Are Michael Kelly Guitars Any Good? The Truth Revealed

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Michael Kelly Guitars is a US Based musical instrument company that offers custom, top-quality guitars in many different styles. This company, based in Clearwater. Florida, is known worldwide for its high-caliber guitars and accessories.

The primary goal at Michael Kelly Guitars is to provide high-quality and carefully crafted instruments available to everyone, from beginners to veteran musicians, for reasonable prices. They also offer a variety of musical instruments.

These include but are not limited to electric, acoustic, basses, and mandolins. You can easily find a case for your new musical instruments here, too! No matter the style or type of guitar you are searching for. Michael Kelly Guitars will have what you need.

michael kelly guitars review

History of Michael Kelly Guitars

Michael Kelly Guitars was established in 1999 by founder Tracy Hoeft. He named the company after his two children, Kelly and Michael. In the late 1990s, Hoeft noticed a demand for affordable, quality musical instruments, specifically in the string family. After some research, he decided to fill the need of this untapped market and started his own company, Michael Kelly Guitars.

In the beginning, only Mandolins and Acoustic Basses were offered, known as the Dragonfly Series. As the business grew over the next few years. Hoeft was able to add more options.

In 2001. Michael Kelly Guitars added electric and acoustic guitars to their inventory. The core focus is to provide top-quality instruments that produce excellent sound at affordable prices.


Michael Kelly Patriot Hot Rod - Satin Black
Michael Kelly Patriot Hot Rod – Satin Black. (Image credit: Lennart Tange on Flickr CC BY 2.0)

Admirable craftsmanship, prices that accommodate most lifestyles, and offering an exclusive variety of guitars and mandolins are the key components of Michael Kelly Guitars. These instruments are imported from South Korea, made to the choice specifications determined by Michael Kelly Guitars themselves.

Anyone who uses a guitar from Michael Kelly Guitars is fascinated by their comfortable hold and impressive craftsmanship that glimmers with each string. Even more fascinating is the affordable price attached to these quality instruments. As time goes on. these core values of Michael Kelly Guitars have not and will not change.


From a variety of guitars to electric mandolins, and the cases you will carry them in. Michael Kelly Guitars is a company that is here to serve you regardless of what you’re in search of. The various categories of electric guitars include 1950s styles. 1960s styles. Patriot Guitars.

Hybrids, and guitars specifically designed for left-handed players. Each of these categories features guitars with eye-catching designs that will blow you away.

Michael Kelly Guitars offers more than ten different acoustic guitar options: the Prelude Port D, Forte Port Exotic Zebra, Forte Port Koa, Triad Port, and many more! Each one of these guitars is unique and will produce a sound your ears will effortlessly enjoy time and time again.

Find high-quality bass options and choose between acoustic and electric versions. Michael Kelly Guitars offers eight different types of Acoustic guitars. The acoustic guitars and the huge names who used them skyrocketed this company’s popularity.

The most well-known name to use an acoustic bass Michael Kelly Guitar was Duff McKagan of Guns N Roses; he played the Dragonfly II.

There are six different electric bass guitars. Each offers a unique look, from vibrant red or yellow to sleek wood.

If you enjoy swapping from an electric to an acoustic in the same sitting, a guitar from the Michael Kelly Guitars’ Hybrid collection is perfect for you!

If guitars aren’t your forte, but strings still are, check out the Mandolin line at Michael Kelly Guitars! Mandolins were one of the first instruments offered here and are one of the most superior products. All of the Mandolins are created using exotic woods and crafted to perfection.

Michael Kelly A-Solid angled
Michael Kelly A-Solid angled. (Image credit: Stephan Bock on Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0)

Michael Kelly Guitars has perfected the F-Style Mandolin, preserving the traditional sound, and also offers an electric mandolin. After choosing a custom instrument, you will be able to find a protective case or bag to suit your every need.

These cases and bags, made with highquality materials, protect your musical instrument and conveniently carry accessories and necessary belongings. The team of Michael Kelly Guitars is devoted to delivering top-quality products to every customer, every time.

Best Value

Michael Kelly Forte Port 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Forte Port, an extraordinary acoustic guitar, exhibits new and improved technology created and used by Michael Kelly Guitars. This technology is called Port Technology.

The company uses this custom technology when designing the offset soundhole and unique Port Technology bracing pattern. Surprisingly, this acoustic guitar can be plugged in! The Forte Port is an unbelievable deal, remarkably priced under $400.00!

