Firefly Guitar Company: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re reading this, you’re undoubtedly curious about the fate of Firefly Guitars. You most likely saw a review on YouTube and decided to purchase one since it was such a wonderful bargain.

Do you think it’s close to the mark? However, there is a problem. They haven’t been seen in a long time! The Firefly FF338 semi-hollow body guitar is no longer available on Amazon, according to a search.

You’re probably wondering what happened to Firefly Guitars. Is the company still in operation and making guitars? Where can you get your hands on one?

Firefly Guitars bridge the gap between a student or beginner instrument and a high-end instrument It’s an excellent choice for someone who know a few chords and seek to expand their playing without investing in a high-end instrument. It might seem hard to track down a Firefly guitar on the internet.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about what happened to Firefly Guitars in this post.

what happened to firefly guitars

What Happened To Firelfy Guitars?

Without spending any more time, let’s get to the bottom of the matter: What happened to Firefly Guitars?

What? Firefly Guitars are no longer available?

To set the record straight, Firefly Guitars did doesn’t go out of business and is still producing guitars. It’s just impossible to obtain one of these.

A large portion of this problem stems from the brand’s astronomical global appeal. They also produce a limited number of instruments in a single batch. As a consequence, their guitars sell out very immediately after they are listed for sale.

The popularity of this brand, along with its limited production runs, results in immediate sellouts whenever new products are posted for sale. It’s not uncommon for a store’s fresh inventory to sell out in as little as six hours.

Despite the fact that they are mass-produced in China, the numbers are maintained modest to guarantee that the quality pennants meet or surpass the expectations of the players.

Amazon and Guitar Gardens are the only two e-commerce sites that sell new Firefly guitars. When consignments are available, you might be able to discover one for sale at a local music store.

Let’s delve a little further into Firefly Guitars to learn more about them:


Firefly Guitars

Firefly Guitars are widely regarded as one of the most affordable and beginner-friendly guitars. So. what makes them such a well-known guitar brand?

The quality of the materials used, the depth of the tonal quality, and the guitar’s overall workmanship define its brilliance. Finally, there’s the guitar’s cost. Firefly Guitars, on the other hand, has been effective in filling the gap.

These guitars are built of high-quality materials that allow for the required construction and tone while remaining inexpensive. However, there are several characteristics of Firefly Guitars that set them apart. With their set necks that feel fantastic in the hand, these guitars have set a new standard.

The build quality of Firefly Guitars is also commendable. It can tolerate minor dents and knocks without causing harm to the guitar’s body.

Nonetheless, some of the other problems reduce Firefly Guitars’ image to that of a pretty beginner-level and mediocre guitar. Another reason for Firefly Guitars’ appeal is their paintwork. These guitars are available in a variety of colors, including gold with sparkles and deep blue with blue gradients.


Given the popularity of Firefly guitars, you would be wondering as to who creates these incredible instruments, right? Firefly Guitars appears to be a self-contained company.

It is claimed that they have a large production facility in China for their guitars. Due to cheaper labor costs, guitar makers sometimes have their budget line of guitars bulk manufactured in China.

Once the production line is shut down and the guitars are available for market, they sell them through third-party dealers. For purchasing Firefly Guitars, Amazon is the best option. But, when it comes to the subject of who manufactures Firefly Guitars, there is no information on a certain brand that backs them.

There is one more place where you may find Firefly guitars besides Amazon, Guitar Gardens is the name of the place. Firefly guitars are available only through this website. As a result, it’s safe to assume that Guitar Gardens is the genuine firm behind Firefly guitars.

But. well, it’s only a guessing game. And it’s possible we’ll never know.


The fame of Firefly Guitars began with a YouTube critique of the Firefly FF38 by Guitar Max. a prominent YouTuber. The guitar enthusiast was blown away by the guitar’s build, sound, and tone quality, but most of all by the price tag.

Everyone will soon be clamoring for a copy of the Firefly Guitar, which is quite inexpensive. FF338 and Firefly Guitars are currently unavailable on Amazon.

Firefly Guitars sell out in a matter of days when new limited supplies arrive. Many other YouTubers also evaluated the guitar, giving Firefly Guitars even more exposure. Electric guitars have grown so popular that they are extremely difficult to come by since they sold out almost quickly.

