Best DJ Computer Stands: Best DJ Laptop Stand In 2024

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In the world of DJing, a laptop is a must. For many people, it’s their only choice for playing music at events and shows. But what about when you want to play your laptop on stage?

Some products can be used as a stand for your computer monitor or screen so that you can see it from above without having to crane your neck. A DJ laptop stand is a device that allows you to do just that.

This blog post lists the best models available out there with reviews of each model and why they’re worth getting!

best dj laptop stand

Top 5 Best DJ Laptop Stands

  1. ProCase Adjustable Laptop Stand
  2. Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand
  3. AxcessAbles DJLTS-01 DJ Tabletop Laptop Stand
  4. RockJam Portable DJ Laptop Stand
  5. CRANE Stand Plus Universal DJ Stand For Laptops

ProCase Adjustable Laptop Stand

The ProCase laptop stand is the perfect solution for DJs who need to mix and scratch their music on a computer. It’s adjustable, so you can use it with any laptop size.

This portable DJ laptop stand is designed to fit all laptops up to 17″. Simply adjust the height and width of this DJ laptop stand for your device. You can also tilt it at an angle or even fold it up for easy storage.

It is also ideal for DJs who want to use their laptops as a DJ controller. It’s the perfect height for any standard DJ setup.

The ProCase DJ laptop stand has a durable steel frame that will last through years of mixing and scratching.

It’s lightweight enough that you can take it anywhere but sturdy enough to hold your device in place while you’re performing live on stage. This is the best laptop stand for djing, and the best macbook DJ stand.


• Adjustable for different laptop sizes
• Folds up and is lightweight to carry around with you


• Doesn’t fit all 17″ laptops If your laptop size falls in the 18’-20’ range, this DJ laptop stand won’t work for you

Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand

The Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand is a DJ laptop stand that can be used by DJs to hold their laptops while they are performing.

It is built with an adjustable height and can be adjusted from 15.5 inches to 20 inches in height.

It has rubber feet on the bottom of it so that it won’t slide around when you have it set up on a table or any other flat surface. This DJ laptop stand comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation.

It folds flat for easy storage or transportation.

It also has a non-skid base so that your laptop will stay put as you perform and will not fall off the stand if bumped into accidentally.

This stand is made of durable steel that can hold up to 30lbs, making it quite ideal for both smaller and larger ones. This is a great computer DJ stand, and the best computer stand for DJ.


• Built to last
• Non-skid base
• Adjustable height


• Some reports of the stand tipping over if not balanced correctly
• Can be a little difficult to set up and level at first. However, once you get it right, there are no problems with stability or movement.

AxcessAbles DJLTS-01 DJ Tabletop Laptop Stand

The AxcessAbles DJLTS-01 is a unique and innovative laptop stand for DJs

It provides an ergonomic solution to the problem of balancing a laptop on your lap while you’re performing, mixing, or recording music.

It allows you to place your laptop on top of it and then use the included cables to connect your mixer to your laptop.

It comes with a cable for connecting RCA-type jacks and one for connecting 1/4* TRS jacks. The stand is made of aluminum to give it a sleek, durable feel.

It’s also lightweight for easy transportation and storage. The DJLTS-01 mounts easily on top of any table or desk that has the appropriate size surface area (27’x17’).


• Portable
• Lightweight (1.5 pounds)
• Can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions


• Doesn’t work with all laptops (you’ll need to measure your laptop before purchasing)
• It’s not suitable for use in hot environments

RockJam Portable DJ Laptop Stand

The RockJam DJ Laptop Stand is a portable stand for DJs who need to perform with their laptops.

It has a height-adjustable top platform and an adjustable bottom platform that can be used as a laptop stand or as a flat surface for your mixer or other equipment. It can be adjusted by simply sliding it up or down on the pole.

The RockJam DJ Laptop Stand is made from steel and aluminum, so it’s strong enough to hold the weight of even the heaviest laptops. It folds up easily into its own carrying bag, making it very easy and simple to take with you wherever you go.

The RockJam Laptop Stand features two rubber feet on the bottom of each leg that prevents slipping and sliding on most surfaces.

The legs are adjustable, so you can place them at different heights depending on how high off the ground you want your laptop to sit.

The stand is designed to be used with the RockJam XR4 XR4c and XR5 series of mixers that have built-in USB hubs.