If you are looking for something a bit more ornate, check out the Forte Port Exotic Ziricote, Forte Port Exotic Java Ebony, or the Forte Port Exotic Zebra.

There are nearly a dozen different designs to choose from in the Forte Port collection. There is no sacrifice in quality regardless of what guitar you decide to take home.

Michael Kelly Patriot Decree Standard Electric Guitar

Whether playing at home for the first time or in front of a crowd for the hundredth, most musicians still must be conscious of their budget It is difficult to find a quality instrument that has the style you desire for the price you need. The Patriot Decree Standard is what you want and need.

You will dominate every performance with this sleek set of strings, looking polished and collected. Michael Kelly Guitars offers this beautiful, affordable guitar in elegant black or chic white. All are crafted with Mahogany and Jatoba wood and possess stellar strings that produce sweet, sweet music.

The Patriot Decree can be yours for just $319.99! Michael Kelly Guitars has always held value close to their hearts. With these prices, almost everyone can have an opportunity to start their musical journey.

Michael Kelly 59 Thinline Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

The 59 Thinline is the final ‘Best Value” guitar we will highlight in this review. This electric guitar is made with a unique semi-hollow body. This design allows for the warm hum that is associated with hollow-body guitars, while also having durability such as full body guitars.

The 59 Thinline sold by Michael Kelly Guitars comes in notable colors such as spalted maple and gloss black. Both custom designs are finished in sleek chrome to add a touch of elegance. The best part about this guitar is the price. You can have this masterpiece for only $299.99!


Michael Kelly MKLDFAW Legacy Dragonfly Flame Mandolin

Since 1999, Michael Kelly Guitars has continued to grow in popularity thanks to the high-quality products and service they have consistently provided to thousands of happy customers over the years. For over half a decade, the Legacy Dragonfly Flame Mandolin has been one of the best sellers at Michael Kelly Guitars.

With just one look at this sophisticated instrument, even the untrained eye will note the skilled craftsmanship required to create such a piece. Along with a traditional design, the team at Michael Kelly Guitars has incorporated modern upgrades to enhance sound and promote comfort while strumming this beautiful mandolin.

Michael Kelly Legacy Dragonfly Flame Acoustic Electric Mandolin

While offering a more traditional mandolin, an electric version is also available. The benefits of the Dragonfly Flame Mandolin Electric are the variety of features available and the ability to customize your sound. This mandolin has been a best seller for over a decade at Michael Kelly Guitars.

The Dragonfly Flame Mandolin E intensifies sound and amplifies each chord you play. To top it all off. this sweet-sounding mandolin has a traditional woody-styled body, finished in gold to make a bold statement.

Michael Kelly Patriot Decree Electric Guitar

The Patriot Decree electric guitar is one of Michael Kelly Guitar’s top sellers; it has few rivals in this industry. This champion guitar is created using special modifications to enhance sound and double the sonic spectrum of your instrument.

If you happen to be more old-school, traditional settings are featured on the Patriot Decree electric guitar, as well. The mechanics of this instrument are remarkable and will prove to benefit your music, but you can take it a step further and choose between cool teal or a classic wooden look.

Either will make a striking statement in front of a crowd. For all of these reasons above, this guitar has been an award winner for years.


Michael Kelly Guitars not only have uniquely crafted guitars and mandolins, but they also have the perfect bag or case to accompany a new or an old instrument. Just as much care is put into each bag and case as there is into each musical instrument.

Michael Kelly Guitars understands these bags and cases are more than just accessories, they are the very item that holds your precious guitar or mandolin. Rest assured that any case or bag you purchase from Michael Kelly Guitars is top quality and will protect your most precious belonging.

Made for All

There is no set age when people discover their love for music and no age too old to start learning. Each guitar at Michael Kelly Guitars is made for comfort and durability for the beginning guitarists. The more sophisticated guitars are made with professional and experimental musicians in mind.

Expert Tip: These instruments have a variety of features that allow you to personalize every sound! From fine-tuning strings to seamlessly switching between acoustic and electric on a Hybrid model. Michael Kelly Guitars is a reliable, dependable top-quality company.

Michael Kelly Guitars has been around since 1999. From the very beginning, this small team has kept the focus on the customers’ wants and needs. The team at Michael Kelly Guitars saw a need to be filled in the music world and worked tirelessly to make this need a reality.

Now there are affordable, quality guitars available to people with a variety of budgets. There is no need to break the bank to get a custom guitar or mandolin, made by careful crafters in South Korea. Michael Kelly Guitars has everything you need, all in one place.

