How Much Is A Piano: Piano Cost In 2024

If you’ve been looking into buying a piano, you might have been wondering, how much is a piano? But, the answer is complicated; it varies, and it all depends on what you are looking for 

But don’t worry! We’ve broken down the basics (and even the more complicated parts) of piano pricing and how to go about buying the piano that is best for you.

how much are piano

Before we break it down for you, it is vital to understand there are two main different types of pianos, an upright piano, and a grand piano. An upright piano has the soundboard, and the plane of the strings runs vertically and is therefore generally smaller and cheaper than a grand piano. 

A grand piano’s strings go horizontally in relation to the ground; they are larger, more expensive, and generally of a higher quality than an upright piano.

How much does an upright piano cost?

An upright piano will generally cost around $3000-$6500. But prices can go all the way up to between $10,000 and $25,000 for high-end models.

The price of the instrument will depend on many factors, including the quality of the materials used, the reputation of the brand, the skill level of the labor, and of course, the general trend of the market. 

Examples of some brands that offer upright pianos in the lower price range include Kawaii, Young Chang, and Baldwin, and brands that offer upright pianos in the higher price range include famous brands like Yamaha, Brodmann, and Mason & Hamlin. 

Brands that fetch even higher prices are highly respected piano makers like Steinway, Who can demand upwards of $35,000 for even just their upright piano models.

upright piano price
Upright Piano

The size of the piano also factors in, for example, a B2 Yamaha, which is 45”, costs $7,000 less than the larger U3 Yamaha, which stands at 52″.

Also, be warned, smaller pianos will tend to use more innovative materials or sometimes mid-range quality materials combined with higher quality materials, but this is dependent on price and brand. 

This applies to both upright and grand pianos but is more of a factor with upright pianos. 

Wood quality also affects price; a good piano has to be made of quality wood, which often has to be sourced from exotic parts of the world. High-quality pianos made of more expensive wood will, in turn, be more expensive for the customer.

More expensive pianos will use wooden action parts, while cheaper pianos will use plastic or carbon fiber. 

More expensive pianos will sometimes use expensive materials like ivory for their key finishes brands such as Yamaha, and cheaper pianos will have keys made of plastic or wood. 

The finish is also a factor in price, the more common finishes include polished ebony satin, polyester, but solid wood finishes of mahogany and cedar are also available, and, of course, the age and condition of your prospective upright piano will factor into the price. 

Older pianos will often be cheaper unless they are from an extremely reputable brand, which often holds their value longer. 

However, you can get a cheaper upright piano if you aren’t too concerned with the condition, as pianos that are in poorer condition will usually fetch lower prices. 

However, it is best to be wary about buying pianos that are in poor condition, as the repairs can be more expensive than anticipated. These are all things to be wary of when buying an upright piano.

How much Is A Grand Piano

A lot of the factors in buying a piano have already been covered in the previous point, but the points that vary when it comes to buying a grand piano are as follows. 

Grand pianos come in the baby grand and concert grand variety. As the names suggest, the baby grand is smaller, while the concert grand is larger and is more suited to concerts and recordings, as it will have a richer and fuller sound. 

new piano cost
Grand Piano

A baby grand piano will generally cost around $20,000 to $135,000, while a full concert grand piano will cost between a whopping $60,000 and $287,000. 

So the concert grand pianos are certainly not for beginners. The cheaper baby grand piano brands include Yamaha, Kawaii, Brodmann, and Baldwin, while the more expensive brands include Fazioli, Bosendorfer, Bluthner, and Steinway. 

For the concert grand pianos, the cheaper brands include Baldwin Brodmann Young Chang and Yamaha, and the more expensive brands are Fazioli, Bosendorfer, Kawaii. and Bluthner. So, the grand piano cost is quite expensive!

How much is a basic piano?

A very basic piano can sometimes be acquired for as little as $3000, but you are usually looking at a bit more, more like around $6 ,500 for a basic piano, and if you are looking for a used basic piano, the prices can be even lower. 

But be warned, used pianos can sometimes be cheap because they are in disrepair or are not a high-quality product to begin with, but you can find some excellent used pianos at great prices if you know what you are looking for. 