• Durable
• Versatile
• Easy to use and transport


• Too expensive for some people’s budgets
• It doesn’t work well with certain laptops (i.e Macbook Air)

CRANE Stand Plus Universal DJ Stand for Laptops

The DJ Stand Plus is a professional DJ stand for laptops. It’s the ideal way to display your laptop and keep it at the perfect height for you.

The stand has been specially designed with a large, stable base and rubber feet to ensure that it stays in place on any surface.

It also features an adjustable height (from 19* to 31″) mechanism so that you can position your laptop exactly where you want it – just pull the lever to raise or lower the height of the stand as required.

The top platform of this DJ laptop stand is made from high-quality metal, which provides excellent stability and durability whilst giving you plenty of room to work on your equipment.

Two side platforms allow you to store all of your cables, headphones, etc., keeping them out of sight but still close at hand when needed. This is the best laptop stand for DJ, and a overall great DJ computer stand.


• Adjustable height
• Sturdy design


• Some users may find that the material feels flimsy and cheap

How To Choose The Best DJ Laptop Stand

The DJ laptop stand is a critical piece of equipment for every DJ. It’s the single most important item that separates the DJs from their laptops, and it’s what keeps the laptop in an ergonomic position during sets.

Choosing a stand can be tough, though, as there are so many options out there. The best way to choose is by matching your needs with the features you want on your stand – whether that’s something lightweight or heavy-duty, adjustable height or not.

Here are some tips to help you decide:

Think About the Size of Your Laptop

First, think about what size laptop you are using? If it’s a little MacBook Air, then your needs will be different than if the DJ is running an 18 inch Dell Studio or something similar.

dj laptop stand cheap

You don’t want to mount your laptop on a stand that holds it in place and then have the screen be too small to see

It Should Be Sturdy and Stable

The Best Dj Laptop Stand should be sturdy and stable. A laptop stand should not shake or wobble as the DJ is using it. which could cause a malfunction in equipment that can lead to injury

If you have ever seen someone with an unstable laptop stand trying to use their device while on stage, then you know how important stability is.

The laptop stand should be able to withstand a lot of weight and movement, so it is perfect for the DJ who needs stability while playing live on stage or at any other performance setting.

It Should Have a Locking Mechanism

One important feature of a Dj laptop stand is that it should have a locking mechanism. This will ensure that the laptop doesn’t fall when using it for live DJ performances. This is an important feature that will keep your laptop in place and protect it from any potential accidents.

It Should Be Lightweight and Portable

Your Dj laptop stand must be lightweight and easy to transport. This will allow you to take it with you wherever your gigs are, which ensures that you won’t have any trouble setting up a good-quality sound system in the middle of nowhere.

It Should Have a Wide Range of Height Adjustment

The stand should have a wide range of height adjustments so you can use it at different heights depending on how tall you are

You should be able to adjust the height of this stand by hand without having to use a tool or screwdriver.

You’ll want it at an appropriate height for you and your laptop so that both are as close together as possible with minimal strain on your neck muscles.

Consider Weight Factor When Buying

Some stands with heavy, bulky designs might not suit your lifestyle or needs if portability is important to you.

It is important to consider weight when buying a laptop stand, as this will affect your options for portability and mobility.

If you are going to be carrying the laptop stand around with you, then it might not worth investing in one that is heavy or bulky.

Know the Type of Surface the Laptop Will Be On

This may seem like an obvious question, but it’s important that if your Dj stand doesn’t come with a pad, then this needs to be taken into consideration before buying one.


Consider your budget when purchasing a DJ laptop stand. If you are tight on cash, try to buy the Dj laptop stand that offers the best quality for your money.

A cheap but durable option is available in most places; however, not all of them offer features compatible with your needs or preferences.

Those who have more than enough time to research can find a more sophisticated option from brands that offer the best quality for your money.


Consider how much space is needed for other things like cables, controllers, and headphones when choosing a stand. You want to have enough room for your laptop but still have access to the rest of your gear.

If you’re a DJ who prefers using turntables with vinyl records, find a stand where they can be mounted on either side or at both sides and extend out from the front. This will prevent cables from getting tangled up when working.

If you’re a controller and want to use an external mixer, consider a stand with storage for your laptop. You’ll have enough room in the back of the stand to plug in cables while still being able to access them easily when needed.

