31 Best Pump Songs To Get You Pumped Up

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Music has a way of changing your entire outlook and mood. It’s a mental and physical experience and when done right, can be a way to deal with personal breakups, experience a moment of nostalgia, or provide a sweet escape. You can put on just about any song and it transports your mind someplace else and makes you feel completely different.

If you’re in need of that tune that pumps you up and gets you rooting for yourself, check out the list below. Whether you’re on the way to work, cranking it up for a workout, throwing a party, or just need a wireless fanfare, these jams are some of the best hype songs of all time.

Best Hype Songs

1. “Blood” – Ryan Oaks

Kicking off this list is Ryan Oak’s newest release and it’s all about the hustle. It’s got an upbeat stadium sound, with a chorus that can sound like your own personal mantra with a crowd cheering you on. He’s got a unique voice and the music carries a BIG sound, definitely something to get you hyped up for making it rain.

If you’re starting a new business adventure, in need of some loud and proud sounds to get you in the mood, or just an ego-boosting start to your day, this is it.

2. “Outwork” – Kill ROB Bailey

Rob Bailey is notorious in the gym community for his killer, mood-boosting music. When it comes to working out. setting a new PR. and just lifting heavy sit in general, you can count on him to get you to your goal. Pick off pretty much any song from one of his albums and you are going to feel like a beast.

Expert Tip: With deep, shouting vocals like something you might expect from a heavy metal band, he pairs it well with an alternative/indie melody. Save this one for the next time you wanna show up and show out in the gym.

3. “Bleed It Out” – Linkin Park

Can you have a hype song with lyrics that sound like a potential need for a funeral? Yes, yes, you can. Sometimes we need that angry, jump up and down tune to boost us up after a dramatic moment. Maybe you’re a little pissed and need to let it out and that’s exactly what this song will do.

A homage to some nonsense that sparked a tantrum. A throwback from 2007, released on their third album “Minutes to Midnight”. A party anthem for an “up yours’ skit. Play it and move on.

4. “Legends Are Made” – Sam Tinnesz

Wanna feel celebrated? Here’s a chant to get you into the mood where you feel like you are on top of it all. Its lyrics are inspiring and it makes you want to take whatever you’re doing to the next level.

Picture a death-defying stunt, a car taking off through an explosion, or any extreme feat, and this is at the top of the playlist. If you need some courage to take that leap, this song may be the push you need.

5. “Victorious” – The Score

When motivation is lacking, sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to find it “Victorious” pulls it out of us. It has more of a mellow tone that carries a strong message about rising from the darkness and not losing everything you’ve worked for. In those moments in life when you need that tune to assist you in finding your drive, this is the one to blast.

The group announced in 2021 that the song was inspired by their fans and it didn’t disappoint.

6. “Speed Racer” – Masked Wolf

A solid beat to pump you up before you head out on the court before you go into a fight, or sike you up before any big game. It pumps the adrenaline slowly to keep from becoming overwhelmed so you can still think straight. When you’re looking for hype with strategy this is the perfect blend for that cool, calm, collected, inner bada$$ that’s ready to make a statement with impact.

7. “H.G.H.” – Twisted Insane, Charlie Ray

“Pre-workout kicking in. Stackin on a couple more plates” That’s right, that gym hype. When you’re lifting weights and chasing a goal you need that mental headspace to be filled with a can-do attitude if you’re going to get anything done.

The last thing you want to do is approach a loaded barbell with anything less than the confidence to defy gravity. These lyrics will set you up and get you in that mindset.

8. “Make My Move” – Oliver Michael, King Marino

With a popping beat and banging raps, the sounds in this song will get you ready to go. It possesses a feeling of suspense or pressure to explode into awesomeness. It’s got a way of making you feel a game-on mentality like something’s about to go down.

Expert Tip: This track is available in both a lyrical and instrumental version, so if you just prefer the beats, you’re covered. It plays well in surround sound because of all the changes in rhythm and percussion breaks.

9. “Vibe” – Mike Candys

A techno instrumental that makes you want to move. Think roller derby meets competitive dancing. It’s edgy, and upbeat with a rhythm of go, go, go. It sparks a “get ready the best is yet to come” mood which is great for celebrating before an event that you and a group are looking forward to.