On occasion, Amazon will offer them, but supplies are limited, and guitars are sold out before you could even click to buy them.


To put that in context, a genuine Gibson ES-335 will set you back upwards of $3,000. The Firefly FF38, on the other hand, is only $139. You can see why the guitar community was gushing about it for a guitar that captures the same appearance and feel at that price point.

Obviously, a Firefly FF338 is not on the same level as a genuine Gibson ES-335.

But at $139, you’re getting an incredible deal on this guitar. At this pricing range, you’d be hard pushed to find another electric guitar that compares. They’ve become one of the most sought-after brands in a short period of time.

Why? Because they can provide incredible value for the money.

The following are their three major models:

  • The FF338 is a clone of the Gibson E335 guitar.
  • The FFTH is a clone of the Telecaster Thinline.
  • The FFLP is a clone of the Gibson Les Paul.


Firefly guitars have swooped into the realm of sound instruments in recent years, causing a stir in the guitar community. In a short amount of time, these high-quality low-cost electric guitars garnered a lot of popularity.

One of the most compelling reasons to purchase a Firefly guitar today is that they are low-cost clones of some of the world’s most popular guitars. The Firefly FF338, for example, created a lot of excitement and put the brand in the spotlight.

You might wonder why.

Because it’s a carbon copy of the legendary Gibson ES 335.

2005 Gibson ES-335 Crossroads Model Prototype
2005 Gibson ES-335 Crossroads Model Prototype. (Image Credit: Deidre Woollard on Wikimedia commons CC BY 2.0)

When you get a Firefly guitar for such a low cost and such a surprise great quality, it’s extremely possible that you’ll buy one. The looks, musical quality, and construction quality of the Firefly guitar will wow you.

Take, for example, the Firefly FF-338. Let’s say you don’t have the funds to purchase a high-priced guitar much like Gibson ES 335. So, what exactly do you do? Do you consider giving up on such a fantastic instrument? Yes, to some extent. But there is a way out!

What if we told you that for a lot less money, you could obtain a guitar with virtually the same aesthetics, design, and tonal quality? That is exactly what the Firefly FF-338 has to offer. It’s a carbon replica of the Gibson ES 335.

Starting with the Pearloid dot inlay a rosewood fingerboard, and the aluminum ABR-1 bridge available in black, cherry, or sunburst finishes, this guitar has it all.

It goes without saying that if you are a serious guitar fan and want to play something that is as close to the iconic Gibson as possible, a Firefly guitar is the way to go.


A red semi-hollow body guitar
A red semi-hollow body guitar

The semi-hollowed body design of the Firefly Guitar is another reason to consider it. A guitar with a semi-hollow body is less heavy. Firefly guitars are simple to play and carry. Experts and amateurs alike will find it simple to use.

The sound produced by a semi-hallow body guitar is likewise distinctive to the ear. They make upbeat music that you can easily sing along to with the rest of the band.

You also have more control over feedback and distortion with a semi-hallow body guitar, and they are less expensive than other guitars.

Popular Firefly Guitar Models

The Firefly FF338 semi-hollow body guitar is without a doubt the most popular Firefly model. The Gibson ES-335 has influenced the design of this instrument. This guitar was the one that really got Firefly Guitars off the ground, and it’s still their best-selling model.

These days, finding a Firefly FF338 is quite hard, since they sell out very immediately after being posted on Amazon.

Firefly, on the other hand, has a number of other outstanding guitar models that sell out just as quickly. And, as previously said most guitars are based on other well-known designs.

1. FF38

The FF338 is a solid hardwood guitar with a semi-hollow body. It’s almost a carbon clone of the famous Gibson E335 and has a lot of the same characteristics.

For starters, it boasts a maple neck/body and a rosewood fingerboard, which is a traditional combination. The set-in neck, two humbuckers, and classic trapezoid inlays round out the package.

The variable bridge and tailpiece are similar to the original, and the workmanship is excellent considering the price. Because the headstock tilts back minimally, any inadvertent drops are less likely to damage the neck. The tilt-back is much less than a Gibson E335’s (17 degrees).

Of course, even though this guitar is a fantastic bargain. Firefly has had to make some compromises. Some of the finer features, for example, are quite unappealing. The frets are a little grittier than they should be. and they could be smoother. The bindings have a sloppy finish, and the machines head are inexpensive (and might slip).

