Can You Play Guitar With Long Nails?

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Maybe you’re wondering how artists play guitar with long nails without making it sound gross. Probably it goes along with lots of practice and mastering it. But, if you have witnessed popular icons just like in live concerts, most likely they come perfectly dressed with long fake nail extensions or acrylic nail gels.

Now, the thing is how? There are specific genres, measures, and technicalities pertaining to one performance. Eventually, this could be impossible with no practice. As a performer, having long nails will not disqualify you from your passion, thus it signifies perseverance and determination to play along with different styles.

Still, it’s within the comfort of you, as a performer of which style you most likely prefer. That is why most guitarist makes trimming their nails a routine. Misconception it is! Think and hold, because you are always on the path no matter how long your nails are. Strum with colors and play with passion.

Can You Play Guitar With Long Nails

What are the possible effects of playing guitar with long nails?

Possible effects of playing guitar with long nails
Possible effects of playing guitar with long nails
– Many guitarists do prefer playing fingerstyle with long nails on because it is easier to strum, especially on a classical guitar. Essentially tone is better with enhanced volume if nails are not brittle or if with acrylic extensions.

– Playing with long nails and matching them with fingerpicking techniques ensures a uniquely smooth tone which could be favorable to audiences.
– Although a long nail is not a major problem, fingers can not be placed correctly on the angle and differ specifically with the amount of pressure applied. Meanwhile, the guitarist who is not intermediate or professional enough may struggle and find it harder to finish on the fretboard without getting scratched and getting the right tone.

– Not firm or strong nails, especially fake and glued nails are at risk of being damaged or removed and once it happens, you could possibly not play in rhythm because your nails will not be in uniform.

How to play guitar with long nails?

One secret of top musicians is playing it with open tuning.
One secret of top musicians is playing it with open tuning.

The most effective way to play guitar with long nails is shifting from the standard guitar which is EADGBE an alternate tuning with the use of a single finger across the strings. Also, one secret of top musicians is playing it with open tuning, which could be applicable to most types of music genres and styles.

Still, the potential and ability to play guitar does not specifically define a criterion but essentially fits all willing to explore and have fun and no limitations are attached.

If you are looking for a more specific way, here’s how you can do it:

  • Modify the way you wanted it to play- if your fingernails are longer than a pick, it is recommended to use a pick to avoid hitting other strings or damaging the nails themselves.
  • Fingerpick the guitar strings – fingerpicking is better when one string is pulled out at a time and pull it with two fingers, which enables a better flow of adjusting and mixing tunes. Although, it takes time to adjust and learn ways of plucking.
  • Tune the guitar according to the genre you will play- playing with long fingernails should be specific o a genre because it might not be applicable to all types of music, mostly with lots of strumming or fast chords. The open tune is recommended in this situation.
  • Round your fingernails, slope or shape them accordingly with a nail file – adjusting the shape of fingernails will provide comfort as you strum on every string, eventually, it could also avoid damaging your nails and give a fuller tone when you fingerpick in the smoothest way.
  • File your nail with a pointed center, according to your style and comfort- the formed shape will resemble a pick but assure first that every shape is identical to one another to meet a pick-like sound.
  • If a pointed shape doesn’t fit your style and comfort, we have an alternative for you! You can have rounded-shaped nails which eventually are not as similar as a pick, making it more cool or natural for you as you strum. See, everyone does like that!
  • And if you want more options, you can have a slope-sided nail shape too! Sounds cool, right? This shape will enable you to play a classical guitar since it can produce a warmer tone or sound. And for the angle, it will always depend on your idea, but figuring out what fits you best is the perfect one!

The advantage of open tuning

If you’re really into fashion with your passion, make it possible by tuning your guitar in ways that are convenient and comfortable, the open tuning. Here’s how:

  • Tuning the string from A to aB
  • Tuning the G string to G#
  • Tuning the D string to an E

Expert Tip: Long nails will never stop you from strumming your dreams. Misconception it is! think and hold, because you are always on the path no matter how long your nails are. Strum with colors and play with passion.

Overall, strumming a guitar with long nails is no longer said as a complication, because eventually, it became a tool for making volume and tone enhanced with style, characteristic, and in a convenient way. The opportunity that comes to play with long nails, also comes with maintenance, to assure a great style and taste of music.

Thus, playing with nail art, extensions and bling is the new buzz as it is ideal enough to compliment such self with extraordinary performance and stunning hand strokes. It may look easy at first sight but really Is difficult on the first try. Mind you, everything comes with practice and patience and mastering it through the heart.

Don’t hesitate and bother getting your nails ready just like how confident you are on your music play. Never get tired of your plain and neutral nail colors, bling and such will never piss you off from playing the best of all music!

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