25 Songs About Being Lonely & Feeling Alone

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Have you ever wanted to rock out to some music about being lonely? If you have, this blog post is perfect for you! It will be showcasing 25 of the best songs about loneliness that all rockers can enjoy. This list will include heavy hitters like See You Again by Wiz Khalifa feat Charlie Puth.

Read on and feel better just knowing that feeling lonely is never fun, it’s something we all have to deal with at one point or another in our lives.

Songs About Loneliness

1. “Lonely” by Akon

The song talks about the singer being lonely and wanting to be with someone and the confusion leading up to the relationship ending. The song’s lyrics portray a lot of the singer’s emotions about being alone and the hope he has that his love will come back to him.

Akon shows what it’s like to be taken by surprise when your significant other doesn’t return your feelings and you’re left alone trying to deal with the issues.

He talks about how he wishes he could be less emotional so that the woman would spend more time with him. This song is a reminder of the feelings we get when we’re with the ones that mean most to us, but those familiar emotions bring us down because sometimes they just aren’t interested in being with you anymore.

2. “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys

This song is about a man going through a tough time and wishing that his love would come home with him and stop being so unhappy without him. The lyrics describe that he feels like she’s just as lonely as he is, and he’s trying to convince her to come back to him.

Lonely Boy is reminiscent of vintage rock ‘n’ roll recordings. It’s one of the first songs to detail a relationship that has gone bad and the sadness he feels all alone in his room, wishing his lover would be there with him. Even though this song is about a rocky relationship, it shows how it can feel when you’re all alone.

3. “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa

In this song, Wiz Khalifa shows the pain of missing somebody that you genuinely love and the longing for them to come back into your life, but the anguish of knowing that they’re gone forever. He talks about how he doesn’t want to love anybody else because he knows that the person is dead and that he won’t be coming back.

This song also conveys the feeling of loneliness that permeates the album. See You Again describes Wiz’s longing for his love after she passed away and his feelings of being all alone. He starts to become disturbed by his heartbreaking, and he knows that she won’t be coming back, but he can’t stop thinking about her all over again.

4. “Lonely Life” by Anna of the North

Loneliness is overwhelming, especially in the immediate aftermath of a separation. Anna of the North’s Lonely Life is about the struggle to find happiness after a relationship has ended. The song captures the feeling of loneliness during a breakup because it’s sometimes hard to get back up on your feet again.

You want to forget about your former love, but you can’t seem to. even if you try. It also describes being alone and having no one else there for you and that painful feeling of loneliness that brings everybody down.

5. “Scared To Be Lonely” by Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa

This song is about the feeling of being scared to get into a relationship again, for fear of getting hurt again or not getting the love you deserve. People occasionally continue in unhealthy relationships out of a dread of being alone, which only serves to create more loneliness.

Scared to Be Lonely conveys the agony of spending a lifetime worrying that you won’t find anyone else who will love you. It’s about being scared of putting yourself out there and getting hurt again while longing for someone to save you from your loneliness.

6. “Only The Lonely” By Roy Orbison

Released in I960, this was Orbison’s first big hit. It was written and recorded by country songwriter Joe Melson. who had already scored several hits of her own.

‘Only the Lonely’ is about a love that has ended and the person left behind not knowing what to do. The singer describes how he feels like he’s the only lonely person in the world because everybody else seems happy.

7. “Lonely Together” by Avicii and Rita Ora

The song is about people who are lonely together but trying to make the best out of a bad situation because it’s all they know. The singer wonders why there isn’t anybody that can fix their loneliness, and that person is going to be stuck in the same situation until they find someone else or get better on their own.

The song depicts a lonely situation that can be fatal but is made better because they are together.

Avicii and Rita Ora describe the loneliness of being alone and the need to be desperate together with someone else so that they can feel better. To them, loneliness is an unpleasant state to be in, so being together makes them feel better about their sad situation.

8. “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers

Bill Withers describes being lonely and feeling like there’s no hope in life. He sings about having to deal with the problems alone and wishing that somebody would help him. The song conveys a lot of emotion because it’s about dealing with pain from old relationships and missing people that aren’t there anymore.

Expert Tip: Ain’t No Sunshine is an upbeat and positive song that conveys the pain of being alone. It talks about being sad and tired because nobody cares about you anymore and would want to be there for you.

He feels down because the world has been taken over by people who don’t care about him, and he’s confused about why life is hard when it’s so easy. The song makes the listener feel great, even though it talks about feeling lonely.

9. “Better To Be Lonely” by Alex Lustig feat. Makk Mikkael

Sometimes it’s healthier to be alone than in a relationship that doesn’t work for you. Lonely Together conveys the feeling of being alone because your desires are not getting fulfilled.
It’s a sad song, you bet. But it’s oddly joyful, given that it doesn’t try to hide from the pain.

