recording of the microphone is surprisingly better than the average Bluetooth earbuds you see in the market. Your recorded voice will sound clear, but don’t expect it to capture the tiniest details.

Waterproof Ability

No affordable earbuds have the waterproofing ability as good as the TOZO T10, that’s for sure. It’s shocking to see a cheap earbud have IPX8 waterproofing. This certification is the best you’d see in any pair in the market. It can last for half an hour submerged in water (and I think you would have no reason to dip it in water for this long), so sweat or rain wouldn’t be an issue at all. IPX8 also guarantees protection against other environmental debris like sand.


Here comes the deal-breaker that we all need to look out for. Is the TOZO T10 good for commute, sports, office, gaming, or calls? Before we start, these earbuds can be used almost anywhere that allows Bluetooth connection.

This one should be praised for its ability to isolate background noises and rumbles. It makes it preferable for those who commute in public transportations or go to gyms as it effectively blocks out sounds from your surroundings.

For office use where you sit for about eight hours, it would not be the most comfortable. Like what was mentioned above, it’s not comfortable to the ears after long usage. You even have to charge it every three hours or so which is a hassle if you need to focus on your work without interruptions.

If you want to use it for gaming, well, just don’t. Your gaming experience is set to be below average with these earbuds. Its latency is too high, and even the slightest delay in sound can put you at a great disadvantage especially when you are playing real-time or PvP games.

To sum it all up, it’s a good earbud for leisure and recreation moments, but if you are looking to use it alongside your lengthy chores or gaming, it is a lacking product.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

TOZO T10 offers the basic functions you would find in many earbuds. It is wireless and Bluetooth operated which gives way for easier access for the users and it produces decent quality sounds from the source.

To help you with your decision, here are its pros and cons laid out in summary. Starting off with the product’s advantages: it has a sleek and professional-looking design, a durable hard plastic material, a fairly long battery span, good audio and microphone quality, and the issued IPX8 waterproof certification.

It lacks these factors: comfort for listeners who plan to use it for a longer time, customizable settings which means you have to stick with the emphasized bass they have set to the buds, versatility in order to withstand any type of activities a user will be going through.

Frankly speaking, other TOZO earbuds can surpass the quality of the T10. The T6 version is a better option if there is a disadvantage in the T10 that is bothersome. T12 also offers longer battery life and a balanced sound profile.

To buy, or not to buy? It is a to-buy if you are looking for something simple to get you through the day. Very budget-friendly as well, and the best earbuds at its price.

Not to buy for those who engage in rough athletic activities as it isn’t secure enough in the ear to take some shaking and wiggling. Would also not recommend this to gamers who need precise timing and those who are very meticulous with the technical capacity and specs of their devices.

Tozo T10 In-Depth Review


Wireless earbuds might be one of the necessities today of many people as it provides convenience that a wired earphone won’t do. There’s less wire distraction and more enjoying music with these ones, at any time and place. It would be easier to do chores, tasks, or just plain listening as you just have to pop it in your ears and it’s working.

TOZO T10 is a good pair of earbuds recommendation, and the pros of this product outweighs some of its bad sides. Even if it wouldn’t pass in the standards of an athlete or a gamer, it still can fulfill a casual listener’s taste.

If you really want earbuds and the TOZO T10 passed the vibe check for you based on this review, then just go ahead and buy it. It works just like how an earbud should be if you don’t mind the more technical stuff and description that’s going on.

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