Selling Guitar To Guitar Center? How Much Do They Pay?

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Since ancient times, humans have enjoyed playing musical instruments as leisure and pastime. The guitar is a popular musical instrument that people of all ages and genders enjoy playing. Playing guitar is a type of conscious escape, a means to create room between a person and their racing thoughts.

Guitar playing is also helpful to your general well-being and mental health in other ways, such as fostering a higher feeling of personal accomplishment. But, aside from all of these apparent facts, let’s address the questions that most guitar specialists and beginners have, such as if Guitar Center buys instruments or accepts trade-ins.

And that’s what we will explore in this article.

Your music equipment is becoming outdated in the same way everything does worldwide. Throughout most circumstances, musical pieces of equipment outlive their usefulness far more quickly than other items. Guitar Center is a music shop based in the United States that will buy your worn and unneeded equipment in exchange for a fee.

Is that pricing a good enough bargain for you, or is the Guitar Center exchange amount reasonable? You’re on the verge of figuring it out. Music store Guitar Center, sometimes known as GC, was established in 1956 in Hollywood, California.

Guitar Center is the biggest guitar retailer in the United States, and it has extended its internet presence to include customers in other countries.

Guitar Center has a good name in the community, and they are also sponsoring and promoting lessons through the Fender Music Foundation, which they established in 2003. Great! But, for the time being, let us discuss their buying and exchange method.

Does Guitar Center Take Trade-Ins?

Does guitar center take trade-ins?
Does guitar center take trade-ins?

Do Guitar Centers purchase guitars, tuners, amplifiers, plugins, and just about everything else connected to guitars? Yes, Guitar Centers buys guitars, tuners, amplifiers, pedals, and almost everything related to guitars. They also purchase some synthesizers, recording devices, and drums.

However, you may find that products such as cords, picks, and guitar sticks would be a no.
As a general rule, Guitar Center will only acknowledge equipment in fully operational condition. Some fixable damage to the guitar’s surface is acceptable as long as the device, speaker system, or pedal continues to operate flawlessly.

There are a few things that should be considered before you head to your nearby store. The most significant consideration is whether you wish to sell your equipment for money or exchange it for the purchase cost of the store. However, whichever option you choose, Guitar Center’s systems incorporate well worth your time and effort.

In the remaining parts of this article, we’ll go over what Guitar Center ends up paying for the used equipment, how well the process goes, and whether or not it’s a great choice for you.

Expert Tip: Guitar Center is a music business that has reasonable prices for old gear. They are a distributor and need to make more profit for their services, but if you select an in-store exchange, they will give you an additional 10% off things that are not part of any promotion or sale.

How Much Does Guitar Center Pay for Used Guitar?

How much does Guitar Center pay for used guitar?
How much does Guitar Center pay for used guitar?

On the occasion that Guitar Center decides to purchase your guitar, you may anticipate getting 40 to 70 percent of the guitar’s market rate. This figure might change depending on the quality of the guitar, past sales statistics, and the growing demand and appeal of the instrument in the industry.

If you decide to bring your equipment into Guitar Center, a professional will examine it and make you a competitive deal. It’s essential to be aware of the current worth of your guitar to negotiate effectively and to ensure that they are not undervaluing your equipment.

When it comes to antique instruments, Guitar Center has specialized professionals who are familiar with antique gear who can assist you in determining a reasonable price yet, it might be challenging to obtain a decent bargain on it.

They’ll most likely strive to lower the cost as much as feasible, comparable to a loan store because older items will be difficult for them to resale at a higher profit margin. Start preparing by collecting data and having a price in your mind before you arrive at the appointment.

Most of the time, Guitar Center will not offer you much additional money by including a cover, most likely since they encourage new consumers to buy a cover from them. Make sure to inquire about their advance.

You could be best off by just retaining the exterior and reselling it somewhere else if they aren’t willing to offer you more money for it, especially if it is a pricey, hard plastic cover.
Initially, you’ll want to see how much your device is selling for online sites like Amazon, Allparts Music, or Facebook Marketplace, where in-use equipment is managed to sell.

Make sure to compare second-hand and new prices. There is a high chance that you will be able to get an idea of just how much this specific item costs. With that said, there is also one thing you should keep in mind.

So, Guitar Center is searching for a way of bringing in more revenue. Resultantly, they’ll offer you a lower price than what you see on the local ads.

This is, unsurprisingly, a setback. When something is worth more than it is worth, no one wants to get less. It’s not quite that simple, as it turns out. The ease of attempting to sell the entirety of your guitar items at a fair price at a single store outweighs the potential for a lower cost throughout most situations.

All you have to do is visit your local Guitar Center, and you’re good to go. It’s a lot easier to sell a few items at once than to put up a whole lot of individual advertisements. An even more thing to keep in mind is the added expenses and effects of selling it through advertising.