Overall Winner

Purchasing a laptop stand is not an easy task; there are tons of options to choose from, and they all come with their set of pros and cons.

dj controller stands

One person might prefer a lightweight stand that can be transported easily, while another may want something larger for music production purposes.

But overall owning a laptop stand if you’re a DJ is a great idea. There are tons of reasons as to why you might want one, but a few good ones include

• Being able to easily switch between laptop and mixer setup without having to touch your keyboard or mouse
• Using the stand is an easy way of elevating your computer for better air circulation
• You can set up your headphones on the stand and have them in a comfortable position
• You can use your laptop stand as an external display to seamlessly switch between DJing and watching videos or other forms of entertainment.


The right DJ laptop stand can make all the difference. If you’re looking for a device to help your DJ set up or perform, we hope this article has helped guide you in choosing the best one.

We carry stands that range from compact and lightweight desktop models to heavy-duty pro stages, so there is something perfect for everyone.


Are Laptop Stands Worth It?

Laptop stands are an inexpensive way to ensure that you’re always in the right position when performing at shows.

They not only help with ergonomics, but they also help avoid accidents like tripping over your computer and spilling beer on it.

So yes! It is worth it to get a laptop stand for your needs.

What Is the Price Range of a Laptop Stand?

The price range of laptop stands varies depending on the type. Laptop Stands for DJs typically cost around $70 but could be as much as $150 or more.

To find out prices for other types, a description is needed to determine what kind you are looking for.

How Much Is The Cheapest and Most Expensive Laptop Stand?

The cheapest laptop stand can be found for around $30.00

The most expensive laptop stand can cost up to about $300.00, but this is a rare occurrence as these devices are typically used by professionals in the DJ industry and require more features that would make it worth the price tag.

What’s the Difference Between a DJ Laptop Stand and a Regular One?

DJ laptops are designed for professional DJs to use in nightclubs or other venues.

They offer more stability than typical models because they include extra features that keep the laptop from overheating, such as ventilation and a fan.

The most common type is an ’iPad DJ Stand.’ This model has a slot for holding your iPad or another tablet in place at eye level while you’re mixing tracks on it (this avoids having to constantly look down)

The downside of this design is that it can be difficult to connect it with your laptop if you want to use the screen on both devices.

The other type is a Tablet DJ Stand. It does not have an integrated tablet but instead has built-in slots for tablets that are compatible (iPad or Android). The benefit of this system is that you can keep mixing tracks while watching what’s happening on the screen.

The last type is a ’Standard Dj Laptop Stand”. For this model, you’ll need to purchase an external monitor for your laptop because it doesn’t have any integrated tablet or slots for tablets.

This option can be more affordable than iPad and Android models, though (unless they include other features)

Do Laptop Stands Work?

Yes, It helps to have a flat surface, and it helps to reduce the pressure on your neck.

dj laptop holder

Laptop stands can be useful for DJs, musicians, or artists who need their hands free while performing at home with digital media software.

Some laptop stands also include foot pedals that allow you to control certain functions of your computer without having to touch the keyboard or mouse pad.

What Are the Advantages of Having Laptop Stands?

There are many advantages of having a laptop stand.

Laptops are often heavy and can injure your back or neck if you have to look down at the computer screen for hours while sitting on the floor, couch, bed, etc.

If you use a laptop stand that has wheels (like our Rolling Stand), it will be easier to move around, helping you to avoid injury.

In addition, laptop stands can give your back and neck some much-needed relief.

What Are the Disadvantages of Having a Laptop Stand?

The primary disadvantage of a laptop stand is the added height that it adds to your setup.

If you are constantly moving around, then this could be an issue for you.

This may not be a problem if you have enough space at home or in the studio where you work as well as life, but it can become a nuisance when traveling and trying to fit your laptop stand and all of the gear into a small space.

Is Buying a Laptop Stand a Good Investment?

When you are a DJ, it is essential to have the right equipment that will help with your performance. A laptop stand can be an excellent purchase for a DJ because they provide many benefits, such as comfort and versatility.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Laptop Stand for Your Body?

Laptop stands are great for your back because they make you sit up straight.

Your neck and shoulders will be thankful when using a laptop stand which makes it comfortable to work on your computer all day.

Sitting in the same position is bad for people with chronic pain or sciatica issues. A laptop stand allows them to take a break and sit on the floor or in an armchair.

Laptop stands are also good for people with carpal tunnel syndrome because they can alleviate pressure from their wrists when typing.

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