Didgeridoo Price Guide In 2024 – Didgeridoo Cost Explained

A didgeridoo is a wind instrument made from wood and thought to be one of the world’s oldest wooden instruments.

Originating with the Aboriginal people of Northern Australia, it creates a low vibrational sound used for a beat, traditionally to accompany singers. Genuine didgeridoos are made from eucalyptus trees and hollowed by termites.

But how much does a didgeridoo cost? Like most things, many different factors can greatly affect the price.

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Factors To Consider


The region in which an instrument has been crafted will affect how much you can expect to pay for it. Basic instruments that have been mass-produced can be picked up for as little as $25 online.

This may be an option for ornamental display in the home but is unlikely to give the best sound quality.

For a didgeridoo that has been specially crafted in North Australia, using traditional methods by native communities, the cost will be much higher.


The size of a didgeridoo can affect the pitch and the sound. Larger instruments will produce a deeper sound, and shorter didgeridoos will have a higher pitch. The length and weight of the instrument will impact the price.

Authentic, medium-sized didgeridoos can be purchased for between $99- $190. Larger didgeridoos can start from $500.

These instruments generally take a great deal longer to craft and involve more work and effort than the cheaper alternatives.

Didgeridoo Size Guide.


Didgeridoos are known not just for their unique sound but for the beautiful, aboriginal artwork that some instruments feature.

Aboriginal art is symbolic of the world around us and the beliefs of the people. For the intricately designed instruments, you can expect to pay between $1000-$2500, which reflects the time and effort that has gone into hand-painting an instrument.

Some instruments are decorated in a traditional way, painted using chewed-up grass or with animals and patterns carved into the wood.


For a genuine didgeridoo experience, at a smaller cost, there are alternative materials available that greatly reduces the price.

Plastic and carbon fiber instruments are said to be easier to play, virtually indestructible, and much easier on your bank account.

As they are lightweight, the shipping costs are cheaper. Depending on which size and material you choose, these didgeridoos range from $70 to-100.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative but still want a wooden didgeridoo, re-sale sites (such as eBay) usually have extensive listings at a fraction of the price you would pay for a new instrument.

It may also ease shipping costs as you can choose to buy from within the country.

(For a genuine and new didgeridoo, the instrument will be shipped from Australia.) Always double-check the authenticity if you are buying online, and do not be afraid to ask the seller questions!


To conclude, the price of a didgeridoo will depend on how much time and craftmanship it takes to craft a particular instrument, the size and weight, how it is decorated and finished, and whether it is created authentically from Northern Australia.

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