30 Day Singer Review: Everything You Need To Know

Before I purchased this program. I had to read at least one 30 Day Singer review This way I could get a feel of what the product was and how it worked for other people.

I also did some contemplating and asked myself a question or two such as would I be using this program enough to get my money’s worth out of it. The answer to this question is yes! This is what I spend my free time doing, and I love it.

30 day singer

What is 30 Day Singer?

Let’s get started with the review so you can know everything about the program. We will cover what 30 Day Singer is all about if it works, how much it costs, whether or not you can learn to sing in 30 days, and if this program is worth the money.

The first thing we’ll go over is what the program is. 30 Day Singer is a program that will teach you how to begin singing. Think of this program as virtual singing lessons. Whether you have never sung before or you have been singing for years, this program has something for everyone.

If you have been singing a while and would like to take it to the next step, there are some advanced courses included with this program that will teach you some different skills.

There are several to choose from such as better tone, singing higher, and getting tips to sing as the professionals do. Other singing courses include singing together in harmony so grab a friend and try out that lesson. There are several others to choose from but you aren’t able to look more into each lesson until you purchase the course.

You can also learn how to sing your favorite Christmas songs for the holidays. I am a beginner singer, but I still looked into the advanced skills to see what it covers. I like looking ahead because it gives you a glimpse of what kind of activities you will be focusing on.

Once I looked into these skill sets. I got even more excited about the program because I was able to see what my voice could do as long as I keep up with this program. There are some benefits to this program that will make you even more interested to purchase it If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to sing, this program will boost your confidence.

30 day singer website homepage
30 day singer website homepage.

Plus it will be done in the privacy of your own home. This program will also teach you how to breathe during the song so it won’t sound like you’re exhausted by the time you finish singing. To start breathing properly, you will perform exercises after you watch the instructors do it.

Expert Tip: Speaking of breathing, the instructors will give you a small tutorial of the larynx, which is where your vocal cords are located. This will help you to better understand what’s going on down your throat and a little bit of what it looks like.

And yes. this program does have instructors. Camille Van Niekerk. Jonathan Estabrooks. O&O. Jon Statham. Reagan James. Mark Mekailian. Abram Poliakoff, and Andy Steadman are the vocal instructors that work with the program. Camille. Abram, and Andy are the only three instructors with whom you can book private lessons.

Any one of these instructors is nothing short of amazing. You will learn so much from all of them. What I did was I clicked on a lesson from each of them. You can see each teaching style and determine which instructor will match up with your learning style. Trust me. they know what they’re doing.

These teachers come from the Julliard music school. A major benefit is that you can get one-on-one training with one of the professionals to help you further. You may want to take advantage of that if you are struggling with the first lesson.

They put this program together to help new singers find their place and see where they stand. Now that you know a little bit about the 30 Day Singer program, we will answer the question that is on everyone’s mind. Does it work?

Does 30 Day Singer Really Work?

The next thing we’ll cover is if it works. 30 days after you start the program, you will notice a change for the better. When I started the program, each day I practiced I found that I was able to reach notes that I never thought possible. Hopefully, that answers your question. We will go over the program in greater detail so you can see how it works.

As mentioned earlier, there are programs for beginner singers and advanced singers. You need to start with the beginner portion first. Even if you are confident that you are ready for the advanced levels, it wouldn’t hurt to go through a refresher course. You won’t jump into singing right away.

You will learn how to have good posture so you can breathe better. This is a very important part considering having breath control is the key ingredient to becoming a singer.

30 day singer website courses

Throughout the program, some singers will sing songs very slowly so you can watch how they take a breath or see how they’re sitting or standing. Make sure to follow along with them.

When I first started. I had to do a lot of stopping and pausing so I could catch up and that’s okay. You will start slow at first Eventually, you will get to the advanced portions of the program. Try and get an earpiece like the singers to use that way you can hear what your voice sounds like and see if you’re improving.

Expert Tip: If you don’t feel like your singing has improved in 30 days, then start from the top again. There may be something you left out or something you couldn’t quite grasp. Don’t give up on the program because it works as long as you’re patient and follows every

step the instructor tells you to do. If you don’t feel like you’re ready to move on. then start the lesson over. There is not a time limit for this program so take your time. Make sure you’re fully understanding what you need to do. It won’t work if you rush through the program.

I have to be honest. I was skeptical of the program at first. I asked myself many questions to make sure this is something I wanted to invest in. As it turned out it was even better than I could have hoped for.

How Much Does 30 Day Singer Cost?

Before committing to this program, we will go in depth on how much it costs. No matter what you purchase, price is always an important factor. Many people are not able to purchase the program if the cost is too high so they raise the money to purchase it.

The people that started this program need to find out how serious you are about learning how to sing. It separates the serious and the non-serious singers. Because of that, you are required to fill out a very short form.

All you need to fill out is your email address and you will get a welcome email. From there, you will see the costs of each plan and what it includes. There are a few different options to purchase this program. I’m always really hesitant to try something new so I was very grateful for this program because it allowed me to try it out before purchasing. That is called the basic plan.

