Logitech Z623 vs Z625: Logitech Z623 Review Vs Z625

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Are you still canvassing for the perfect speakers to complete your computer setup? Or are you just needing a device to boost the sounds and amplify your movie night or dance session experience?

Whatever you might need those speakers for, one thing for sure is that you can find them in any electronic store now. It is basically a must-have additional attachment on your device, whether you are a computer or cellphone user.

Since speakers are widely offered, there are a lot of brands—and even versions within the brands—which makes a wide variation of speakers. An example of a popular manufacturer of computer and tech products is Logitech.

They offer the Logitech z623 and Logitech z625, both are speakers you can’t really differentiate besides the last numbers by the end of their names. However, don’t you know that these two can also battle out each other with their advantages and disadvantages?

Logitech Z623 vs Z625

The Two “z62” Logitech Speakers

Before we start off with comparing the two, let’s take a minute to read a quick summary of the products as advertised. In this way, we will know what they are doing better or what they are lacking from their product descriptions, and therefore help in finding the best one out of the two.

Logitech z623 Speakers

We already know that these Logitech speakers are going to serve quality as they are THX-certified, meaning that they passed the globally accepted standards for performance, quality, and consistency. It’s said that this system will bring life to your movies, music, and game as it has an immersive studio-quality output.

This set boasts two satellite speakers reportedly powerful enough sound-wise to fill in the large space in a big entertainment room. Audio is indeed enjoyable for the loud, crisp sound and the deep bass.

Z623 is analog speakers but is also offered in analog-optical or Bluetooth adapters with a higher retail price. It has the standard 3.5mm input, making it available for computers, iPods, DVD players, and game consoles. There is no need to worry if you don’t prefer this, as there are multiple inputs in the speakers including an option for an RCA input.

Some things that may be lacking in the speakers are that it’s better if you use it facing you for a more direct sound. It also can’t cover a wider area than what they mentioned. Lastly, the cables may be too thick and short, which makes the setup prone to getting moved around.

All in all, the Logitech z623 provides a hassle-free connection with your electronic device while delivering you a captivating experience. Everything in these speakers does not take too much to learn, as the controls for the power, volume are easily accessible with their rightful symbols. You wouldn’t believe that this set has a cheaper markup than its value.

Logitech z625 Speakers

Second up in the Logitech z series in this article is the z625. Like the z623, it is also a THX-Certified audio speaker. There is no doubt that it will deliver the most accurate sounds from your videos, music, and games.

For its sounds, it has the usual powerful bass, but smoother and cleaner compared to the other. The vibrant mid and high range is also something to look out for. To make it clear. it produces very loud and clear sounds, giving off a real-life experience. Even at a higher volume, the sounds do not distort at all. However, it doesn’t do the best in high frequencies.

What makes the z625 variant different is that it is built with an optical input. You don’t have to go through all the stress in manually changing the inputs as it automatically routes on the speakers.

This gives way to faster and easier connectivity for devices, especially for televisions, monitors, and consoles. Because of this optical input, several reviews regard the z625 as something comparable to a soundbar.

The only downside to the setup of these three-piece speakers is that there is no remote control that a lot of customers prefer for easier adjustments anywhere in the room. It also technically does not have Bluetooth connectivity, and the least it can offer is the Bluetooth adapter that you have to pay for with an additional charge.

Battle of the Logitechs

First of all, there is not really much to compare about these two speakers, especially since they are both in the same brand Logitech and in the same z-line. It even has almost the same product description, and you wouldn’t know the difference if you did not check whether the number at the end is a 3 or a 5.

Many users who have experienced both z623 and z625 might give a little preference over the z625 variation. This is understandable as it is the latest version of speakers than the x623, and the manufacturer would obviously just fix some problems with the z623 and add some better features to the z625.

Battle of the Logitechs

How are they similar?

Let’s start off with the obvious: both are THX-certified. Automatically, it ensures the buyers that it will provide clear sounds aiding to a more true-to-life experience with their games, movies, or music.