Michael Kelly Patriot Decree – Demo and Overview

About the Owner

Tracy Hoeft is the founder of Michael Kelly Guitars. He started this company with brilliant sound and affordable high quality at the forefront of his mind. He says that he desires to have accountability with this company, for the customers, and himself.

The name of the company, named after his two children Kelly and Michael, is meant to keep him attached and keep his values the same as they have been since the beginning.

The Team

Three men make up the heart of Michael Kelly Guitars, Tracy Hoeft, Steve Pisani, and Sean Meagher all take on critical roles to ensure the welfare of this company. Tracy Hoeft is the founder and is the ambitious path-setter for Michael Kelly Guitars.

Steve Pisani oversees all daily operations. He has over three decades in this industry and has always loved the guitar. He is more than qualified.

Sean Meagher is the head of marketing for Michael Kelly Guitars. He does all things marketing and successfully keeps up with new trends. Sean enjoys picking his mandolin in his spare time.

These men not only know what they are doing, but they have a passion for their work that shines through in each product.

“Built on Sound”

Above is the mission statement for Michael Kelly Guitars. In the beginning, founder Tracy Hoeft and his team noticed a lack of availability to quality instruments with quality sound at an affordable price.

When they began researching how to design these instruments, sound always came first. Appearance is important, too. After all, it is the first impression. After you are blown away by the bold and unique styles, you will fall head over heels for the sweet sound these chords can make.

Nobody’s Perfect- Our Faults

We would love to say Michael Kelly Guitars are perfect and without fault but that is true of no one. The good drastically outweighs the concerns you may find, but we will highlight them nonetheless. Quality control can be difficult when shipping globally. Such a long journey can leave your package damaged and could cause the setup of your instrument to be more difficult.

An unsteady trip to your front door can cause some unexpected hassles, but the result will be worth it when you’re holding your new guitar or mandolin for the first time.

Expert Tip: Another inconsistency at Michael Kelly Guitars is found in the finishes on some of the instruments. This finding may be a disappointment at first, but this does not affect the functionality. If you find any issue with your delivery or product, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Kelly Guitars. All contact information can be found on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are Michael Kelly Guitar instruments made?

All of the Michael Kelly Guitar instruments are imported from South Korea.

When was Michael Kelly Guitars founded?

Michael Kelly Guitars was founded in 1999.

Who founded Michael Kelly Guitars?

Tracy Hoeft is the founder of Michael Kelly Guitars.

Who is Michael Kelly Guitars named after?

Michael Kelly Guitars is named after the founder. Tracy Hoeft’s. children.

Have any of the Michael Kelly Guitar collection(s) been used by famous musicians?

Yes. Duff McKagan from Guns N’ Roses. Shano Odadjian from System of a Down, and Tony Bigley from Souls Harbor have all played an instrument by Michael Kelly Guitars.

What are the pros and cons of electric guitars?

Electric guitars can amplify sound much more than their acoustic counterpart. They also offer a wide variety of ways to customize your sound. This makes it easier to play different genres of music; making it less limiting than an acoustic guitar. An electric guitar is typically smaller than an acoustic guitar but is heavier.

What are the pros and cons of acoustic guitars?

The biggest pro with an acoustic guitar is mobility! No cords will tie you down while playing this type of guitar. The acoustic guitar is more of a classic, used for light, clean musical genres. The body is chunky and large, but light in weight.


Michael Kelly Guitars is a world-renowned musical instrument company. This small dream started in Clearwater. Florida when a man saw a need in his community and the communities surrounding him. In 1999. he turned this dream into reality by founding and creating Michael Kelly Guitars.

This company provides all kinds of people access to instruments that sound great, are simple to learn on and use. and are affordable. Music enhances lives in so many different ways and should be available to the masses. You can find a wide variety of electric guitars and an assortment of acoustic guitars on the Michael Kelly Guitars website. If you are unable to decide between acoustic or electric, you can have it both ways!

Hybrid guitars are available in beautifully bold styles that will make a statement before you play a single note. The classic mandolin is a staple at Michael Kelly Guitars. The Legacy Dragonfly Flame was one of the first instruments offered, along with strictly acoustic guitars, and is a consistent best-seller even today.

There is an array of instruments to choose from at Michael Kelly Guitars, the only difficulty is choosing one. Once you play a Michael Kelly Guitar instrument, you will immediately feel the charm and magnificence crafted into each string.

We understand playing is more than a hobby, it’s a passion. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Michael Kelly Guitars.

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