Singer That Sounds Like Adele: 5 Artists To Listen Too If You Like Adele

Listening to songs is a good hobby. After a long day, it is surely nice to sit back and enjoy your favorite songs on your radio or music player. Some of the most popular genres today include pop, rock, and country music. The singer Adele happens to sing songs in these genres.

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Adele is undoubtedly one of the most popular singers today. Her powerful voice is just amazing to hear. Her songs speak to the listeners. No wonder they are always topping the charts. Adele expresses herself through her songs and her fans love her for it.

However, Adele recently announced that she would be stepping away temporarily from the entertainment industry. She even said that she would take a long break from going on tours. This is not really surprising considering that she has already married and given birth to a baby boy. Of course, she wants to focus on her family.

Don’t worry, however, you will find a singer that sounds like Adele.

5 Singers that Sound Like Adele

If you miss Adele and her powerful songs, perhaps the following singers can remind you of her. Even though they are not Adele, their voice and songs are similar to hers. So, you will surely find comfort and entertainment. Exploring their music can be a delightful surprise.

Lauren Daigle

This singer is well renowned in the Christian music genre. She has topped the charts in this category with hits such as ‘You Say’. Her voice is powerful and passionate just like Adele’s. So, even though she does not have a following that is as large as Adele’s, there is no doubt that she will also make it big in the entertainment industry.

Lauren’s songs are actually contemporary. So, her music will not bore listeners who are into pop. The tunes and lyrics are catchy. Her songs are good and will keep you entertained.

Andra Day

This singer is considered to be a rising superstar. She has vocals that can blow away minds. With her song ‘Rise Up’, she was able to captivate the emotions of the listeners. Her voice is so powerful yet she has no difficulty controlling it, just like Adele.

Andra’s music style is a combination of belting and raspy R&B. She has also worked with the legendary Stevie Wonder on the track ‘Someday at Christmas’. Truly, your holidays will be much more relaxing when you listen to her songs.

The story behind this collaboration is also very inspiring. Andra was singing at a strip mall one day in 2010 when Kai Morris, Stevie Wonder’s ex-wife, spotted her and introduced her to a music producer. The rest was history. Indeed, it can be said that it was Andra’s fate to be a star in the music world.

Ella Henderson

If you are a fan of the United Kingdom version of the X-Factor, you will probably remember the face and voice of Ella Henderson. She was once a highly competent contender in the show, who eventually became a singing sensation. Some of her greatest hits include Missed, Ghost, and Yours.

These songs are a favorite among listeners who are into sentimental and pop songs. Ella can be versatile if she wanted to. This is evident in her popular songs. What’s more, her emotional approach and vocal prowess makes her comparable to the famous Adele.

So, even though she is still young, it is already evident that she will come a long way in the music industry. Ella is able to invoke the necessary passion to make listeners relate to the songs that she sings. Someday, she may just be as popular and successful as Adele.


This 23-year-old singer is also from the United Kingdom. Aside from singing, she is also known for her songwriter prowess. At such a young age, she has already accomplished great things. She is known as a rising star with the same feels and chops as Adele.

Her songs are so full of emotion and soul that she was even called a ‘younger Adele’. Her song ‘Grow’ has captured the hearts of many fans. So, it would not be surprising if it also captures the attention of Adele’s fans. Her voice and lyrics truly make an amazing song that would play over and over in your head.

In another song entitled ‘Don’t Worry About Me’, Frances showed such strong self-esteem, listening to her powerful voice might make you feel as if it was Adele who was singing it. Truly, Frances is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Ella Eyre

This 24-year-old singer is British and influenced by great singers such as Lauryn Hill, Etta James, and Hans Zimmer. Her vocal style is a mixture of sassiness and soulfulness, making it highly distinct. Her song ‘We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off’ became a hit in the mainstream music charts.

Ella’s other song ‘Deeper’ also topped the charts; thus, proving that she is not merely a one-hit-wonder. In fact, she is comparable to the famous singer Adele in a lot of ways. Aside from their powerful vocals, they are also flexible. Ella can cross music genres from upbeat to ballads.

In addition, Ella has attended the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in London. This prestigious school was also attended by great music artists such as Leona Lewis, Jessie J., and of course, Adele.

Back in 2011, Ella was just one of Adele’s fans. She was among the audience in Adele’s BRIT Awards performance. What a long way she has come since then. Today, Ella is popular and successful. It is expected for her to do much better in the future since she is very talented.


Adele is really a great music legend. Her musical talents are wonderful gifts. However, as she takes a break, it is time to recognize other talented singers such as the artists mentioned above. Young and talented, they will surely become brighter stars in the music industry.

If you have any questions or you want to know more, feel free to voice out your thoughts in the comments.

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