It would be the first song you play at a party to get everybody mentally ready or if things are starting to slack to pick everyone up to get the mood going again.

10. “Gassed Up” – Zeds Dead, Subtronics, Flow Dan

Ante up with this deep house hit that leaves you without a care in the world. Get ready for dubstep vibes and I’m going to bring you down and finish you off personality. With pulsing signature beats, jams like these let the world fade into the background and make you do a vibe check on anyone that tries to flex on you.

11. “The Weekend” – Brantley Gilbert

Come Friday at 5 p.m, this is your go-to. It’s the perfect party rock anthem to kick off the weekend right? Play it for those Friday and Saturday nights when you and your buddies have a get-together kicking back a few drinks or a night out on the town bar hopping. This artist co-wrote the song and he nailed it.

12. “Island In The Sun” – Weezer

This one’s either a nostalgic throwback from 2001 or something new to get excited about. What hypes you up for a vacation or at least dreaming of one? This is the song to add to the playlist on the way. It’s got a catchy chorus and fun lyrics that sound dreamy with a few bass breaks to add to its charm.

It gained fame after finding its way into the soundtrack of an Adam Sandler film, Mr. Deeds.

13. “Dreams and Nightmares” – Meek Mill

With a smooth, mellow tempo with rap lyrics that flow seamlessly, this tune is all about the grind. When you’re looking for a softer hype and just want to feel the words, this one does it. It combines that reality of a day in a day out working to make a living and a hard-knock life into a success story.

With a piano as the majority melody, it definitely lifts you up about your own success while relaxing you and making you think at the same time.

14. “Beggin” by Madcon

Now, this is basically a love song about a guy who was cocky and let a girl go. Now he regrets it and is begging her to come back and give him a chance. While that may not sound like much of a hype song it is packed with a feel-good tune, and a very unique voice and you will want to play it again and again. It elevates your mood and that is a win-win.

15. “You” – NM

Let this electronic pop blast you into complete motivation. With its big popping sounds and its auto-tuned lyrics, you won’t understand a single word but you won’t even mind. The beat is where the hype is, great for a party, the gym, driving, or even getting ready to go somewhere, this song hypes your mood.

16. “Wildside” – St. Society, Txsh

Big hype before a big game! This is 100% cheerleading rally feels to pep you up for the game. Whether you’re in the stands, watching from home, or a star athlete fixing to go out on the field, this jam will prepare you to bring your Wildside. You’ll want to clap, stomp, and chant the night away.

17. “Never Fall Back” – Jonezen

A newer song with crazy, great vibes. This one’s so new, that it’s actually hard to find at the moment. You’ll have to hear it on YouTube, as gamers and gym motivational creators are using it as content. It’s powerful, uplifting, and carefree. Great for sports and fitness with a hip hop and rock combo.

18. “Telephone Hype” – Son of Augustine, Bishki

When this beat drops, you’ll rise to the occasion. This jam will make you feel yourself and it brings that boost of smooth confidence. Add it to your game day, gym sessions, or training playlist to increase the feeling of anticipation. It carries an even tempo with bass-dropping beats. After all, your biggest hype man should be yourself. Save this for when you need to root for yourself.

19. “Wake Me Up” – Avicii

This lyrical from the folk genre can give you that get-up-and-go mentality while delivering this great feel-good ambiance. This song from 2013, was nominated for World’s Best Song and won the Echo Award for Song of the Year.

The artist found inspiration while traveling and thinking to himself what a great life he’s been living and how “it was a dream” and someone should “wake him up”. It’s definitely a great song to turn on and start your day with.

20. “Life is a Highway” – Rascall Flatts

Hands down the best song for the road. You have to add this to your playlist when you’re out and about for anything from grocery shopping to a weekend cookout with friends. It will put a smile on your face and leave you without a care in the world. Hype yourself up for a great time and a great mood.

21. “God’s Country” – Blake Shelton

This popular country is used in a lot of football videos for a reason. It’s inspirational, uplifting, catchy, and will leave you singing along and playing it on repeat at least once. It’s like a mantra for wherever you are from, no matter where you are from. A very relatable song for anyone who grew up in the sticks or anywhere outside of city limits.

