Accordion Musicians: 10 Accordion Players You Need To Know

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From the earliest accordion artists to the ones we have the opportunity to watch live today, accordion players have used their talents, ability, and personality to communicate the beauty of this instrument. Every one of the musical instruments we’ve created stands apart in some manner, and each one offers something new to the table. Accordions … Read more

Best Accordion For Beginners – Beginners Accordion Review

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The unique sound of the accordion gives vintage vibes. Unlike many musical instruments, it is carried by the musician with straps. Due to its versatility and unique music, it has become popular in many countries. As people are becoming more aware of this instrument, they are trying to learn it. If you are one of … Read more

Best Accordions in 2020 – Best Accordion Brands For Beginners and Best Children’s Accordion Reviewed

Accordions are one of the most popular instruments in the world, yet it’s quite hard to find the best accordion! Their sounds have found their way to Jazz and all different genres.Additionally, many colleges are teaching students to perform accordion. So today we have an in-depth on the Best Accordion and the Best Accordion brands for … Read more