Ska Bands: The Ultimate List In 2022

Greatest Ska Bands Of All Time

Don’t you just love those up-tempo beats, walking basslines, horns blowing, guitars skanking, and of course, those oh-so catchy vocals? There’s no sound quite like ska. and it sometimes feels like the genre has been around forever. During the late 1950s, Duke Reid and Clement “Coxsone” Dodd brought the first sound systems to Jamaica, and … Read more

Headphone Jack Size: Types Of Headphones Jacks Explained

Headphone Jack Size

Wireless headphones are more common now compared to wired headphones. There, however, remain a group of people that still stick to the latter for a plethora of reasons. Whether more people use wireless headphones nowadays, wired headphones will stay for those who like them more than wireless ones. The jacks or plugs of wired headphones … Read more

Best Mac Miller Songs: The Essential List

Best Mac Miller Songs

The late Mac Miller has been known to write songs that capture the hearts of many and soothe the fears of those who have struggled with all kinds of emotions. Since his passing, many have come to love his music more due to the rawness that he exhibited through his artistic medium as a rapper. … Read more

Songs About Narcissists: The Essential List

Songs About Narcissists

Narcissism (or Narcissistic Personality Disorder) is when a person develops a wildly inflated sense of self-importance along with a compulsive need to always be right, be liked, and be the center of attention. Sound like someone you know? It’s believed around 3-5% of the population could be diagnosed with NPD, but that number is estimated … Read more

Kid Cudi Songs: The Top 15 Best Songs

Kid Cudi Songs

Kid Cudi connects his listeners with themselves. More impressively, it seems the artist is able to design his songs to correlate with any emotions underlying the lyrics. This artist, a Cleveland native and a major contributor to Alternative Hip-Hop during the 2000s, gives of himself by looking within and finds exactly what his songs need. … Read more

Juice WRLD Most Popular Songs: Ranked Best To Worst

Best Juice WRLD Songs

In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of many artists in the hip-hop world in an exponential way. Thanks to the mass diffusion of online platforms for listening to music, many artists have been able to find a channel through which to make themselves known and achieve great success. Today, we’re going to talk … Read more

Morgan Wallen Songs: The Complete List

Morgan Wallen Songs

Are you a huge fan of Morgan Wallens or country music altogether or you don’t even know who this singer is and you listen to a whole different genre of music but would you like to learn more about this famous country star that everyone is ranting about? Well, I’m a huge fan of Morgan … Read more

Songs With Days Of The Week: A Full List

Songs With Days Of The Week

Ready to start the weekend and need that perfect Friday song? Ending the weekend and looking for that much-needed Sunday song? Feeling lost in love or life? Maybe you are looking to bring some nostalgia to your life or introduce your children or friends to the music of your youth that got you through the … Read more