22. “lssa Vibe”- K. Sparks

A long intro with a mix of sounds leads to a pretty dope lyric flow. Think N.W.A meets industrial percussion. It has all those old-school rap vibrations with a unique twist and modern-day lyrics.

23. “Shivers” – Ed Sheeran

This song will get everyone including kids wiggling around. It’s exciting, catchy, upbeat, and makes you want to sing along. It’s a song about getting the “shivers” from things that make you feel good or give your stomach that classic butterfly feeling.

Next time you’re in the mood to feel complete happiness or celebrate someone or something that makes you happy, give this a listen.

24. “Imposters” – S.O.

Deep, thick rap can always make you feel like a renegade. The rapper behind this song is a Nigerian Christian hip-hop musician hailing from Britain. You could definitely use some of these lyrics to yell at the opposition. It’s all about calling out the fakeness and stating things as is. A rap with a statement and sometimes those are the best ones.

25. “Watch Me Win” – Inside Tracks

Who could have a playlist without including some awesome rock music? This purely instrumental number can be background noise for anything whether it’s sports or video content. Playback your favorite videos and add this music in or rock it out on headphones while you’re waiting for kickoff.

26. “This is America” – Childish Gambino

Songs with a statement are slowly making their way up the billboards and finding a place in the favorites section on the playlist. This artist wrote this song based on his depiction of America. It’s definitely an art piece with a deeper meaning so take the time to check out the lyrics for a real appreciation and gather your take on its true meaning.

27. “Astronaut in the Ocean” – Masked Wolf

A very popular song that has seen its share of trends on several social media outlets and memes has made the list but not for that reason. This song was written by the artist and is about his journey to fame. He knew he was discovering something very new to him and searching for his way into unknown territory.

Expert Tip: Use it as a hype song about your own personal journey and navigating an unspecified future.

28. “In The Air Tonight” – Phil Collins

Divorce? Death? This song has several myths attached to it but many will agree it’s possibly the greatest song of all time. It has been rumored that the song was attached to a drowning incident where Phil was onboard a boat when his friend fell over.

He couldn’t swim so he called out to a man on the dock for help and the man just sit there and watched him drown. The rumors further circulated saying Phil wrote this song and gave the guy a front row seat at a concert where he stood there and sang it to him. The singer says no. it’s about divorce.

It’s kinda fascinating that so many stories can revolve around one song. Regardless, this song has the sexiest beat with a jaw-dropping drum solo performed by none other than Phil Collins himself.

29. “Through the Fire and Flames” – DragonForce

Looking for a guitar rift that will inspire you? This song is about rising up from your situation and fighting your way through. Ironically, the same way as the lead guitarist. Herman Li, did when this song was recorded. Five minutes into the recording of this song, one of his guitar strings broke and he continued to play.

Because of his incredible skill, the song was perfect and made its way to the album regardless of the circumstance.

30. “Revolution” – The Score

This tune is filled with chants of freeing yourself from all your fears and embracing opportunity. When you feel you’ve been dragged down by society, addiction, mental illness, physical disabilities, or even a hard day. play this and let it fill you with motivation to fight your way out of it.

31. “Sweet Nothing” – Calvin Harris, Florence Welch

A hidden gem. This song came out back in 2012 and has millions of views on the internet. What I don’t know, is if tons of people listened to it over and over or if it was just that popular and kind of forgotten over time. It’s actually one of the most common misheard songs with a specific lyric being heard by nearly every listener as “sexy elephants”.

Once you hear it there’s no unhearing it. And I could tell you what the actual lyric is here but what fun would that be? I will forever appreciate it as “you’re giving me sexy elephants”. Let them hype you up!

When it comes to finding your best hype song it really involves what you need to get hyped up for. For instance, a fight song before you head into the office might not be your best play unless you’re quitting and looking to walk out with a bang. A boss a$$ theme song might be more the style on this occasion.

And what works one day might not the next. Music is like that, one day you feel it and the next day you don’t. It’s incredibly versatile and that’s what makes it so good to have an arsenal of songs to fit nearly any scenario. A great playlist opens you up to many genres and hopefully helps you discover a few new favorites that you might not have heard of.

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