It is usually best to consult someone who knows about pianos if you are trying to find a used bargain.

What is a good price for a used piano?

It is difficult to determine a good price for a used piano, but if you know a few details about the used piano, a good price can be determined.

One method that is often used to find a good price for a used piano is comparable sales. 

This involves comparing the piano to a recent sale of the same piano; through this method, a fair price can be asserted for the used piano. 

However, a problem arises if a piano of similar make, model, condition, and age, etc., cannot be found, leaving no accurate comparison for the piano in question.

You can also apply a depreciation schedule to the original price of the piano as with most consumer goods, piano prices deprecate at fairly predictable rates, so this is a pretty good method to determine a good price for a used piano (Price deprecation schedules can be found online.)

The problem that can arise here, however, is that older pianos don’t have a new counterpart to apply price deprecation to.

Another way to price a used piano is factoring in the cost of the restoration of the used condition and then deducting it from the price, but this, of course, only works if restoration work is required. 

But generally, you should be able to get a good used piano for a couple of thousand dollars and certainly cheaper than a new piano would cost

How much is a cheap piano?

A cheap upright piano is considered around $3000. but even cheaper used pianos can be picked up with a bit of luck. For a baby grand piano, a low price would be around $20,000, and a cheap concert grand piano would be around $60,000.

How much should I spend on my first piano?

When it comes to buying your first real piano, it is advisable that you do your own research and make sure you know what you are looking for before you make such a big investment. 

But for most people, a first piano will tend to be the cheaper and smaller upright piano, as the concert grand or even the baby grand is very large and therefore takes up a lot of space and is very expensive. 

However, if you are looking to record or play at a concert, you might want to jump straight to the concert grand piano as it is really the only piano for live music and studio recordings.

Suppose you are buying an upright piano new. You will want to be spending roughly $6500-$10,000. as this is the price point where you will be guaranteed top quality and a piano you will want to keep playing 

For a good price on a baby grand piano, you will want to be spending in the region of $50,000 for a good quality model And for a concert grand piano, you really want to be looking at the six-figure region for a good quality one. 

There are usually finance options for these more expensive pianos, so you don’t have to pay all in one go. But these are really only for serious players.

You can, of course, also buy used, which will see the prices of your prospective piano drop. 

A good used piano can potentially be purchased for as little as a few thousand dollars, but you need to make sure you are buying a good used piano to make this worth your while 

Used pianos are recommended for those with a smaller budget who still want a great-sounding piano.


In conclusion, the price of pianos is complicated. You need to factor in all sorts of things, like the materials. 

The brand and the conditions of used pianos. There are a few different types of pianos, each suited to different circumstances and budgets And you can buy used if you know what you are looking for. 

Thanks for looking over this guide, and I hope you find the piano that is right for you!

Is Piano Hard to Learn?

There’s never a bad time to learn a new skill or hobby, and playing the piano is an especially popular skill for musicians and music lovers. But the potential difficulty of a new skill makes some people hesitant.

Those with a musical background know that the answer isn’t that black and white. There are several different factors that make the piano easier or harder for some individuals.

If you have a background in music, be it singing, guitar, violin, or any other instrument, you’ll have a much easier time learning to play the piano, especially if you have knowledge of music theory. 

Musicians also know that it’s easier to learn a new instrument if you have guidance from an experienced teacher.

The most important thing is practice. If you don’t take the time and energy to perfect the skills you learned in lessons; you’re going to have a much harder time playing the piano.

Is a piano a good investment?

Pianos might very well be one of the most difficult instruments to get started with: they are big, cumbersome, and, more often than not, prohibitively expensive. Your average grand piano can cost around $20,000, with high-quality ones going for as much as ten times that. It is not a surprise, then; a lot of virtuoso hopefuls shy away from such a big investment.

A good piano is absolutely a good investment if you plan to put in the necessary hours to make it work: that is, if you intend to practice every day, but you don’t want to pay for lessons, go for it. 

However, if you don’t have the time to practice every day or if you are comfortable with taking lessons instead, we would encourage you to find piano lessons at first; or to opt for an electronic keyboard while you are still learning!

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