With the basic plans, you will not have access to all the lessons. It’s kind of like watching a trailer of a movie that’s coming out. You get to see a sneak preview of the lessons you will be watching. This program is also great for people that only want to do a couple of lessons and see how it goes.

Expert Tip: If you choose the basic plan to start, you will find that there are three beginners classes. They are pretty much the same thing except there are different instructors that have different styles of teaching.

When you upgrade to the monthly or yearly plan, you will get a lot more and you will get lots of practice. I loved it so much that I purchased the program that same day. You could choose to pay once a month, and it costs $29.95. All of the lessons are included in the monthly and yearly packages.

The yearly package is the best deal. With the yearly package, you end up saving over 200 dollars. It costs 129 dollars a year, which equals out about $10.75 a month. Plus you get more with this membership program. It includes 4 free bonus gifts. Since 30 dollars is cheaper, you may have the urge to pay for that membership.

There is nothing wrong with that but you will end up paying more money. Sometimes they offer coupon codes to help make the cost a little feasible for you. One of the coupon codes may include 20 percent off of your first purchase. That’s just a way for them to say thank you for purchasing and trying them out.

No matter which plans you choose they are all great deals. If you decide to go with the basic plan you can always pay for it whenever you feel like you understand how the program works and once you get the hang of it. Many people pay hundreds of dollars for singing lessons outside of this program.

You could end up paying as much as 75 dollars for only 30 minutes. This program has a flat yearly or monthly fee. and it is inexpensive. If you choose private lessons, you can choose your instructor and pay an extra fee. They have two options available. You can do an extra 30 minutes session for 55 dollars and an hour session for 105 dollars.

The membership cost only covers the program. If you’re interested in a microphone, keyboard, or another musical instrument such as a guitar, like the vocalists use during the program, it will cost extra.

Once the program is paid for. you can begin learning the fundamentals of singing immediately. You will have to create an account and click which lesson you would like to start on first.

Can You Learn to Sing in 30 Days?

Find your voice with the 30 Day Singer

The answer to this question is no. Singing takes a lot of time to get right. Before you start to sing and feel the music, you will have to work on vocal exercises to teach you how to control your breath while you’re singing. The vocal warmups will help you omit sounds during the songs that sound like you’re breathing.

The trick is the listeners are not supposed to hear you take a breath. The truth is you never stop learning It even takes professional singers years to get good at it before they become professionals Wouldn’t it be easy if we could all watch videos and magically learn how to sing? That would be nice, but things don’t work out that way.

Even though it is called the 30 Day Singer doesn’t mean you will know how to read music and sing in perfect pitch in 30 days. You might but you might not. It may be frustrating but you will get there. The thing to remember is that you will become better in 30 days. Don’t stop using the program after the 30 days are up.

Keep up with it so you can put all the lessons you have learned to the test Remember there are lots of other people using this program as well. The forums will give you some motivation to continue and will answer questions for you along the way. You are not alone.

You may feel like once you start the program and your singing improves, then you can cancel your membership. That’s not the case. To become a performing singer, keep watching the videos. Even the professionals have to work on their vocals by doing vocal warmups.

Is 30 Day Singer Worth It?

30 Day singer results

Think of 30 Day Singer as the big picture and compare it to the price. Look at the number of lessons that are included in this program. Since it has beginner and advanced courses, there are more options for you to become a better singer. It’s worth it. The price is not that much either.

What I did was I saved up for this program and when I had the money I was able to buy it outright so I wouldn’t have to pay for it every month. Other people have also tried it. and it also worked for them. It is worth it if you are interested in becoming a serious singer because these lessons will teach you the same thing the professionals have used.

If you just want to impress your family and friends by singing in front of them during get-togethers, this singing program is also worth it. Many people use this program as a hobby because they want to feel more confident singing along to the radio when they’re out and about or singing at church. Other people use this program to get through some tough times.

A lot of people view music as therapy because they can sing out their emotions. I cannot stress how great of a program this is and how it could change your life. If you are still unsure if this program is worth it. their program has won a few rewards. It has won two Davey awards and one W3 award.

The Davey awards are in gold and silver, and the w3 award is in silver. By the time you have completed this program, your voice will be able to do vocal acrobatics and you will start impressing everyone you’re close to.

The learning doesn’t stop after you complete the program, you can also share 30 Day Singer with other people and get them interested enough to buy the program. The last few courses of the program will teach you how to put your singing together with music.

This alone is worth it because you can see how it all comes together after all the practice and studying you have done. It doesn’t matter the accent you have or what language you speak, what matters is if you learn anything throughout the course.

When I started the program, one of my good friends was interested in having a career as a singer so I showed the program to her. She ended up buying it as well and loves it just like I thought she would.

This program has all kinds of goodies. It will help you become a better singer within 30 days as long as you follow each program. Take things one step at a time and do the beginner courses first, and then move on to the next step. Singing lessons may stop at a certain point, but this program will last forever.

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