Both speakers’ bass is their highlight. They made sure to serve with a thundering but not overpowering bass. The loud volume is also another that you should expect since speakers are made for this purpose. It is impressive that both can be cranked up to the highest volumes and still sound crisp with no static-like sounds or distortions to them. Not a lot of speakers can be like this.

Just as both have similarities in their pros, they also share some disadvantages. It’s a bit of a shame that they do not have a remote control, as this addition can make the management of the speakers easier. If there was a remote, users would not need to stand up from across the room to change the setting of the speaker.

Another con is that it both lacks the right delivery of high frequencies. Although good in high volumes, these speakers have a weakness against the frequencies. Well, I guess you might need to avoid the two if, for some reason, you play some high-frequency music (which not a lot of us normally does, meaning this wouldn’t really affect the experience).

Bass is a standout feature on both speakers

How do they outweigh each other?

Logitech z623 speakers are offered at a more affordable price, not to mention the quality it serves. It surely is the pick for those who are looking for budget-friendly speakers that will do their job better than you would expect.

Z623 also does a good job in a gaming setup, so you can enjoy your games with this affordable speaker.

Since the Logitech z625 is the latest version and the not-so-cheap option out of the two, there should be a bigger production budget to produce more features for this product. It definitely did, and it definitely served.

Let’s tackle the advantages the z625 has over the other. The optical input has made the connection with devices more seamless and quick. It is a rather small device, but it was splendid that they were able to add this feature to it. The z623 does not have an optical input, and not to mention that they have thicker wires that tend to move a lot if you are not careful.

Z625 can also connect with multiple devices AT THE SAME TIME. Even with speakers manufactured by another brand other than Logitech, it’s hard to find a product that can do this. To top it all off, it wouldn’t even affect the audio quality even if you have them all connected.

Coverage-wise, the z625 is better as it has a 2.1 surround sound. This means that there is a wider area that the sounds can reach. As for the z623, one of its disadvantages as mentioned above is that it’s better if you play it facing you. There is no surround system feature on the latter, which is why the z625 clearly wins with its surround sound experience.

As for the sounds, even if both are focused on their bass, the z625 is slightly a little bit better than the z623 which can be a little too bass-heavy than the other.

Logitech Z623 2.1 Speaker System Unboxing, Setup & Review

Highlights of the z Clash: Summary

As you can see from the whole review, both the Logitech speakers almost have the same qualities besides a few features that the z625 offers. They are powerful bass speakers that provide clear and loud sounds.  Both their audio outputs provide an accurate sound as to what the music, game, or video was originally like.

What you consider when picking between the two is your budget and your sensitivity to sounds and specifications.

If you do not have enough budget for a very high-end speaker, just go for the Logitech z623 Speakers. It wouldn’t fail you at all! It just sounds a little underwhelming than the features of the z625 as it is clearly the cheaper option. To put your mind at ease, it gives you better quality than the price you paid for.

Meanwhile, for those who really value all the keys and notes you’d hear in a sound, choose the Logitech z625 Speakers. This one offers a better audio quality, especially the bass. The optical input feature also makes it more versatile when it comes to connectivity to sources.Lastly, the 2.1 surround system gives wider coverage, wherever you are positioned. Definitely perfect for those who value the experience of a movie, music, or game.

Logitech Speaker Winner

To be frank, it was kind of easy to know who was the winner even from the start. The Logitech z625 Speakers clearly won this show-off, as it was built both to create the best sound and give easier access to its users.


Speakers are used for one main reason: to produce sounds from the source (your device) with an adjustable volume. Although many people would not pay attention to the specifications as long as it does its job right, you still might want to get something that is of better quality.

This Logitech speakers buyer’s guide hails the z625 as the winner of this speakers show-off. Unless you might like a particular advantage or feature the z622 has, the Logitech z65 should be the best speaker among these two Logitechs!

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