Songs About Magic: 20 Songs About Supernatural Occurrences

Kicking back and listening to an extraordinary song about magic, love, and witches’ potions can turn out to be a deeply mystical and even soul-searching experience for a lot of people, and it doesn’t have to be Halloween either. It can also help you vent your anger and even release your fantasies in a world full of excitement and adventure.

A good song with magic in it can make you forget your worries and fears and take you away to another dimension where none of that exists.

Sure it’s only a temporary reprieve, but it’s a wonderful way to relax and lose yourself in the music, leaving your cares behind for a time. Plus, magical songs can sweep you up, expand your thinking and open you up to new ideas.

Best of all, they remind all of us that we hadn’t lost that world of enchantment we inhabited when we were children; it’s only a song away.

songs about magic

So, in honor of magic, here are 20 songs featuring magic, or witchcraft, or some other supernatural elements:

1. The Police, “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.”

Sting wrote this song a long time before he became the lead singer for The Police, proving that his talent was well-developed way before that time. In fact, it’s right up there with his best compositions as a songwriter. It certainly did wonders for The Police.

This 1981 hit concerns a man who is mesmerized by a woman he can never have. He suffers in silence because he can never tell her the way he feels.

Here, falling in love is likened to something magical if unattainable.

2. Natalie Imbruglia, “All The Magic”

The newly upbeat woman featured in this song from 2007 has discovered love after having her heart badly broken and being disillusioned in the past. But where she felt like just giving up, her current partner has given her his love, thus giving her back the magic in her life and making her believe again.

Anyone who has ever been in a bad relationship, had it come to an end, and then gone to find their true love can relate.

3. Stevie Nicks, “Wild Heart”

Going back to the 1970s, Stevie Nicks’s enchantment with magic has been an essential part of her music. Nicks has a well-deserved high standing as a mystical performer, which has extended from her time with Fleetwood Mac and as a solo act.

This song is considered to be one of her most brilliant compositions. Although the impact of mentor and former bandmate Lindsey Buckingham is clearly present here, it’s quite obvious that Nicks is definitely going her own way.

She is no cheap imitation of anyone, and this song proves it.

4. MAGIC!, “Don’t Kill the Magic”

This song was released in 2014 by the Canadian reggae fusion band Magic.

Here the man in the song has the overwhelming feeling that his partner is pulling away from him.

He still clings to the hope that there is something worth holding onto between them and is pleading with her not to kill the magic, and vows to give her whatever she wants if it will make her happy: space, change, time, and all to save their relationship.

5. Olivia Newton-John, “Magic”

An inspiring and optimistic song that encourages you to pursue your goals. It creates a magical draw around the idea of seizing control of your destiny and promises that you can, indeed, accomplish anything you want. That this is made all the easier if you have love in your life.

6. David Seville, “Witch Doctor.”

A classic novelty song by Ross Bagdasarian, who used the professional name of David Seville. It was released back in 1985.

It’s about a man who is in love with a woman who at first turns him away. He then resorts to requesting the help of a witch doctor, who uses his immense wisdom to tell him how to win her heart.

Great, fun song to listen to, have a few laughs and just relax.

7. John Martyn, “Fairy Tale Lullaby“

Scottish musician John Martin, who passed away in 2009, enjoyed a long career in which his music was primarily focused on magical British folk music. It was a subject that seemed to mesmerize him, and while his music failed to find an audience in the United States, he was a musical icon in the United Kingdom.

‘Fairy Tale Lullaby’ is one of his most amazing and most famous works. It is a truly mystical and enchanting tale that uses vivid imagery to capture the listener’s imagination and sweep them up in a mythical haze.

No question that music lovers in the United States missed out on a wonderful experience by not paying more attention to this folk singer’s music.

8. Bruno Mars, “24K Magic“

Anyone who knows Bruno Mars will realize immediately that this song suits him perfectly. It neatly captures his flash and, in your face, boastfulness.

“24 Karat Magic” is about a gambler who has amassed great wealth and let himself be taken over by it. He’s consumed by the thought of all he has and the reasons he should be considered hot property, without realizing the shallowness of his lifestyle.

He flashes his “24 karat magic” pinkie ring and his other excesses in public in his quest to lure a lot of female admirers into his orbit.

9. The Lovin Spoonful, “Do You Believe In Magic?”

A simply enjoyable song from 1965, it is a true classic. Holding all the joy and happiness that is the heart of music and reflecting the hope of the ’60s that real change could be accomplished.

It states that music is magic and that it sets you free. It leaves you feeling like music really can change the world. A wonderful, lighthearted song that brings a smile to every face.