Instead, it embraces the melancholy of being lonely because it’s better to be happy by yourself than with someone who doesn’t make you happy. The song is about unfulfilled needs and longing for more. It talks about being lonely and dealing with pain from a failed relationship that turned into something worse.

10. “Still Breathing” By Green Day

You can combat loneliness and develop a sense of acceptance for being alone. You have a choice to be by yourself or not to be. Green Day’s Still Breathing is about the feeling of being alone and overcoming pain from previous love. Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely, and it doesn’t mean that you’re weak if you choose not to be in a relationship.

You can overcome your pain from past relationships by choosing not to deal with it and instead embrace the sadness and become independent from it.

11. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by Whitney Houston

During the day, it’s simple to ignore loneliness-related feelings if you’re busy. But once you get relaxed at night as Whitney Houston sings in this song, you start fantasizing about being with someone. The singer is disgusted with her current situation of being alone and wants to be in a relationship with someone else.

The song conveys the emotion of wanting to be happy while being lonely and wanting to be in a relationship with somebody who will love you.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody has become an anthem for many people because it’s an inspirational song that shares one’s struggle to deal with loneliness. Whitney Houston conveys the feeling of loneliness by talking about her happiness with being alone. She sings about being happy alone instead of with someone who doesn’t love her back.

12. “Beautiful” by Eminem

You must endeavor to maintain optimism for the future, even when feeling lonely. Eminem sings about being alone and afraid of being alone because he doesn’t want to be lonely forever. He’s afraid of being miserable and not feeling loved so he tells himself that if he ever finds someone, she won’t be the right one for him.

He’s scared of searching forever and getting his heart broken again, so he expresses a fear of getting to know someone who might hurt him. The singer is worried about how lonely he will be when the girl he likes leaves him or doesn’t love him back

13. “Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely” by The Backstreet Boys lyrics

Losing a loved one can make you feel very lonely and depressed. This pop/R&B ballad finds the Backstreet Boys struggling with the death of a friend who is struggling with cancer. Their bond was too strong, though, and they struggled to move on from their fleeting friendship.

Feeling down and having nobody to turn to makes it hard for the singer on this track.
The song gained massive popularity after its inclusion in the movie ‘Mean Girls (2004) and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

14. “Black Orchid” by Blue October

Loneliness can sometimes cause suicidal thoughts. The sadness is too much to deal with, and you wonder if life is worth living. In this song by Blue October, someone is considering suicide because they are so lonely and depressed. They say that their depression is the only thing they’ve ever known in life, and it’s the only thing they will ever know until they die.

There’s a possibility that the singer could die from being lonely and depressed because he doesn’t have any other reason to live.

15. “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” by Bob Dylan

Some of the lyrics are thought to be about Dylan’s broken marriage, as he had already divorced his wife at the time when he wrote the song. But in a later interview, Dylan stated that he did not write the song about his ex-wife Sara Lowndes but about himself and a former love. He described it as a song of heartbreak. I guess.

The singer is very lonely because he doesn’t have anybody who can understand him or who understands him at all. He believes that his ex­lover has abandoned him and that his friend will leave him again, just like before.

16. “Space Oddity” by David Bowie

Space Oddity, arguably the loneliest song ever written, is about an astronaut named “Major Tom” who breaks off contact with Earth and floats into space alone and forgotten. Just as Bowie himself had broken off contact with his ex-wife Angie in this song, he felt himself to be becoming distant from the world and isolated. The singer is alone and waiting for someone who never comes back.

17. “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys

A song that is so simple and touching speaks to the universal loneliness that drives people to seek out company or companionship. It also how a person’s loneliness can cause them to question their place in the world and their purpose in life.

How do people go through life without a partner? The singer’s lonely nights of contemplating life, love, and existence would not be as empty or pure without someone else there to experience it with him.

18. “The Ballad of You and Me and PooneiP” by Jefferson Airplane

Perhaps the loneliest line in rock history, the lyrics of this song tell an entire story of a man wishing he did not have to be lonely. He doesn’t want that feeling, but it’s something that he has endured. The lyrics:

“But I wonder will the sun still see all the people goin’
Will the moon still hang in the sky when I die
When I die. when I’m high when I die?” are haunting and can represent the desperation that many people feel.

19. “Someone Like You” by Adele

Others often overlook a lonely person. The song was inspired by the loss of a life partner, and the lyrics describe Adele’s process of accepting it. “Someone like you” makes a person feel alone, but now and then they’ll meet someone who reminds them of their lost love. This person is the ideal partner they used to have with their former lover.

But it’s not so simple, and the fact that they are with someone else just makes it more difficult for them to deal with their sadness. Still, they can’t help but think about this person who makes them feel lonely because they miss the happiness that was once theirs.