However, they have incorporated a bone nut to aid tuning stability. It’s remarkable that it features a bone nut rather than the more common plastic nut. as bone nuts are generally reserved for high-end guitars. Bone nuts were just recently introduced to Fender’s premium range of guitars.

Other thing to keep in mind is that the humbuckers are little microphonic, which means they’ll scream if you use a lot of amplification.


The FFTH model is a low-cost variant of the popular Telecaster Thinline semi-acoustic guitar from the late 1960s. Its semi-hollow body design, complete with its odd f holes, adds a round warmth to the traditional Tele sound.

Let’s move on to hardware now. At the neck and bridge locations, it has a pair of single-coil pickups. They’re not quite as nice as the Tim Shaw-designed versions found on a Fender Tele Thinline, but they’ll do for now.

The body is made of mahogany, with a bolt-on maple neck. Other elements, such as the black pearl pickguard, are also quite appealing.

There’s also a good selection of hues, ranging from sunburst to pastel orange.


Now for the FFLP, which is their Les Paul clone. It features a maple top veneer, a rosewood fingerboard, and weighs about 8.5 pounds in terms of tone woods. A beautiful cutaway and a set neck make it easy to reach the highest frets.

As you’d think, there are two volume and two tone knobs, as well as two humbuckers. Nuts from Chinese guitars are sometimes poorly cut, but not this one. The fret ends, as well as the bone nut, are well done. The machine heads are low-cost Grover knockoffs that you may want to upgrade to something nicer, but they’ll get you started.

In conclusion, for the money, it’s a very nice Les Paul Clone, and it’s better than previous cheap products from Oscar Schmidt. The problem is obtaining one.

The much-hyped Les Paul replica that guitarists keep talking about.


So, after reading this article, you’re definitely thinking of purchasing a Firefly Guitar of your own. Who wouldn’t, given the value they’re receiving?

But also where can you get Firefly Guitars in the first place?

If you’ve been paying enough attention, you’ll have noticed that they’re extremely scarce and difficult to come by. Within days of restocking, they’ve sold out everywhere.

If you’re desperate to check if the Firefly Guitar craze is legit, there are a few sites where you may find one. Keep in mind that they’ll most likely still be sold out. so keep checking back to see if they’re available.


Firefly Guitars is mostly sold on Amazon. They occasionally have Firefly Guitars in stock, but they sell out quickly. They’re still probably your best bet because they’ll have the most inventory.


Guitars Garden is the only other website that sells Firefly Guitar. Unlike Amazon, few people are familiar of Guitars Garden, so you could have a better chance of finding a Firefly Guitar here.


lf you like to get your fingers on a Firefly Guitar right now. you could look into purchasing used one on Reverb. At any given moment, there are generally many of them floating around.

Keep in mind, however, that when supply is limited and demand is high, prices may be higher than usual. If this is the case, it contradicts the objective of Firefly Guitars, whose major selling point is their low price.


To set the record straight, Firefly Guitars did not go out of business and is still producing guitars. It’s just impossible to obtain one of these.

A large portion of this problem stems from the brand’s astronomical global appeal. They also produce a limited number of instruments in a single batch. As a consequence, their guitars sell out very immediately after they are listed for sale.

In conclusion, Firefly guitars have become quite popular among guitarists. They are extremely difficult to come by because to their limited availability and high demand. Amazon occasionally has supplies, but it usually sells out within days of restocking.


Are you attempting to learn how to play the guitar? And you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on one. but you also don’t want to skimp on quality?

Firefly Guitars is the solution to your predicament. You can make an informed selection now that you have some knowledge about Firefly guitars. You have the option of waiting for one or choosing the best alternative.

As we’re seeing, firefly guitars are the perfect mix of good quality and low price. Almost everybody in the guitar world believes that they’re great value for money. It’s to be expected that there may be difficulties here and there.

Small faults in the finish on the body and bindings, or the machine heads slipping a little since they’re inexpensive. If you apply too much gain, the pickups may scream a little. Even so, nobody cares when they’re so cheap!

We hope that our explanation of what happened to Firefly guitars piqued your interest. So you should check the internet right now. Who knows, maybe they’ve restocked?

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