Kevin Gates Best Songs: Here’s The Top 11

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Rapper Kevin Gates is not scared to experiment with different styles. On the surface, you hear some fantastic gangsta rap, yet the lyrics are introspective and profound. He was able to produce a distinctive sound as a result.

Before his career suddenly took off, he enjoyed a long period of popularity on the mixtape scene. The incredible tracks haven’t stopped since he began.

Kevin Gates Best Songs

Who is Kevin Gates?

One of America's most famous contemporary singers
One of America’s most famous contemporary singers

American rapper, musician, and entrepreneur Kevin Jerome Gilyard is known by his stage name Kevin Gates. In addition to being well-known for his 2016 smash studio album “Islah,” he is also renowned for his mixtapes, including “Stranger than Fiction” and “By Any Means.”

Expert Tip: He can be classified as one of America’s most famous contemporary singers because he has recorded several hit singles and mixtapes.

Gates, a rapper who started his career in 2005 after joining the local record company Dead Game Records, gained notoriety around the same time as Boosie Badazz and Webbie, two other well-known rappers from the late 2000s.

Gates has a darker side and has spent several times in and out of prison in addition to his accomplishments in the music industry. After he kicked a female fan during a theatrical performance in 2015, he courted controversy. He is currently completing a 30-month prison term.

11 Best Kevin Gates Songs

1. Really Really

This song’s opening is excellent because it begins silently without a beat. The beat drops after the hook, and his delivery is flawless. The moment you hear the song, you are captivated. Listening to a rapper flow this smoothly s rare, and his performance here is just a joy for the ears.

One of those occasions when the rapper and producer demonstrate their chemistry that makes a track sound complete is when he plays off the beat, and the moment plays off of him. It showed that his eagerly anticipated debut album, Islah was well worth the wait.

2. Phones

This song, again by Islah, has a hook that gets your body moving and is more of a party track. Similar reasoning applies to the verse; only a true artist, like Kevin Gates, could make a rap verse sound danceable.

The second verse complements the beat and maintains the song’s energy while being somber and delivered in a tighter, more severe manner. One of the best songs ever recorded by Kevin Gates. This is a fantastic, entertaining piece.

3. Big Gangsta

This song has an incredible beat. Sometimes you want to give a producer credit for their work, and Felix Leone deserves it for this one. Additionally, you can be sure of excellent outcomes when you work with a rapper as talented as Kevin Gates.

He keeps flowing continuously for a full minute before returning to the hook and repeating the action. His talent is evident in the intricate rhyming scheme.

4. Me Too

The opening of “Me Too” has a vibrant tempo and a distinctive sound from most other rap. It has a highly modern vibe and is another party-oriented song. Kevin Gates is a man who enjoys himself.

The only noteworthy aspect of the lyrics is the rhyme scheme, which is effective. It’s one of Kevin Gates’ best songs and can be found on his Luca Brasi 3 mixtape from 2018. It demonstrated how long his definitive list of mixtapes would continue.

5. I Don’t Get Tired (#IDGT) (Feat. August Alsina)

This song has another banger of a beat, and the hook goes perfectly with it. Everyone enjoys music that picks up speed immediately, and this tune sure picks up speed. You are pulled in and made to start bopping your head by the powerful beat and punching hook.

He is discussing his daily grind and his determination to continue despite fatigue. In essence, he admits that his hustling has made him successful and that he has no intention of stopping. The hook here sells this song more than the average set of verses.

6. Hard For

The song begins with an acoustic guitar, and Gates is never hesitant to attempt anything new. His flexibility is demonstrated by the fact that this song has a stronger reggae vibe. He doesn’t rap much in the music because the mood is more laid-back.

The fact that Kevin Gates is a multi-talented musician who can accomplish a variety of things expertly is demonstrated in this song. It is another reason Islah is such a fantastic album and deserves to be included on the list of the finest Kevin Gates tracks.

7. Power

Five producers are listed as credits on this track, which is essential for a successful rapper. Amazingly, the brief sample at the start also introduces the chorus. It was a song for his wife. Therefore he had to make sure it was excellent.

You become energized by the chorus, which is substantial. He talks about how his wife completes him, but it isn’t emotional instead, it has a more wholesome vibe. Naturally, he makes some sexual references, but that is to be expected. He made a stunning track for his wife out of a desire to do so.

He created one of the best Kevin Gates tracks and displayed his individuality as an artist here.

8. Walls Talking

“Walls Talking” completes our ranking of the top Kevin Gates tracks. As he discusses his mental condition, this song is more somber. He discusses his mistakes from the past and how they helped him become a better person. The storytelling is enormous, and he does it with such passion.

The tempo nicely complements the text and the tone, and his voice adds a touch of emotion. When listening to a rapper’s music, it’s always wonderful to hear an upbeat and pleasant tune.

9. Broken Love

On “Broken Love,” a laid-back, lo-fi groove with a trippier vibe is presented. It’s already clear that this track will be a good trap due to the powerful 808s, the triplet hi-hats, and the first line. It has a calming hook that makes you feel calm and is easy to listen to.

Expert Tip: Kevin expresses his thoughts in a more somber second verse. As he discusses his difficulties, he speaks enthusiastically in that verse. His delivery is so forceful that you can see it in his eyes. He paints an image, which only a master artist can do.

10. Time For That

He begins “Time For That” by singing and rapping in parts before gliding into a hook and a rap verse. You are astounded by his skill as each changeover is made without a hitch. His flow, though, deserves special attention because it appears in every song.

He sounds so easygoing and friendly, especially in this song. Yet another piece contributes to Islah’s status as a masterpiece.

11. Super General

On June 9th, Kevin Gates released Super General, a lengthy freestyle detailing his private life, his divorce from Dreka, and all that has been written about them on social media.

It’s a prolonged and terrible song, and since the release of the music video, people have been analyzing the lyrics to attempt to comprehend the rapper’s perspective, the meaning, and the message he wants to convey. We shall provide an interpretation of the music in this article.


There isn’t an elevator pitch for Kevin Gates. Kevin Gates is not an artist who makes sense in the straightforward terms of business and marketing, but he can still summarize his appeal in a few simple words. If pressed, he’ll happily say, “I embody what it is to be a human being, I express emotion.”

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