Love Songs Metal: Here Are The 20 Best Metal Songs Ever

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Heavy metal is a new genre of music, having only been around since Black Sabbath’s debut album was published in 1969. Though most people believe that all heavy bands worship the Devil and that their lyrics are limited to dark images, dragons, wizards, and murder, a stigma has been linked to metal.

The opposite is true, metalheads experience the same emotions as everyone else. Even excellent metal love songs are widely available. Metal bands are the only ones that can perform love songs with the same passion, sincerity, and enthusiasm as they do. Thus, I am sharing the list of the 20 best metal love songs.

Metal Love Songs

20 Metal Love Songs

1. Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine

In 1987, Appetite For Destruction transformed the face of rock and metal for good. There are several reasons why “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is regarded as one of the best metal love songs, including catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, Axl’s singing, and everything in between.

Expert Tip: A trip down memory lane, “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is a song that makes you feel better right away when played after a breakup. It’s also one of the songs that MTV generation kids, like myself, will never forget for having one of the most incredible music videos ever made.

2. AC/DC – Let Me Put My Love Into You

Back In Black is a must-see for R.N.R enthusiasts. Both rock and metal fans hold this album in high respect because it altered the course of history. One song from this album that cannot be ignored is “Let Me Put My Love Into You”. It is both a rocker and a straightforward love song.

3. Steel Panther – If You Really Really Love Me

You can’t deny that these guys can write a mean metal love song, even though they’ve been branded a parody band and that both Michael and Satchel publicly acknowledged that they meant to mock glam metal with their Steel Panther.

This song gives you a general idea of what Steel Panther has always been about having fun while singing about many forms of love. It’s pure gold, the music video for which deserves an Oscar, and it’s a traditional metal love ballad.

4. Type O Negative – Love You To Death

Gothic metal was created to explore complex love-related themes (though often unrequited). “Love You To Death” is the perfect embodiment of Type O Negative’s commitment to both.

“Love You To Death”, the third track from October Rust, is one of those songs that you’ll hum to yourself at night while singing, “Love me, love you too”. At least, that’s what happens to me every time it plays on SiriusXM.

5. Helix – Heavy Metal Love

“Heavy Metal Love” is exactly what it sounds like a simple love song with gritty vocals and nasty distortion that tells a sweet tale of lovers decked out in leather and metal spikes.

6. Motörhead – Love Me Forever

Only loyal fans know Lemmy’s sensitive side because Motörhead is known for its fast-paced, groovy metal compositions. “Love Me Forever” combines the world’s weight with feelings that are likely just as hefty, if not even heavier.

Even with Lemmy no longer with us, it’s challenging to listen to this song without being emotional, but it’s one of the tunes that will always serve as a reminder of his magnificence.

7. Pantera – This Love

Pantera is a metal force, and for many fans of this subgenre, either Dime’s soloing or Phil’s screams on “Cemetary Gates” come to mind first. The Pantera guys provide their two cents on unhealthy relationships with “This Love”, letting out some steam while adorning our ears with stunning, sleek, powerful riffs.

Although many people associate this song with struggles, failed relationships, and abuse, at its core, it is just as outstanding as the other songs on the Vulgar Display of Power.

8. Cradle Of Filth – The Death Of Love

Most C.O.F. songs are about falling in love, but The Death of Love is gentler and more approachable for metal fans who aren’t as into black and harsh metal. If you enjoy Dani’s vocals, savage blast beats, and riffs sharp enough to cut through atoms, put the entire album on repeat and give this song a listen.

9. Judas Priest – Love Zone

It’s intriguing that the album’s first track, “Love Zone,” follows a similar pattern. Rob’s vocals are just as powerful in “Love Zone” as they are in “Hard As Iron” or “Blood Red Skies”, and the song’s renowned riffs continue throughout the entire piece. Unquestionably among the best metal love songs ever.

10. Van Halen – Love Walks In

Ed Van Halen, who passed away recently, will be sadly missed. Thankfully, we have “Love Walks In” and the godsent 5150 to prove his soulfulness, unmatched musicianship, and commitment to music.

Even though most of us will never forget him as the world’s greatest guitarist who ever lived, “Love Walks In” depicts him on a piano, beautifully playing the gentle tunes that make this lovely song as fantastic as it is.

Expert Tip: “Love Walks In” is not just one of the greatest metal love songs of all time, but it’s also one of the most heartfelt Van Halen songs out of all the songs on our list.

