DJ TIp: 10 DJ Tips and Tricks To Help You Become A Better DJ

Many DJs get their career started in their basement or bedroom, perfecting their craft to eventually share it with the world. Some DJs will learn the basics and hope that their new found skill set is enough to be booked for at multiple venues, but what about the competition? There are a lot of ways … Read more

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Best Laptop For Music Production: Best Laptop For DJs In 2024

best laptop for djing

The fast-moving technology and music industry are pumping out more efficient and valuable laptops every year. However, considering their specs, not all of them offer just the proper compatibility for all the DJs out there. So if you are feeling lost in this hunt, you’re not alone. Here is a brutally honest guide that breaks … Read more

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Best DJ Computer Stands: Best DJ Laptop Stand In 2024

best dj laptop stand

In the world of DJing, a laptop is a must. For many people, it’s their only choice for playing music at events and shows. But what about when you want to play your laptop on stage? Some products can be used as a stand for your computer monitor or screen so that you can see … Read more

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Best Speakers For DJ In 2024 – Good DJ Speakers Guide

dj monitors speakers

Suppose you want to deliver a fantastic audio experience at the upcoming action. In that case, you need a reliable mixer, a laptop, an excellent set of effects, and much more. But, one of the most important decisions of all is choosing the best DJ speaker for your needs. The speakers ensure that your audience … Read more

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