Best Noiseless Stratocaster Pickups: A Complete Guide

best noiseless strat pickups

Noiseless Strat pickups are widely used by famous guitar players like Slash. Joe Perry, and Zakk Wylde. They can be installed on ordinary Fender Stratocasters or Fender Telecasters. It is also possible to use them with other brands of guitars like Gibson Les Pauls or PRS Guitars. Noiseless pickups deliver the same great tone but … Read more

Are Michael Kelly Guitars Any Good? The Truth Revealed

michael kelly guitars review

Michael Kelly Guitars is a US Based musical instrument company that offers custom, top-quality guitars in many different styles. This company, based in Clearwater. Florida, is known worldwide for its high-caliber guitars and accessories. The primary goal at Michael Kelly Guitars is to provide high-quality and carefully crafted instruments available to everyone, from beginners to … Read more

Guitars For Small Hands: 5 Guitars To Use If You Have Small Hands

guitar for small hands

Most parents are now privy to the benefits of introducing music to a child’s repertoire at a young age. Oftentimes professionals will begin instruction on an instrument that encompasses all the basics of music: chords, sight reading, scales, and discipline. The most common lessons, of course, take place on the piano, but the guitar is … Read more

Firefly Guitar Company: Everything You Need To Know

what happened to firefly guitars

If you’re reading this, you’re undoubtedly curious about the fate of Firefly Guitars. You most likely saw a review on YouTube and decided to purchase one since it was such a wonderful bargain. Do you think it’s close to the mark? However, there is a problem. They haven’t been seen in a long time! The … Read more

Sad Sounding Guitars: Sad Guitar Chords To Play

sad guitar chords

Music performs loads of exceptional roles in our lives. But at the end track is set on its deep emotion. The pleasant manner to connect to your listeners on a human stage is thru honest, emotionally invested song work. However, conveying the proper feelings while you write songs isn’t easy. You need the right chord … Read more

Guitar Vs Ukulele: All Differences Explained

ukulele vs guitar

Which one suits you the most? Primarily, guitars appear way bigger than ukuleles. Guitar has six strings whilst the ukulele has only 4. They may appear pretty much the same and may sound different, each of them can produce the best sound if played properly that can make your music harmonized. Introduction The two most … Read more

Best Backpacker Guitar: Top 5 Travel Guitars For You

best travel guitars

This is something that any artist will tell you. Every artist enjoys producing, recording, or writing music on the fly. Consider an artist who is on tour in another country. They will never be without a music player and a pair of headphones. And, if we’re talking about a guitarist, a guitar is a must-have … Read more

Best Taylor Guitar For The Money

taylor guitar

If you’re looking for a new guitar, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll take you on a tour of the fascinating world of Taylor Guitars in this segment. Taylor is known for its acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars, which are suited for people of all ages and skills. Up this article, we’ll take a deeper … Read more

Chord Families: Ultimate Family Chords Guide In 2021

guitar chord families

Guitar chord families are collections of chords based on the harmony’s principle chords. Despite the fact that any chord can be followed by another, some are more appealing to our hearing and will surely sound better. When you were trying to learn a new tune, you were undoubtedly a little overwhelmed by the quantity of … Read more