20. “Loneliness” by The Bee Gees

The singer writes about the risk of being lonely which is a decision that a person makes when they keep themselves away from others. They aren’t keeping themselves busy or going out to enjoy life, and they’re avoiding any kind of human contact. The only one that they can turn to is themselves, and they feel that they have nobody left in their life.

21. “Losing My Religion” by REM

A painful relationship is an extremely lonely one. and it makes a person want to leave the world on their own because there’s not much reason for them to be in it anymore. So they want to give up on their lives and escape the pain. And they’ve already given up hope, so they believe God has left them behind.

22. “I Can’t Tell You Why” by The Eagles

Ever felt you want to break up in a relationship, but every time you try. Did you get yourself back together? That’s exactly what a person feels like while they try to end a relationship with another person, but they find it extremely difficult to do so.

They have trouble breaking up with the other person because they don’t want to be alone anymore, but it makes them feel even more lonely than when they were in the first place.

23. “Solitary Man” by Neil Diamond

This was Neil Diamond’s first single and was off his debut album. “The Liberty Album” was released in 1967. The song was written by Neil Diamond and Don Kirshner and reached #23 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Throughout the song, Neil Diamond describes a lonely individual trying to escape the world. He doesn’t want to feel lonely anymore, but loneliness has a way of always coming back to get you. He wants to escape loneliness because it’s something he has never known before.

24. “Brad Paisley” by Whiskey lullaby ft. Alison Krauss

Composed in B flat minor. Brad Paisley’s Whiskey Lullaby is a slow-tempo country song. Through the lyrics, the singer narrates a melancholy story of how he returned from war only to find his lover in bed with another man. According to musicologists, the chorus is the theme of fighting back one’s drunkenness to sing a sad story.

25. “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day

The only company the narrator has as he strolls alone down a boulevard of wrecked dreams is his shadow. He doesn’t want to be alone, but he detests being around people. Loneliness is a vicious monster that cannot live in the space that is between two people.

What Do You Listen To When You Are Lonely

When You Are Lonely, What Do You Listen To? When I find myself feeling lonely or depressed, I always like to remind myself of God’s presence. Knowing that God is always with us, no matter where we find ourselves in life is a comforting thing to know. When I am feeling lonely, I remind myself of this, and I listen to Christian worship music.

Contemporary Christian worship songs by singers such as Lauren Daigle always help to fill that void of loneliness. Sometimes I will even imagine that I am dancing with Jesus, and by that time, the loneliness has already begun to fade.

One of my favorite worship songs from back some time comes out of the church hymnal, and the name of it is Just a Little Talk with Jesus. This song’s lyrics tell you that no matter what trouble you are having in life, just a little talk with Jesus will make things right.

So if you find yourself feeling lonely today, just sing along to some worship music and remember that God never leaves your side.

What’s A Song About Being Lonely?

One important aspect of a song is the subject matter. If a song has a message that is conveyed to the listener then the song is more enjoyable to listen to. With that being said, what’s a song about being lonely?

One song that jumps to mind is “Astronaut” by Simple Plan. The first line of the first verse goes: “Can anybody hear me or am I talking to myself?” The last line of the same verse is: “Can anybody tell me why I’m lonely like a satellite?” Those aren’t the only lyrics that express the pain of someone who feels like they have nobody.

The music video is just as strong as the lyrics. The music video is about an astronaut in the desert that is trying to contact anybody. He feels so lonely at one point that he watches an insect crawl around on his glove because all his attempts to contact someone on the radio have been unsuccessful.

Many songs express the pain of being lonely. “Astronaut” by Simple Plan is one of those songs. It doesn’t just express the pain of being lonely but the joy after being lonely when you do find someone. Loving yourself to find yourself!

Music has part of our remedy to cope with such things and problems, it somehow makes us motivated and hurt by the different music that we listen to. There are times when music uplifts our spirit to move forward and be inspired by its sound and meaning that somehow affects us.

Music is the food of our soul to be happy, motivated, and even sad from different circumstances- somehow, music is part of our self-discovery and self-expression in the way we choose what particular genre we want to listen to.

For me, one of the best songs that I can recommend about losing oneself is the song by Justin Beiber entitled “Love Yourself” it is a song that makes us think that to find ourselves by losing, we should start loving ourselves, as it makes us valued and knows our worth as a person, that we need to start loving our existence for us to fight to lose our self and sanity.


Loneliness can be found in the most exclusive and seemingly happy places, forcing a person to find solace in themselves and others. The sufferer feels like they are without a friend or lover but has no one else to turn to but themselves.

Loneliness is something that a stranger can feel in everyday life, and this list of songs about loneliness serves as a reminder that others are going through the same hardships. Even if a person is not feeling lonely now. These songs about loneliness will make them feel like they aren’t alone in their feelings.

It’s all about how music can affect one’s emotional state and inspire one to get through their troubles.

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