DJ Equipment For Beginners – Best Beginner DJ Controller Guide

If becoming a disc jockey or DJ is something that interests you, and you are starting to get into DJ’ing, you have come to the right place!

To start becoming a DJ you should know what a DJ does and stuff, but above all, since this is 2021, you need to get your hands into the innovative technology and Software in the market.

2021 is here with all the components and features in a single kit. That’s what we call a DJ controller. It works with minimum handling and works even better than a whole traditional DJ setup.

A single DJ controller, in the place of two decks and a mixer, is controlled by DJ software with a few dicks and remarkable precision. And some of them are stand-alone units, not even needing a DJ software or app. So let’s get into the Best Beginner DJ Controller

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What’s the best DJ controller to start with?

There is definitely no existence of that one D J controller that could suit everyone out there. Just like the scratch, cue, and nudge you to do with your mixes, the same happens with a wide variety and range of DJ controllers in the market. Look what goes best with you.

Here we have come up with a compilation of some of the best DJ controllers to help you choose from.

Top 5 Best Beginner DJ Controllers

Best DJ Controller For Beginners: PIONEER DJ DDJ-400 Pros

This spectacular DJ controller from pioneer borrows its looks and some features from the professional NXS2 setup.

It comes bundled with Pioneer s professional software record box that gives access to myriads of advanced features such as its tutorials. With its club-style layout, with a DDJ-400, nobody could ever tell that you are just starting as a DJ.

Its sound color FX and Beat FX featuring curves allow you to enhance your mixes. This is the first weapon that will help you stand apart and draw attention even as a beginner.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 is compatible with Algoriddim djay for iOS and djay pro on PCMac.


• Although Pioneer has taken its features up a notch with DDJ-400 as compared to DDJ 200, it costs 250 pounds as compared to the latter costing you 150 pounds.

• It does not come with an audio interface. You have to get your own or work with the laptop audio.

Best DJ Mixer For Beginners: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2

Everything you need, where you need it!

It comes with a full Traktor Pro license. This pro software lets you go automatic with Traktor doing its mixing and you picking up the tunes. 2 It offers you pro features such as Mixer FX Hotcues. and loop controls to make your own sound

It’s remarkably portable and plug-and-play the type of easy. If you are starting with house parties and thinking of taking it into clubs afterward, this is your thing.

It’s one of the most stylish and sturdily-built devices on the market That too with jog wheels to cue and nudge as well!


• It can take two decks only.

• And for all the good things, you pay! It does not come cheap.

Best Starter DJ Controller: Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX Pros

This platinum DJ controller of Numark is more recommended for DJs of intermediate level or those who are ready for a rather big investment.

Numark DJ Controller comes with some very cool features that will make you a pro in no time. Prominent ones include Hot Cues. Auto Loop Sampling and Fader Cuts. Mix match, and make your own set

It has an inbuilt 24-bit audio interface as well. Its jog wheels are advanced than any other with their 6-inch capacitive touch display that helps you visualize your track.

It has a complete Serato DJ system with USB connectivity for Mac and PC. Your track library and access to sounds know no bounds with the Serato DJ system.

It’s all ready to go with your microphone, headphone output, and DJ speakers.


• The real issue with Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX is the software it uses. Generally speaking, Sera to DJ Lite is excellent software, but it has its limitations, like the inability of recording and listening to the mixing. These features are, however, accessible only after upgrading the software, which requires additional expenses. Thus the try to lower the cost by adjustment of the features is among its greatest cons.

Best DJ Mixing Board For Beginners: Numark DJ2G02

Like Numark’s other DJ controllers, it comes with the upgrade-version of the Serato DJ system and all its features.

Numark claims that its portability is its biggest edge. Can be called ‘pocket-sized’ it goes well with a traveling DJ

It has an inbuilt sound card and an audio interface. It has two channels with crossfaders, pitch faders, and performance pads to help you with blending sounds.

Put your DJ2G02 over your laptop, and you are ready to go!


• Although the size is ideal (for some), this compactness is not a big pro for using the capacitive jog wheels optimally. It gets too complicated to get the desired results.

Best DJ Sets For Beginners: Roland DJ-202

With desktop connectivity and two mixer channels, Roland is for newbies here and is itself new.

Its most distinguishing feature is that it comes with some great drum machine emulations.

For its software, it comes with Serato lite. It has an additional microphone input along with its vocal effects such as echo and reverb 3. It has four performance pads for deck control. All these features make Roland a rather new and different contribution toward the J

Controllers’ diverse range in the market.


• It comes with fewer controls that make those vocal effects and drum machine emulations somewhat less worthy because you cannot use them maximally.

• The whole percentage of its price goes for the drum machine emulations and vocal effects. This is a recommended package if these additional features appeal to you.

• This DJ Board and is overall great, and this is one of the best dj equipment for beginners on the market today. Many DJ decks do not compare, and the best DJ setup will include this.

Cheapest DJ Controller For Beginners: Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 200

DJ Inpulse seems like it has been made for beginners. It comes with a complete user guide in the form of a light guide and video tutorials. If you are new to the game and don’t even know the basics, this can help you with it.

It comes with its own DJUCED software and novel features such as ‘beat align’ and ‘Intelligent Music Assistant Tool.’ These work together to help you select tracks to go with your mix

On top of that, they are very affordable.

You can call them ‘2 in 1’ since it’s not just the equipment; you get a tutor as well. For that, they are specially designed for easy-to-use labels.

What should a beginner DJ buy?

A beginner DJ needs to buy some basic understanding of the job and the factors on which success in DJing depends upon. And after that, a beginner DJ needs the following equipment:

DJ Turntables – both vinyl and CD

• Speakers

• Mixers

• Controllers

• Software

• Headphones

• DJ Accessories

We will look into the function of each one of these in the following section. But before we proceed. I would love to mention that it’s 2021, and things tend to reduce nowadays! For example, all this equipment has been replaced by a single kit called a DJ Controller.

