20 Best Songs About Trusting Someone & Honesty

Trust is one of the most difficult feelings for humans to achieve. Many of us trust only a few people in our lives, while others don’t trust anyone. Additionally, many people struggle with trust issues, especially in the age of technology.

So ifs safe to say that trust is a major topic of conversation these days. Whenever we try to feel understood and related to, oftentimes we reach to arts, such as books, movies, TV shows, and of course, music and just as with any topic under the sun. there are thousands of songs about trust

If you need some tunes talking about trust, here’s a list of 20 songs covering the topic.

popular songs about trust

Songs About Trust

  1. “Honest” By Kodaline
  2. “A Matter Of Trust” By Billy Joel
  3. “Trust In You” By Lauren Daigle
  4. “Count On Me” By Bruno Mars
  5. “Be Still” By The Fray
  6. “Marchin On” By OneRepublic
  7. “As I Am” By Justin Bieber, Khalid
  8. “From The Inside” By Linkin Park
  9. “Trust Fall” By Bebe Rexha
  10. “Only Trust Your Heart” By Stacey Kent

“Honest” by Kodaline

Honesty is closely connected to trust, so it’s no wonder that this track made the list. In this song, Kodaline discusses a relationship in which one partner is incapable of communicating with the other, causing trust issues.

It also dearly shows the importance of trust in any relationship, not just a romantic one.

By saying, “Can’t you see? I’m on your side.” the singer expresses his trust for his partner and how much he wants it to be reciprocated.

This song is a perfect tune for anyone who needs a good song about trust. Maybe you can even send it to someone to showcase your feelings.

“A Matter of Trust” by Billy Joel

Coming from one of the biggest musical legends, Billy Joel, this song perfectly captures what relationships should be based on: trust, With lines like “That can’t happen to us because ifs always been a matter of trust.”

Billy Joel appeals to all the hopeless romantics out there, highlighting the importance of trusting one another.

With the lyrics combined with percussion and electric guitar sounds, this song is a must-listen for everyone who enjoys a happy and uplifting song about love and its tribulations.

“Trust In You” by Lauren Daigle

“Trust in You” is a contemporary Christian song that topped the charts in 2016.

This track focuses on trust and faith in God’s ability to help us through everything that might come out way. Even though not all her songs are Christian-centric, Lauren Daigle does an amazing job of describing the feeling of placing your trust in the hand of a higher power.

“No matter what I face. You’re by my side* is just one example of the devotion that the song portrays, and it’s definitely a tune that will raise your spirits.

“Count On Me” by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars’ “Count on Me” focuses on trust from the perspective of a friendship. Every verse of this catchy tune gives examples of how far friends will go to help each other; “If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can’t see.

I’ll be the light to guide you.” It’s a perfect song to send to your best friend, reminding them that they’re never alone and that they can trust you no matter what situation they might get themselves into

On top of that, the happy music that accompanies the lyrics makes for a great friendship anthem!

“Be Still” by The Fray

“Be Still” is a musical promise — either for a romantic partner, a loved one, or a friend — that no matter what, you’ll be with them.

In this song, The Fray reinforces in the listener the trust that whoever shared this song with them will never leave them.

The trust that’s depicted in lyrics, such as “If no one is standing beside you.”

Be still and know I am.’ is something that we all crave in our lives and once we find it. We should never let it go; coupled with soft piano music; this song will definitely bring our serious emotions out of even the most heart-strong listeners.

“Marchin On” by OneRepublic

This song from OneRepublic is a display of trust not only in others but also in ourselves.

Listening to lines like ‘For those days we felt like a mistake, we keep marchin’ on” makes all of us feel our inner cheerleader telling us to believe in ourselves and never give up.

After all, the most important form of trust is trust in ourselves, and we should never forget that.

With the upbeat music, this song will have you regain trust in yourself and your loved ones and make you accomplish all the goals.

“As I Am” by Justin Bieber, Khalid

This Justin Bieber’s song is not only a musically pleasing collaboration with Khalid but also a thank you letter to all the loved ones that trusted in us.

Using lyrics like “Sometimes, I don’t know why you love me” and “Take me as I am” shows the deep connection in a relationship that stems from trusting one another.

Trust is the basis of any relationship, and this song proves it in the form of gratitude that everyone that has had someone take a chance on them knows very well.

“From The Inside” by Linkin Park

Coming from Linkin Park’s second studio album, this song starts with poignant words: “I don’t know who to trust, no surprise.”

The entirety of the lyrics focuses on taking the trust that you’ve put into someone that betrayed you and used it against you.

Showing the strength it takes to start trusting yourself again, without any care for others, this song is uplifting for anyone who has ever trusted the wrong person.

The metal and rock musical undertones definitely add to the beat that makes us all get in the fighting spirit.

“Only Trust Your Heart” by Stacey Kent

“Only Trust Your Heart” is a beautiful song centered around trusting your own heart.