For example, you should consider shipping costs in the price of a product. Assuming this is the situation, your earnings will be comparable with what you’d have at a store like Guitar Center. A Guitar Center store may be a better option for selling your equipment because you can get cash for it right away.

You can ask for a cost and see other ways to sell it for more. If you like to get rid of your gear quickly, don’t give it a second thought. There is no doubt that the trade-in programs offered by Guitar Center are preferable alternatives to the ones previously mentioned.

To a greater extent, this is true when you’re selling more products and are located near a Guitar Center.

If you’re looking to buy something new, this is the best option. You’d get a better deal if you brought in used equipment for exchange rather than money. You can get up to $1200 for your equipment that very day if you want to sell it quickly.

Does Guitar Center Give You Cash for Trade-ins?

Yes, Guitar Center will pay you cash for exchange subject to a total value of $500. If the price of the items you are trading or selling exceeds $500, they will issue you a check despite a cash payment.

Does Guitar Center Buy Broken Guitars?

If you have a broken guitar or even other musical gear you were trying to unload for parts, Guitar Center is not the best place to offer it. Guitar Center, on the other hand, does not buy damaged instruments. Your equipment must be fully operational and contain all of its components.

Providing that it is working, it is not required to be perfect or even excellent to qualify. But, while they are analyzing your guitar, the general appearance of the equipment is a significant component in their decision. It is likely that if the instrument is in bad shape, the price at which they are prepared to purchase your guitar will be drastically reduced.

If you have damaged guitars and would like to sell some of the pieces, it’s best to do it online like craigslist rather than in a physical store.

Is Selling Used Gear on Guitar Center Worth It?

Is selling used gear on Guitar Center worth it?
Is selling used gear on Guitar Center worth it?

Generally speaking, based on your unique position and goals, selling your instrument through Guitar Center may be worthwhile.

It’s advisable to offer your guitar to Guitar Center if:

  • You would like to unload your equipment as soon as possible. It’s a breeze to trade in your stuff at Guitar Center. You may stroll into your nearby shop without the need for an arrangement, get your things examined, and get reimbursed on the same day within just moments.
  • You choose to be paid in cash. Do you need the money immediately and don’t want to deal with PayPal’s charges and response time? Guitar Center will reimburse you up to $400 in cash. If your item is worth more than $600, they will issue you a cheque.
  • You prioritize efficiency over cost. Selling through Instrument Center is a fantastic alternative if you want to dispose of your guitar as early as feasible and are open to receiving a lower price.

    You won’t have to bother about establishing an online registration on Fender, taking photos, making an ad, searching for a client, mailing the instrument out, or perhaps coping with unhappy consumers who would like to refund it. Bring your instrument into Guitar Center and depart with cash on hand.
  • Your guitar is reasonably priced. If your instrument is only worth $200, you should sell it to Guitar Center for cash rather than putting it on Amazon or Craiglist.

Expert Tip: If you consider shipping expenses and the extra labor and time involved in creating an ad and searching for a client, selling online doesn’t make sense except if the instrument’s price is good enough to cover the effort.

Consider these suggestions (When Selling or Trading)

  • There is no online pricing
    Don’t send them an email or contact them to ask for estimates. That is not the way they operate. You come in with your instrument and start talking.
  • Tidy
    Make certain that your item is polished. If necessary, replace your guitar’s strings with a fresh set and polish it up to a professional shine. A shabby-looking guitar will do you no benefits in the long run.
  • Performance
    Your instrument should be in perfect working order. If your instrument is damaged or does not perform correctly, it will not clear the examination.
  • Research
    Prepare by conducting a background study. Learning the current market worth of your instrument and the 2nd value will be pretty beneficial.
  • Supervisor
    Especially if your gear is an unusual item (such as obsolete, uncommon, luxury, or antique products), be sure to consult with a Supervisor. Even though the salespeople at Guitar Center are well-seasoned and knowledgeable, a supervisor still has more expertise and a greater depth of knowledge when it comes to specialty guitars.

    If a salesperson is unsure, they may attempt to lower the true worth of your instrument.

Don’t makeup things that aren’t genuine to deceive others because they’ll be aware of what they are negotiating with. Keep your expectations in check regarding pricing, especially since we’ve just gone through how the cost system works. Also, do not become enraged with the salesperson if you do not receive the price you anticipated.

You are eligible for an exchange with the Guitar Center, and you are familiar with the process at this point.


To summarize, Guitar Center does, in fact, purchase guitars and other musical instruments. However, you must ensure that the instrument you sell or exchange is in good condition and in complete functioning order. Their barter system is pretty good in speed and quality, and it is worth taking advantage of.

If you’re a person who likes to eliminate the effort and desires easy money but doesn’t want to deal with the inconvenience of instrument shipping expenses or to create an internet account, then dealing in at Guitar Center is a great option.

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