Cold Beer Calling My Name Guitar Tab

Cold Beer Calling My Name Tab

Did you know that after 2019’s “Some Girls”, “Cold Beer Calling My Name” is the Mississippi native’s second number one song? Surprisingly, “Cold Beer Calling My Name” is a single by Jameson Rodgers featuring Luke Combs from the album “Bet You’re from a Small Town”. Jameson Rodgers and Luke Combs, two American country music vocalists, … Read more

Different Type Of Guitars: Everything You Need To Know

Types Of Guitar

The guitar is a fretted musical instrument with six strings. It is held flat against the body of the player. The guitarist plays the guitar by plucking and strumming selected strings with his dominant hand. With the opposite hand, the guitarist presses these strings against the frets. A musician can also learn to play the … Read more

Gsus Guitar Chords: Here’s How To Play It

Playing an instrument is a good activity that can be your companion for several things, a place to unleash your creativity, a way to destress from long hours of work, and a means for livelihood. Making music can be fruitful no matter your aim in doing so. As for the budding musicians out there, it … Read more

Donner Guitars: Are They Worth It?

Music producer Donner was founded in 2012, BJFE a Swedish firm, owns Donner. Before producing high-quality and inexpensive guitars, they invented and manufactured pedals. In the case of Donner, unfortunately, there isn’t much more to investigate. They’re only getting started, but they’re making progress in making music more accessible. Currently, Donner offers services for four … Read more

Selling Guitar To Guitar Center? How Much Do They Pay?

Since ancient times, humans have enjoyed playing musical instruments as leisure and pastime. The guitar is a popular musical instrument that people of all ages and genders enjoy playing. Playing guitar is a type of conscious escape, a means to create room between a person and their racing thoughts. Guitar playing is also helpful to … Read more

Guitar Riff: 15 Simple Guitar Riffs For Beginner Players

Guitar riffs are one of the foundations of modern music. This term refers to a piece of music that sets the tone and overall harmony of the entire composition. The ability to compose guitar riffs is essential for every guitarist, just to come up with the texture and general outline of the composition. The history … Read more

Stratocaster Guitar Fender: How To Choose The Best Fender Guitar

best fender guitar

With so many different types of guitars available on the market today, choosing one can be pretty tricky! However, it’s not just about personal preference. Several factors are considered before making a final decision. These include the instrument’s feel, how it sounds, your budget, and its overall quality. So how do you choose the best … Read more