11. Foo Fighters – Everlong

Dave Grohl had a lot of emotions after Kurt Cobain passed away in 1994, and he needed a means to process them. The outcome was the formation of Foo Fighters, a band that would later be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

When asked what the song “Everlong” was about, Roll responded that it was about loving someone so passionately, spiritually and physically, that when you sang songs together, you would harmonize with them. In 1997, Grohl released “The Colour And The Shape”, the record’s second single.

12. W.A.S.P. – Hold On To My Heart

The track “Hold On To My Heart” from 1992’s “The Crimson Idol” showed a shift in sound for a band who had found itself on the P.M.R.C.’s “Filthy 15” list, even though they are typically renowned for their lifestyle of dissipation and excess. Lawless begs for someone to hold him in this song to relieve the unbearable ache of his loneliness.

13. Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing

The iconic rock band, Aerosmith from Boston, has only had one number-one hit in their career, which has lasted over five decades. They were nominated for an Academy Award, and a Grammy for their number-one hit.

I’m referring to the song “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, which is the “Armageddon” theme song. This song is a declaration of love in which the narrator declares that he doesn’t want to miss even a moment he may spend with his significant other.

14. Megadeth – Promises

Sometimes we get so dissatisfied with the ordinary existence of our daily lives that we cling to anything that feels genuine, even other people. We become tired of having our dreams dashed, so we keep hunting for that one person who will help us pick up the pieces and, perhaps, put them back together again. Because they burn so fiercely, these partnerships typically don’t last.

The song “Promises”, from the Grammy Award-winning thrash metal titans’ 2001 album “The World Needs a Hero,” gives me that impression.

15. Black Sabbath – No Stranger To Love

Tony Iommi has been a part of Black Sabbath continuously since their founding in 1969, contributing to their 13 platinum and six gold albums. Over five decades, The Godfathers of Heavy Metal have experienced numerous lineup changes.

The band’s twelfth studio effort, “Seventh Star”, which was released in 1986 during the Glenn Hughes era, had the song “No Stranger To Love,” which is about being so completely in love that you can’t notice when something horrible is occurring even if you’ve been in this situation before.

16. Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song

Considering only the perspective from which it was composed, this song may be the most intriguing. Former lead vocalist Scott Weiland claimed in a Rolling Stone interview that the inspiration for this song stemmed from conversations he had with his wife while on tour.

Weiland composed this song from his wife’s perspective, who believed he had resumed drug use. The music from 1994’s “Purple” calls him out on the lies resulting from his heroin addiction.

17. Pearl Jam – Black

The significance of Pearl Jam’s hauntingly beautiful ballad “Black” has been the subject of numerous discussions. Fortunately, lead singer Eddie Vedder has clarified the song’s meaning, which can be heard on Pearl Jam’s debut album. What “Ten” is about Vedder stated in an interview that the song is about letting go of first love.

People in those relationships typically part ways and don’t laugh. People start to fall apart as life pulls us in many different directions. But you’ll always have that experience to carry throughout your life.

18. Led Zeppelin – Thank You

The song’s opening lyrics, “If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you”, have something to them. That message resonates deeply within my soul: “When mountains fall to the sea, there will still be you and me.”

Lead singer Robert Plant sings of having a relationship that will endure a lifetime and then some in the song, which was included on the critically acclaimed 1969 album “Led Zeppelin II”.

19. Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

As James Hetfield of Metallica has proven, even seasoned metalheads can occasionally display a softer side. Metallica aimed for a more radio-friendly sound on their 1991 self-titled album, popularly known as the Black album.

Because the record sold more than 30 million copies globally, it was successful. James Hetfield, the band’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist wrote “Nothing Else Matters”, one of the album’s top singles, as a loving ode to his wife and a reflection on how he still feels close to her while on tour.

One of the greatest metal love songs of all time is, without a doubt, “Nothing Else Matters”.

20. Tool – Jambi

Strangely enough, the progressive metal band Tool’s Maynard James Keenan wrote a song that expresses this concept precisely.

The band’s highly anticipated 2006 Grammy-nominated album “10,000 Days”, which features the music “Jambi”, depicts the story of a king who appears to have everything he could want except for the one person he genuinely loves. The king claims in the song that he would gladly exchange his wealth for just one day spent with this person.


Its intense music may inspire many fans, and the lyrics’ emotionally charged content may provide relief. This type of music can help with stress and depression symptoms. Some people may benefit from metal because they are a part of a group of enthusiasts who share their interests.

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