How To Record Myself Singing With Background Music: A Beginners Guide

How do I record my voice with background music? It is the question that most of you may be having, and in this post we will discuss in detail how you can do it. Thanks to the digital era, recording your voice with background music has never been easier because many apps and software options facilitate this function. Some methods are free, but you will need to spend some bucks to get a high-quality result.

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How to Record Songs with a Background Music App?

Recording songs with a background music app can be done by using three different devices. The method differs depending on the device you use. The three devices you can use are:

  • Smartphone
  • Laptop
  • Dedicated equipment Using a smartphone

Using a Smartphone

When using a smartphone, whether an android or an iPhone, you will need to download an application that can facilitate voice recording with background music; there are different applications that you can get from the store.

To record songs with background music using a smartphone, follow the steps below:

How to Use a Smartphone and a Background Music App to Record Songs

Download the App

Choose an App from the Playstore (Android) or the Appstore (IOS) to record the song with background music.

Expert Tip: Recommended apps include Garage Band for IOS. BandLab for Android, and also SingPlay. There are numerous other apps. and you can choose the one that suits you best.

Choose the music track or download it

Once you open the app. you can find the list of music on your device and choose the track you wish to record. However, if you do not have a music track on your device, you can download it from Google.

Open music track

Once you have the music track on your device, use the app to search for the track from the folder in which you have saved the music track. Once the track shows up. please select it. and the recording dashboard will show up.

Record your track

Once the recording dashboard appears, hit the record button and do your thing. For a better experience, ensure you use your headphones. Also, it is crucial to note that the environment you record in affects the recording. Therefore, you should record in an environment with minimal noise.

Using a Laptop

Using a laptop is also as simple as using a smartphone and your day-to-day laptop can do the job. so you do need to worry about the laptop’s specs. To use a computer; you will need to follow the following steps:

How to Use a Laptop and a Background Music App to Record Songs

Get software for your PC to record songs into background music

There are different software available for the function. One highly recommendable software is Audacity. It is free and can perform many functions such as removing noise, changing amplitude, editing, adding multiple tracks, and even managing audio clips. You can download such software from their website for free.

Open the software

Once you open the software, you can load any music track you want from the software’s dashboard. Once you load the music track, please open it. and the record button will appear.

Get a proper microphone

You should get a suitable microphone for recording purposes because inbuilt microphones or headphone microphones may not deliver the quality you desire. The good news is that these mics are affordable, and it is worth it because they will spice up your experience.


Once your mic is set. hit the record button and do your magic.

Remember always to use headphones when listening to the background music because you do not want the music to be recorded as you record your vocals.

Using a dedicated equipment

For the best results, you might consider using professional devices. Using professional devices may cost you a little bit more, but you will get excellent quality for your incurred costs. The devices you need are a Digital Audio Workstation, XLR Microphone, and an Audio Interface.

The first thing to learn when using the dedicated equipment is how they function:

Digital Audio Workstation

Computer screen showing user interface of DAW with track song playing
Computer screen showing the user interface of DAW with a track song playing.

It is the software for recording, editing, and producing audio files. It performs similar functions such as Audacity as listed above but is more complex and delivers better results. It also has better features than Audacity; hence the results are better.

Audio Interface

Converts analog signals to digital ones. Allows for one to record vocals into the PC and interlinks microphones, instruments, and synths. The audio interface refines the audio to make it more refined and easier to edit.

An audio interface and an XLR microphone
An audio interface and an XLR microphone.

XLR Microphone

It is a high-quality microphone used in professional settings. You can find such microphones in studios, and when recording your vocals, it tends to offer more adaptability as it is linked with an audio interface.

Expert Tip: XLR microphones are better than USB microphones, although they are more expensive.

To use this sort of set up you need to follow these steps;

  1. Plug the mic into the audio interface – The interface will link your vocals to the Digital Audio Workstation; hence the end-product will be easier to edit.
  2. Load the music track – Choose the track you want from the Digital Work station. Remember to listen to the track using headphones.
  3. Record – You will record using the Digital Audio Workstation after hitting the record button.

The setup is a bit challenging than the other methods, but you can do it. Remember to read the basics of the equipment before you use them.

How do I combine voice recording with music?

Different apps can help you merge your music with your voice recording with the music. One such App is Clideo. You can combine the recording with the music in three easy steps:

  • Step 1; Select the audio files – Select the video recording and the music you wish to merge. Once you select them, upload them to the application from your PC. Mac. Android, or iPhone. You can also upload them from your Dropbox or Google Drive. You cannot upload more than 500MB size of audios in some applications. Therefore, ensure you do not exceed the max size that the application cannot incorporate.
  • Step 2; Combine the music with your audio – After uploading the voice recording and the music, it is now time to combine them. On the app click. “Add more files’ and add the audios. Drag and drop them in the order you like on the timeline and change the order if needed. Turn crossfade on. and it will help blend the two audios.
  • Step 3; Save the result – Once you have combined the voice with the recorded music, you are good to go. You can save the result and preview the end product If it is not the desired result you can edit them to have what you truly want.

Which app is best for recording songs?

There are many applications, and it is challenging to choose an application to do your voice recording. However, we can recommend applications that we think are the best in the stores, and they are:

  • GarageBand for iPhones
  • BandLab for Android Devices GarageBand for iPhones
A guy recording his track using smartphone
A guy recording his track using smartphone.

GarageBand for iPhones

For IOS devices, the best app to use is Garage Band. GarageBand is a fully equipped music creation studio. It has an elaborate sound library and has a lot of helpful Touch Bar features. The features make GarageBand more intuitive, easy to learn, play, record, and create. It also has powerful synths allowing you to tweak sounds to your liking.

Expert Tip: It also has extra features such as built-in piano and guitar lessons that can help you hone your skills. Also, editing on this platform is easier to learn and can be done with a few clicks of a button.

GarageBand also allows you to share your tunes with friends, family, and the various social networks available to us.

BandLab for Android phones

For Android users. BandLab is the application to go for it is fast and easy to use. Another feature of this app is that it offers unlimited multi-track projects and free cloud storage. It has an array of music tracks to choose from; hence you are sure to get your track. It is also 100% free; hence it is very affordable to use for creating your music.

Also, when using the application, you will have access to advanced features such as guitar/bass amp simulation, time-stretching, and automation. It also has virtual instruments such as drums and pianos, and therefore if you are a fan of these instruments, you will benefit from the application.

All the audios you make are safely stored in the cloud, and therefore you cannot lose them. Once you have the saved audios, you can share them with your friends and family through the various social networks enabling people to enjoy your work.

It’s simple to record your vocals on your phone with BandLab.


It is possible to record audio with background music if you use the available apps and software. The method you use to perform such a task differs depending on the device you use. One thing to remember, though, is that you should hear the background music using headphones. Comment below if you have any questions about what is elucidated above. Also, remember that the best apps to record songs are GangBand for los devices and BandLab for Android.

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