Ibanez ew50: Is It Worth Purchasing?

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Many options are available for those musicians who want the best of the best. Nowadays, buyers can rely on a variety of different guitar brands for the quality they trust. This is no exception for Ibanez, one of the most established players in the Guitar industry.

The Ibanez EW series is one of the best guitars today, and the Ibanez EW50 guitar is no exception. Today, we’ll be giving you our own Ibanez EW50 review. We’ll be delving into its features, the pros and cons, and whether or not it’s worth it for buyers like you.

ibanez ew50 review


The Guitar’s Build Quality and Build Material

The sound produced on the EW50 is described by users as warm
The sound produced on the EW50 is described by users as warm

The EW50’s body is manufactured completely from monkey pod wood, with the neck of the guitar made from mahogany. This gives the guitar the durability it needs to last for years and still offer the same experience as when it was first played.

The classic EW contour is present, along with a dovetail joint at the 14th fret. The quality of the craftsmanship here is on full display with the extraordinary fingerboard and the standout cutaway design that’s a running theme with the EW series.

It helps to make this guitar friendly for beginners while also being a great choice for the more advanced guitar players. It does have a noticeable focus on ergonomics which lean it more towards players who are into the longer music sessions. Sound projection on the EW50 is known to be quite modest, even with it being quite sizeable.

Expert Tip: The sound produced on the EW50 is described by users as warm, brighter than the other models of the EW series. Fingerpicking isn’t an easy way to play on this guitar as the strings are quite close to each other.

The Guitar’s shape and Electronic Features

Its unique EW shape makes it comfortable to hold
Its unique EW shape makes it comfortable to hold

The distinct shape of the Ibanez EW50 is a call-back to classical guitars. Its unique EW shape makes it comfortable to hold, an example of the EW50’s build quality. The guitar also has a variety of electronics such as a B-band piezo pickup.

Manufactured by B-band, these piezo pickups allow for the acoustic-type bright tone to the music your play when plugged in. Another electronic feature of the EW50 is Ibanez’s SRTc Preamp with its onboard controls being located on the guitar’s side. It includes Phase Reverse, Auto-Feedback Frequency controls, and a built-in guitar tuner.

The preamp is quite good at picking up the natural acoustic sound of the guitar, with the controls allowing you to tune it however you want. The guitar itself can be plugged into various amps, capable of playing as an electronic or acoustic instrument. Its ports have both a normal jack and an XLR output.

It should be noted that a lot of competitor guitar brands offer more accessories for this specific price range. We would’ve liked it better if Ibanez were to add in a bit more electronic features to keep it on par with its rivals.

The Fingerboard

Choosing a good guitar can be quite a subjective thing since not everyone’s preferences are the same. The design of the fingerboard can be one of those elements that are important in your choice.

After all, you’ll be resting your hands on it as you strum away during a guitar session. It makes sense that you’d want a design that feels great on your hands.

The Ibanez EW50’s guitar strings run across the length of the fingerboard. The board itself is quite easy to press down on, giving beginner players a more forgiving time in adjusting the pitch of their notes. The fingerboard is composed of ebony that leans in more on its classical guitar inspirations.

Lastly, the EW50 guitar also comes with a custom 12th fret inlay for more advanced musicians to enhance the sound of each chord and string. It also features a total of 20 frets, a 1.60″ ivorex nut, and a 12″ radius.

The Guitar’s Bridge

The bridge of the Ibanez EW50 is made of high-quality rosewood.
The bridge of the Ibanez EW50 is made of high-quality rosewood.

The bridge of the Ibanez EW50 is made of high-quality rosewood, providing the guitar with additional durability. It also lends itself as a suitable material for the cutaway design of the EW50. While the material itself is quite costly, it does have its benefits over other materials. Even when talking about aesthetics, rosewood really is a great choice for this guitar.

Expert Tip: The ease of maintenance is a great plus for the Ibanez EW50. Replacement of damaged or stained rosewood is also possible, simple enough to even do it yourself.

The EW50’s String Construction

The strings of the EW50 are both durable and easy to use for both beginner and more advanced users. Adjusting the string’s tension is also simple, especially for those musicians who play multiple genres. The strings themselves are light to use regardless of how long you spend fine-tuning your music, whether in the studio or anywhere at all.


  • The EW50 is capable of high-quality tones and sounds. Several high-quality components join in this package to produce a great sound experience for musicians of any skill level.
  • The Wood finish of the EW50 is masterfully done and treated to be durable against wear and tear. It’s also resistant to the elements when playing outdoors.
  • The Cutaway design is a common theme in the whole EW series, making it a distinct symbol in the guitar market.
  • The strings that the EW50 comes with are both durable and produce amazing sound quality. These strings can help to enhance the experience of sound production.
  • The guitar’s fingerboard structure is familiar, reliable, and suitable for a wide variety of music genres.


  • The EW50’s wood finish does blend with stains, so it may lend itself to being hard to wipe down and clean.
  • Other guitars of this price range come with many more accessories, so the addition of other features could help the EW50’s value for the price it goes for.

Our Final Thoughts

The Ibanez EW50 is a great choice for musicians of all sorts of skill levels. From casual players looking to get into the music, to professional musicians shopping for the best guitars out there. The compact build and ergonomic focus of the Ibanez EW50 give it a solid feel.

The unique cutaway structure, the exotic wood materials, and the overall build quality make it a great choice for any sort of music application. Maintenance is also simple enough, with minor repairs on the guitar’s rosewood bridge being possible.

The sound quality for the EW50 is quite clean, sounding sharp and clear. The guitar itself may appeal more to rhythm guitarists, with its sound being more for providing harmonies or accompanying vocals in a song.

Although there are flaws with the whole package. The wood finishing can blend in with stains, making it hard to clean. The electronics features are quite lacking and could use some modernization somewhere down the road.

Some standard components, such as the guitar strings, could’ve been more premium as the price point may lead buyers towards those expectations.

Players who are looking for a simple guitar with basic electronics are going to love the EW50. For the price, its sound quality can hold its own against guitars that are double the price. Looking for these models nowadays may involve more than a quick visit to the guitar store.

However, if you can find one, it will be a great instrument that lasts for a long time. A simple guitar that’s open for any kind of player to make some wonderful music, whether professionally or casually.

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