This tune mentions all the things we shouldn’t trust, such as the moon, the stars, our dreams, and instead pleads for us to listen to our hearts. ’So if you’re smart, really smart only trust your heart’ is a magical lyric that truly makes us reflect on what’s important in our lives.

There have been many versions of this song throughout the years, but this performance has a particular power due to Stacey Kent’s musical voice.

“Poison & Wine” by The Civil Wars

This song by The Civil Wars is all about contradictions.

By using poetic phrases like ‘your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine,” and “your hands can heal, your hands can bruise.’ the artists describe the duality of love and the importance of trusting your relationship and significant other.

Constantly repeating the line, ‘Oh. I don’t love you, but I always will.’ this song shows us that love is nothing without trust, and in order to trust, we have to let ourselves be vulnerable and open up.

“I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)” by John Mayer

This song describes love from the male perspective and paints a unique approach to trust In “I Dont Trust Myself (With Loving You).”

John Mayer explains the lack of trust in himself when it comes to falling in love. From being a bad boy to leaving as soon as things get too serious, this song will definitely resonate with many men, especially young ones.

By admitting that the singer doesn’t trust himself with loving someone, he shows his vulnerability, ultimately showing that he’s trying to change for the right person.

“Trust Fall” by Bebe Rexha

In this pop song, Bebe Rexha describes how much she wants to trust someone but worries about ending up burnt and hurt.

From asking whether the person will catch her when she trust falls to exclaiming.’ If I got you, I ain’t scared ” she shows how much trust means and how much she’s willing to believe in her partner.

This song will resonate with many young people these days, and it is definitely a must-have on a romantic playlist about trust.

“Won’t Let You Down” by Jesse Labelle

“Won’t Let You Down* is a calm, nostalgic song that is bound to appeal to everyone’s emotional side Jesse Labelle describes many reasons why his partner might have been hurt in the past but then assures them that they can trust him.

Through vulnerable lines like “No, I won’t let you down” and “Asking you to let me in.” the singer reiterates the importance of trust and that he’s worthy of it, and that’s something we all want to experience at least once in our lives.

“Don’t Wait” by Mapei

In this song, Mapei focuses on the trust in a friendship. By expressing how much she values her friend and that she’d be alone and on her own without them, she displays the importance of trust and friendships as a whole.

Even though this isn’t an obvious song about trust, it touches upon topics that clearly depict the trust between two friends. “Hey, I care for you” and ’I respect you with my all’ are two lines that will convince everyone to show this song to their bestie.

“Here With Me” by Susie Suh, Robot Koch

This song focuses on the trust that two lovers will be back together again, in the same place.

From metaphoric descriptions of how much the singer misses the lover to lyrics like “So many miles between us now. but you are always here with me.”

Susie Suh and Robot Koch perfectly convey the undying trust that things will settle down and that the couple will return to each other, even if after some time apart.

“Trust” by Brent Faiyaz

Brent Faiyaz’s “Trust” focuses on the man’s need for trust and having someone close around them.

The singer mentions many situations in which he hoped he had someone by their side but ended up alone. In fact, the only person he wanted to be there was the person he addressed this song to, someone who can ’save [him] from sorrows.’

It’s a wonderful song that shows not only women need someone to trust. And due to the rapping and hip-hop music, this song will appeal to an even wider demographic.

“Fight Song” by Rachel Platten

This song by Rachel Platten describes the feelings of starting to trust yourself again after a defeat.

’This is my fight song take back my life song” is the lyric that not only describes the singer’s newfound trust in herself but also her strength and resilience, making this tune one that will pump everyone up and make them chase their dreams.

“Trust Me” by Janis Joplin

Originally released in 1971, “Trust Me” is based around someone finally being ready to settle down and trust in their partner’s love.

Arguably one of the most important decisions anyone will ever make, trusting someone’s love and devotion is the feeling that Janis Joplin describes perfectly in this track.

The singer expressed her gratitude to her partner, saying. “Oh, my love is like a seed, baby, just needs time to grow.” which shows that the person is ready to take that leap of faith and fully immerse themselves in love.

“Trust” by Jonas Brothers

Another song that discusses loving someone so much that they don’t trust themselves around their lover comes from Jonas Brothers.

In this track, the band describes the feeling of losing themselves in a relationship and not trusting themselves to make the right decisions anymore. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows this feeling making this song relatable to almost anyone.

“Holding On and Letting Go” by Ross Copperman

“Holding on and Letting Go’ focuses on the faith and trust that come from believing in any form of a higher power.

While it can be translated into a relationship, this song describes the feeling of having everything that you can ever imagine and having faith that things will get even better instead of disappearing
By saying, “It’s everything you wanted, it’s everything you don’t,” Ross Copperman shows the faith we all must have in what we receive in life, never losing sight of where we’re going.

Trust is a very important feeling — without it, we wouldn’t get far. The 20 songs above are only some of the best tracks that focus on trust, but they’re definitely ones you should include on your playlist.

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