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The unique sound of the accordion gives vintage vibes. Unlike many musical instruments, it is carried by the musician with straps. Due to its versatility and unique music, it has become popular in many countries.

As people are becoming more aware of this instrument, they are trying to learn it. If you are one of those looking for the best accordion for beginners, we got you covered.

You will find a helpful buying guide and some best accordions for a beginner. Stick to the end to find the right choice for yourself.

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What is an Accordion?

An accordion is a musical instrument that originated in Germany and was invented in the early 19th century.

It is a portable musical instrument that is in a box shape that can be played by squeezing and stretching the central bellows with hands. These blows air over the metal reeds. It is from the family of keyboard instruments having keys or buttons similar to piano. The case containing buttons is situated on the opposite side of the bellows.

As it is not so common, so accordion always attracts the attention of people around. Playing it will be a unique choice for the musicians.

An accordion is usually distinguished into two types. These are diatonic – the most commonly used accordion and the chromatic accordion.

Best Accordions for Beginners

1. Accordion For Beginners – Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion

Hohner is a famous brand across the globe, known for developing the best musical instruments. They are known for providing high-quality musical instruments that are recommended by famous musicians.

This model of accordion by Hohner is a diatonic one having a total of 31 buttons with 12 bass buttons.

It has three rows of diatonic buttons. To make it more convenient to play, this accordion comes with double-strap brackets.

To grab the maximum attention of the people, this instrument is made of matte black color with a beautiful design.

To make this accordion more user-friendly, it comes with a Hohner diatonic method book that will guide you in case of confusion. It is one lightweight accordion perfect for beginners who cannot manage large weights. It weighs only 9 lbs with the right size that is 7.5 inches deep and 12 inches high.

This accordion is indeed the best choice for beginners who are passionate about learning this musical instrument.

2. Best Beginner Accordion – Bayan Tula 209 B-system Stradella

Tula 209 is a high-quality musical instrument produced by a Russian company. This is great for beginners who are looking for a high-end product but that is also lightweight.

You will love the design and the amazing black color of this accordion. It has an attractive appearance that will engage the audience to the end.

With its powerful and deep bass, along with a rich, beautiful design, you can rock the music. It has five rows of buttons on both the left and right sides with 100 bass buttons and 92 treble buttons.

This accordion weighs around 8 kgs and comes with an original strap and soft case for a comfortable experience.

This accordion is a bit pricey, but the company ensures a long-lasting experience. It is a professional accordion great for live performances.

Tulskaya Garmon is a brand of trust. To ensure the best customer experience, they pass the product from several stages to confirm the excellent quality that satisfies the needs of their customers.

3. Cheap Beginner Accordion – Hohner Accordions 1304-RED

Hohner again rocks the list of accordions with its best quality productions. This time they came up with a fantastic eye-catchy appearance of 1304-RED accordion that is red in color. You can rock the show by grabbing all the attention to your instrument, which you can play with full confidence.

This is a completely beginner-friendly model as it contains two reeds and is a piano accordion. There are a total of 26 keys. Also, it is lightweight, which suits the need of any beginner. It comes with a strap and backpack making it convenient to carry.

It is available at an affordable price and the best choice for people who are just starting out.

4. Easiest To Play Beginner Accordion – Rossetti, 31-Key Accordion (ROS3112-FBE-BK)

It is a great budget-friendly package by Rossetti that introduces an astonishing Italian style decoration with eye-catchy pearlescent colors. The design on its bellows will stick the audience by your side. The bellow is made of sheepskin with 20 fold size. This produces a bigger sound and ensures high product quality.

The package includes shoulder straps and a premium padded case. An adjustable strap has been added to the left side to make it easy to carry this accordion.

All these features, along with a unique design and affordable price, make it a great beginner-friendly option.

5. Best Looking Beginners Accordion – Hohner Compadre GCF Accordion, Orange

Hohner brings this amazing orange-colored Compadre accordion which has 12 brass buttons and 31 treble buttons. This item comes with a strap and gig bag that make it easy to carry.

It has a wide-open grille that produces excellent volume. It is a lightweight model suitable for beginners.

The great quality and fantastic design make it an excellent choice for people who are in search of a durable accordion. The design and color on the bellows give it a unique look.

Buyers Guide

A lot of different types of accordions are present in the market. They can vary in size, quality, and prices. As you are going to invest in a musical instrument, you must want it to be durable. After all, what’s the point of buying one when it has to get damaged the other day?

Also, accordions are one of those delicate musical instruments that should be dealt with great care. To get an accordion repaired will cost you as much as buying a new one. Therefore quality is the most crucial factor when buying an accordion for yourself. Let us see what other factors we should consider before purchasing an accordion.

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Type of Accordions

Before going to purchase an accordion, make sure that you know which type of accordion you want to buy. If you have already arranged a teacher for yourself, you should go with the type of accordion he has. This will make it easier to learn.

The most common types of accordions include Diatonic. Chromatic. Concertinos and Piano accordion. Though the diatonic accordion was invented first, yet it is hard to master.

Diatonic Accordion

In a diatonic accordion, the buttons are placed closer together, which makes it faster to play. Once you have learned the trick, you can quickly go with this one. However, you might feel difficulty in understanding the notes as they are randomly placed.

Piano Accordion

On the other hand, a piano accordion is best for beginners as it is easy to master. People who already know how to play the piano can easily get used to it. Its downside is that the piano keys are quite heavy and placed farther apart, which makes it difficult to play. Due to a considerable distance between the keys, there are fewer notes in this accordion.

Chromatic Accordion

All the flats, naturals, and sharps are included in this type of accordion. It has buttons on both the right and left sides. The closer placement of buttons makes it easier to play, yet you need to twist the wrist in order to play some buttons.

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What To Look For In A Accordion


Concertina contains buttons on both ends of the music box. It is played with both hands and is used to produce many classical pieces of music.

Accordion Age

There is nothing wrong if you want to buy a used accordion. You could save a lot of money if you got a tight budget. However, you should be careful not to purchase an accordion that is too old. If its parts get damaged, it will be a hassle to find them.

Before purchasing a used accordion, don’t forget to check the parts of the bellows. Moisture can easily get trapped inside them and get them damaged. Make sure to check it thoroughly. The other key feature is the color of the keys. If the buttons are yellow, the accordion must be very old, so avoid buying it. Go for the one with whitish keys or buttons.

Low-priced Accordion

Since it is a beginner’s guide, therefore, you are recommended to go for a cheaper option. Once you master it, there is always a choice to move for a better and professional instrument. Buying a cheaper accordion does not mean compromising on quality. The idea is to buy the best one at the lowest possible price.


It is another crucial factor for beginners. Since the accordion is a portable instrument, so it is almost always carried. To get familiar with the instrument, you should be comfortable with it. A lightweight accordion will be easy to carry and practice. Once you learn to carry and play it, you can move to a more professional heavy accordion.

Performance of the Accordion

Since you are going to use the accordion, it is good to play it once before purchasing. You are going to spend time with it. So you must feel good with the notes it has. The accordion should be worth your time and money.


Tuning is crucial to get right on track. To get the perfect pitch, the accordion should be tuned correctly. The popular methods of tuning include wet and dry tuning.


So, there you have it, our guide on the best beginner accordions. Thank you for reading, and we wish you the best!

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