10. Nick Drake, “I Was Made to Love Magic”

Having his music strongly connected with magic and supernatural images was, to a certain degree, a hallmark of Nick Drake’s music.

The folk songwriter only had time to produce three albums, as his life was so short, but his gift for portraying enchantment and mysticism was apparent throughout.

While “I Was Made to Love Magic’ is a tad on the sentimental side, it is still rated one of his best songs. Considered to be an oddity among his songs, it is filled with rich string arrangements and mythical references that make it a great listen.

11. Bay City Rollers. “You Made Me Believe in Magic”

The popular 70s group that rocketed to the top of the charts faster than the speed of light and then headed downward just as quickly could count “You Made Me Believe in Magic” among their biggest hits. A feel-good song about the wonders of love and how it can truly make someone believe in magic.

Give this one a listen if you want to take a walk through nostalgia.

12. Steppenwolf, “Magic Carpet Ride”

Despite its references to Aladdin etc., this highly unusual song is about wishing for dreams to come true rather than genies and lanterns or magic itself.

A little off the beaten path, this is no ordinary song by any means, and some people might find it a bit confusing. Still in all, it’s a great song about escapism by taking a magic carpet ride into a world of dreams.

Sounds like a pretty good idea.

13. America, “You Can Do Magic”

This hit song was written by Russ Ballard, recorded by the rock group America, and released as a single in 1982.

It’s about a man who considers himself a realist not beset by notions of true love until he meets a mysterious woman who has cast a love spell on him. Now he’s so enraptured with her that she can use him in any way she desires, and he is helplessly at her service.

14. Santana, “Black Magic Woman”

This song has become so closely linked with Santana that there are a lot of people who don’t know that it was written by British singer-songwriter Peter Green and that the first group to perform it was Fleetwood Mac.

The singer’s wife is a witch who engages in dark magic and has cast a spell on him so that he will fall in love with her.

The strange thing about this song is that the man knows what she’s done but doesn’t seem to mind in the least that his mind has been taken over.

15. Searchers, “Love Potion No.9”

A song written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller in 1959 became a big hit for The Searchers when they recorded it in 1964. The Clovers were the first to perform it, but it is The Searchers who are remembered for it.

It’s about a guy who wants his girl to fall in love with him, so he uses a witch’s magic potion with hilarious results that are not exactly what he planned on.

16. Saxon, “Witchfinder General”

A song about the terrifying and shameful period of history from 1645-1647 when a man by the name of Matthew Hopkins called himself the Witchfinder General, and conducted a reign of terror for two years, hunting down supposed witches in the English countryside.

He was personally responsible for at least 200 executions and, fittingly enough, died of tuberculosis. It’s also about the hysteria and evil of the time, when ordinary, otherwise decent people turned on their neighbors and accused them of practicing witchcraft.

17. Marcy Playground, “A Cloak of Elvenkind”

An ode to the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, popular for a time in the 70s and early ’80s.

Based on the concept that everyone passes through life largely unnoticed and nobody is really paying attention to anyone else, Featuring magic spells and elves. Unusual, but good. One needs to really focus when listening to this song but it just might bring back some memories of your days of role-playing games.

18. Kate Bush, “Magician

Written for the film, ‘The Magician of Lublin,” this song has a definite eerie quality about it. And also contains the singer’s trademark wit and superstition.

A genius of a package wrapped up as a gift to those who still believe in magic and the supernatural and like this woman’s unique style.

19. Stevie Wonder, “Superstition”

An often overlooked classic released in 1972 that cautions not to give too much credence to superstition. Breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder, etc., are two of the superstitions mentioned in the song, and some people, even in these enlightened times, still fear breaking one of these taboos.

’Superstition” debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard Soul Singles chart in the United States. Words of wisdom we can still follow today and perhaps even have a little chuckle at ourselves.

20. The Cars, “Magic”

The Cars, nearly forgotten now, had this song hit its summit at #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Billboard Top Tracks chart in the United States.

A 1984 pop song, it tells the tale of how the narrator concentrates all of his energy on winning the heart of a woman, and he’s positive that he is making magic. He’s certain that he has her under his control and believes that he can see this in her eyes. But the question here is. could he be right, or is this just magical thinking on his part?

Perhaps while wrapped up in the throes of love, he has bewitched his own mind into believing what he wants so desperately to make true has happened.

In these troubled times, it’s sometimes necessary to bring a little magic back into our lives, even if it’s only temporarily. It’s good to resurrect these songs, some of which have been almost forgotten, and relive not only our youth but more innocent times.

Whether it’s supernatural, elves, fairies, flying carpets, or the magic of love, they all serve to teach us one important lesson.

That there is still magic to be found in this world if we are only willing to suspend our cynical natures and open ourselves up to the possibility.

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