PS4 Slim Audio Output To Speakers: How To Connect It

Playing video games is a fun and relaxing activity. It can help you unwind after a long, tiring day. What’s more, it can improve your problem-solving and visual-spatial skills. It can also boost your creativity and let you form social connections with other individuals who like to play video games. One of the most popular gaming consoles today is the PS4 slim.

ps4 slim audio output


The PS4 slim is highly sought after by gamers and gaming enthusiasts. It has such a wonderful lineup. Anyone who uses it will surely be amazed. Then again, it tends to miss an audio output that is digital optical.

It is not possible to use the RCA audio video cable in outputting sound from this gaming console since it misses audio out port, not like the PS3. This means that you would be with your PS4 sound system for a long time. This may not sound like a good idea if you are an audiophile.

Nevertheless, you can still do something about this and get sound in your speakers. A PS4 slim audio output can still be obtained.

How Do You Get Sound Out of PS4 Slim?

The following are the steps that you need to follow if you want your PS4 to produce audio via speakers:

1. Use your television to output the PS4 audio to your speakers

A child playing PS4 on a large monitor
A child playing PS4 on a large monitor.

You can use an HDMI television set to connect a PS4 audio to a speaker. This is actually the easiest and the least expensive option. Keep in mind that you have to review your setting of audio system or speaker before you connect your PS4 to it.

See to it that your default audio output has been set to the internal speakers of your television. Remember that the sound output of PS4 improves automatically in the device wherein a console cable has been inserted. This is why it is vital to adjust the settings of your device.

2. Use your game controller to connect your speakers to your PS4

A close up of a hand holding a Ps4 Controller
A close up of a hand holding a PS4 Controller.

This is another way you can connect your PS4 slim output. In fact, this technique is regarded as the most practical since it more than merely tolerates the PS4 audio system, which is the default.

Expert Tip: Take note that it is required to use a 3.5 mm. male to male auxiliary cable for proper management. If you do not understand the measurements quite well, you can simply use a regular cable that have headphone jacks at both ends. You can get this cable at an automotive or tech store. You can also order from an online store.

Here are the instructions that you have to follow to properly connect your PS4 audio output to your speakers:

  • Grab the ends of your cable and insert them individually into the game controller as well as the audio slot of your speakers.
  • Turn on the PS4 and then connect it to the controller.
  • Go to the settings of your PS4 console and select “Settings”.
  • Select Devices. You can find it near the bottom part of the same page.
  • Hit “X”, and then select Audio Devices. You can find this at the top part of the same page.
  • Select Output to Headphones, which can be found at the bottom part of the same page. Press X once more. See if the option turns into grey and can no longer be selected. Confirm for connectivity. Check if your auxiliary cable is properly connected to your PS4 controller, and then see if it is properly inserted.
  • Finally, select All Audio before selecting “X”. This would redirect your PS4 audio from the TV speakers, and then to external speakers connected through your auxiliary audio cables.

Then again, this method also has drawbacks. It can change the audio quality of your PS4. Nevertheless, it is more ideal to be used than the method requiring you to connect to your television. You can somehow reduce the severity of this disadvantage by using high quality cables.

Two PS4 slim on a white background
Two PS4 slim on a white background.

3. Use a multi-room audio system

This is another alternative method that you can use to connect your PS4 slim audio output to your speakers. The good thing about this method is that you get to eliminate the disadvantage mentioned previously with using cables.

This particular method basically uses optical sound output, HDMI sound output, or RCA/AV cables. A separate HDMI input indicator is allowed by the HDMI splitter to be inserted into two HDMI output indicator displays.

Expert Tip: Take note that the HDMI gets audio from an HDMI input score to the speakers via a coaxial digital sound output as well as 3.5 mm. stereo sound output cables. These can handle sounds up to 4k. They are also adequately compatible with stages that are streaming.

At the opposite ends of your sound extractor, there are two HDMI ports. This sound extractor includes audio ports which are also compatible with the optical, RCA, or 3.5 mm. stereo cables. Remember that it is vital to verify the compatibility of the audio input of your speaker and the audio output of your sound extractor.

With the television, you have to use the HDMI cable to attach it to your PS4. You have to have an add-on to connect your sound extractor to your television.

So, how can you connect the PS4 slim audio output to your speakers using an HDMI sound extractor and HDMI splitter? Here are the steps:

  • Get your first cable and use it to connect your sound extractor and the PS4.
  • Use your second cable. Insert one of its ends into the Audio Out slot of your extractor. Insert the opposite end into the HDMI slot of your television.
  • Use your audio cable to connect the speaker and your sound extractor. The end connected to your speaker should be in the Audio Input while the end connected to your sound extractor should be in the Audio Output.
  • This method is good but costly. So, it may not be ideal if you are on a tight budget. In addition, the quality of the audio produced is quite substandard compared to the quality of the audio obtained using the initial method.
How to connect a PS4 Slim with a soundbar using Highspeed HDMI


These methods can be used to get sound out of your PS4 slim. If your television has great internal speakers, you can connect your PS4 slim audio output to your speakers. This would help you avoid high costs.

You can also plug your headphones into your controller, although this may not be ideal if you are playing with a group. Prolonged usage of headphones may also affect your hearing.

What do you think about these methods? Write a comment if you have any questions.

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