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Are DJ controllers good for beginners?

DJ controller is one thing out there that is going to stand the test of time and people with you at such a starting point of your career. Yes, Newbies in DJ career know that the first real step into the business is to buy yourself a controller.

Gone are the days when DJs with DJ controllers were looked down upon and considered ‘newbies’ or ‘noobs In 2021 if someone disagrees with the fact that technology has been compressed, and that too with far better features, it’s his fault, not yours

What is the difference between a DJ controller and a DJ Mixer?

A DJ mixer needs turntables and deck controls, and it needs to be plugged into each channel before mixing. A rather traditional type of setup While a DJ controller comes with a built-in DJ mixer, turntables, recorder, and many additional features. In other words, DJ controllers are here to make you DJing smart.

How are DJ controllers better than traditional setups?

Little or no setup

You don’t spend much time setting your stuff up or learning how to do that in the first place.

This saves your time, which is of immense value to beginners. Especially if DJing is a side thing for you as yet, this becomes even more important when it’s yet a hobby.

You can start small

You cannot expect investment from a beginner, especially when a career sometimes seems like a hobby and, at other times, a full-blown career DJ controllers come in a wide range of prices between 85 to 2000 pounds. The numbers are significant since these can be a big turn-off if they are soaring high!

With a single controller instead of two decks and a mixer, and a laptop, you are ready to go!

Factors To Consider When Buying Beginner DJ Equipment


Portability can limit you to only a few jobs a week due to a lack of moveability and workforce to shift the setup DJ controller is there to help.

Integrated with updated Software

Some software offer access to better features and options when you connect them with a DJ controller. There are options with DJ controllers where they come ready-to-use as a single unit with integrated Software. This offers better and novel features as compared to the traditional DJ setup.

These features can be enjoyed with CDJ setup as well but only with rarer firmware updates.

Built-in Recorder

With a usual CDJ setup, you need to invest in a recorder and a cable to record and save the sets you make. A DJ controller comes with a recorder inbuilt.

Easy Preview

With a controller setup, you don’t need to load your tracks or sets on the deck to preview them. This is not even possible when you are right on your set. You can also flick the whole track in just a click to hop on to the next one.

How do I choose my first DJ controller?

Jog wheels

A part of DJ jargon is: know your jog wheel. A jog wheel performs the same two functions.Touching or pressing the top of it stops the music.

1: Spinning the wheel in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction speeds up or slows down the track. This is called nudging 3. Touching and moving the hand forward or backward allows you to scratch (producing rhythmical sounds with the current track) and cue the music.

2: When investing in a DJ controller what makes the jog wheel different is whether it is mechanical, capacitive, or motorized

Capacitive jog wheels are touch-sensitive and responsive. They are cheap in the market as well.

3. The mechanical one has a mechanical button that needs to be pressed to enter or exit the vinyl mode

4. The motorized jog wheel is in the form of a rotating platter, just like the turntables, only that it is more updated

When looking for a DJ controller, do remember this DJ jargon’. It completely goes with your preference of what type of jog wheel you want your DJ controller to have. But it’s important to know that it makes a huge difference in giving your audience what they enjoy! As a substitute, you might use a software or app with reliable beat-matching capabilities.

best entry level dj controller
DJ Jog Wheels

Fader Crossfader

When playing a mix, a DJ has to have control over what he is playing!

Three components are important for this:

Gain knob

Line fader 3 Crossfader

The function of a gain knob is to adjust the volume of an individual track in a mix so that it aligns or stands equal to the other songs in the mix.

A line fader is used to balance the overall blend of the track. For example, a DJ may boost the track up in the middle to draw the attention of his audience.

A crossfader may just be called an on/off. It is used to introduce a new track in the mix.

The availability of these cute little features allows you to display your creativity and skills as a DJ and take your audience with you! Even having only one or two of them in your controller and you using them as it pleases you can be a huge plus.

Audio Interface

Some DJ controllers come with an external sound card or an audio system. You cannot just depend on your laptop’s onboard audio for a professional stream. These devices also come with an output system that can be connected to your speaker.

What’s more important is the fact that most audio interfaces come with a headphone output. It makes a difference since it allows you to preview your mixed song or set before actually uploading it to the speakers. Compromise on the audio interface at your own risk!

You may also look for additional inputs and outputs, such as an input for a microphone or external sound source.

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Success as a DJ has very much to do with your digital awareness or the software you are using.

You might have seen that some controllers out there come with a free download of an app or software. Some are compatible with only a handful of apps and software, and others with the other few. So this is something you should have a look at before purchasing

Additional Features

In addition to the macro features and equipment, most DJ controllers come with options such as equalizer control and filters. ‘Cue points’ and performance pads’ are some additional features that allow you to fine-line your sound after you mix them with fader options.

What is a DJ Controller?

Typically and understandably, a DJ setup should consist of: Speakers or a deck

Otherwise, what’s the point!


A type of audio mixing console that allows you to mix and match and add effects and tricks


It refers to some input devices such as vinyl or CD.


A pair of flexible, comfortable headphones to help you mix tunes with precision.

DJ software

A software or app that allows you to bring together tunes mix songs makes a playlist or a song library.

And with all this stuff, several people to handle them for!

beginner dj equipment package


DJing is one of those career choices or hobbies that are classed as creative or out of the crowd. It’s very much like entrepreneurship. Start slow and low.

We have made a contribution by helping beginner DJs looking for guidelines to start their careers or pursue it as a hobby. With all the necessary equipment and features described, you have a buying guide to hold on to. Choose from the five best beginner DJ controllers that suit your preferences best and rock!

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