How Much Is an Electric Guitar? Beginner, Advanced & Pro Prices

How Much Does A Electric Guitar Cost

Are you looking to get your first electric guitar? It can be overwhelming to find the best brand. You would want to know how much an electric guitar costs before buying one. Here is our guide to help you choose the best electric guitar that suits your tastes and budget. Finding Your First Electric Guitar … Read more

Humbuckers Vs P90: How Can You Choose The Right One For You?

P90 vs Humbucker

It should not be surprising that evaluating popular products and models has evolved into a seasoned battlefield of argument, conversation, and analysis since our guitar pickups are one of the essential factors in creating the perfect sound profile and personality for your guitar. The P90, as well as the Humbucker, are two items that are … Read more

Yamaha FG 331: Should You Buy This Guitar?

Yamaha FG331

Of all the string instruments known to the world, guitars are probably the most famous and easiest to play. It’s a very versatile and flexible instrument that you can bring everywhere to pump up the place with a pleasant atmosphere that you wish to set. Contrary to popular belief, guitars have different types, and an … Read more

Kid Bass Guitars: The Top 5 Ranked Best To Worst

Best Kids Bass Guitar

Learning to play any instrument at a young age is thrilling, and the bass guitar could be a good place to start for someone that is just getting started in music. There are many various bass guitar alternatives for kids, some of which are smaller at 3/4 scale (same as a short scale) to fit … Read more

Ibanez ew50: Is It Worth Purchasing?

ibanez ew50 review

Many options are available for those musicians who want the best of the best. Nowadays, buyers can rely on a variety of different guitar brands for the quality they trust. This is no exception for Ibanez, one of the most established players in the Guitar industry. The Ibanez EW series is one of the best … Read more

Bass Guitars Acoustic: 11 Acoustic Bass Guitars Ranked

Best Acoustic Bass Guitar

The world of music is very broad, and more when it comes to instruments, this time we will focus on acoustic basses, but to begin with, we will tell you a little more about these wonderful instruments. The acoustic bass is one of the great instruments in musicals that serve as a harmonic and rhythmic … Read more

Can You Play Guitar With Long Nails?

Can You Play Guitar With Long Nails

Maybe you’re wondering how artists play guitar with long nails without making it sound gross. Probably it goes along with lots of practice and mastering it. But, if you have witnessed popular icons just like in live concerts, most likely they come perfectly dressed with long fake nail extensions or acrylic nail gels. Now, the … Read more

Fingerstyle Guitar Songs: 30 Finger Picking Songs To Learn

fingerpicking songs

Do you love playing guitars? If yes. this might be the perfect time tor you to learn some fingerpicking songs! Generally, fingerstyle is a popular term which also refer to fingerpicking. This is a technique of playing guitar which is done through plucking the strings with your finger or fingertips. This is commonly found in … Read more