Best Drum Thrones: Drum Throne Reviews In 2024

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In the world of drums and drumming, there are a lot of different accessories that can help you become a better drummer. One piece of equipment that is often overlooked is your throne.

Finding the right throne for your drumming needs can be a daunting challenge. Your throne can make or break your performance, so it’s important to select the right one for you and your drum set.

Today I want to talk about some great thrones on the market with reviews of pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

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Top 5 Drum Thrones From Amazon

  1. PDP By DW Drum Throne (PDDT700)
  2. Donner Drum Throne Set
  3. Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne
  4. EAST ROCK Drum Throne
  5. Starfavor Drum Throne

PDP By DW Drum Throne (PDDT700)

The PDP by DW Drum Throne (PDDT700) is the perfect throne for drummers who want to play hard and look good doing it.

The 700 Series features a solid steel base, die-cast aluminum seat with Tilt-Back, and a high-impact plastic footboard.

A padded Memory Foam seat cushion provides comfort while an adjustable, 360 degree swivel allows you to move freely between songs. The seat adjusts from 16″ to 18′ in height, and the throne tilts forward or backward at two different angles.

A rubber grip on the top of the throne provides extra stability during the performance. This is the most comfortable drum throne, and the best cheap drum throne.


• The steel base is strong
• It provides comfort and durability.
• It can move around with the 360-degree swivel by changing the songs


• Some people say that they had to adjust the spring on the chair to make it more comfortable The others say they weren’t able to adjust this chair.

Donner Drum Throne Set

The Donner Drum Throne Set is the perfect drum stool for any beginner drummer. The padded seat and back make the chair comfortable to sit on, and you can change the height of the chair.

This drum stool is made of a heavy-duty steel frame and has black vinyl. It also has an anti-slip rubber base.

The drum throne set includes two padded stools with an attractive black finish, as well as a pair of cymbal stands. The height is adjustable from 22* to 32* with a secure locking damp.

The padded backrest provides extra comfort when playing drums or sitting at your desk.

The Donner Drum Throne Set is a great choice for those who want to start playing drums. You’ll have everything you need in this affordable package deal.


• Comes with two drum stools and a pair of cymbal stands
• Height is adjustable from 22“ to 32*. locking damp for security
• Padded backrest provides extra comfort when playing drums or sitting at your desk.


• Limited height range may not be ideal for taller people

Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne

The Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne is a heavy-duty professional chair with an adjustable seat height and padded armrests. It is built to last, and it’s also very comfortable.

This throne has been designed for comfort, stability, and durability. The steel base is powder-coated in black for a sleek finish that won’t chip or flake over time.

The 8-way adjustable seat allows the drummer to find their most comfortable position while playing on this throne, plus it can be adjusted from 16″ – 20′.

The thickly padded vinyl upholstery not only looks good, but it’s also comfortable to sit in while playing. The armrests are padded with foam and vinyl, so they won’t become painful after sitting on them for hours at a time.

The Gibraltar Heavy Drum Throne is an excellent purchase whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been drumming for years.

It’ll make a great addition to any drum set and will provide years of reliable service.


• Steel base
• Adjustable seat and armrests
• The removable front plate for cymbal tilter adjustment
• Foot ring with rubber tips for easy mobility


• Larger than most drum thrones, may not be able to fit in tight spaces on a smaller kit.
• Pricey

EAST ROCK Drum Throne

EAST ROCK drum throne is a great choice for drummers who want to play comfortably and safely. This stool features a height adjustment mechanism that allows you to adjust the height of the seat according to your needs. The height adjustment lever allows you to adjust the height from 25′ to 32* in 1/2 increments.

It has a padded seat with an adjustable backrest which provides extra comfort and support during long performances. The folding design makes it easy to store or transport this stool when not in use. This drum throne has a weight capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg). This is the best drum throne for the money, and the best drum throne with backrest.


• Height adjustment mechanism
• A padded seat and an adjustable backrest provide extra comfort


• Weight capacity is 300 lbs. Best for shorter drummers (under six feet) or those who prefer to play sitting down. It may be too small for taller, more energetic players who like to stand up while playing their kit.

Starfavor Drum Throne

Star-favor’s drum throne is made of high-quality materials. The base is made of steel and plastic, while the seat is made of leather and sponge.

The height can be adjusted from 17″ to 21″ it has a wide range of adjustment that fits most people.

It also has a smooth rocker motion with no resistance or locking mechanism when leaning back.

This feature makes it very comfortable for long practice sessions but also allows you to sit upright for quick changes in position without having to adjust your legs or feet. You’ll find yourself playing more comfortably than ever before!

This drum throne has a unique design that allows you to play effortlessly and naturally with minimal effort required from your lower body by keeping your hips level with your knees at all times; this helps keep fatigued down during long practice sessions allowing you more energy for playing music. This drum throne is better than rocnsoc drum thrones, and is the best drum stool on the market.


• Has a wide range of adjustment that fits most people
• Smooth rocker motion with no resistance or locking mechanism when leaning back, which makes it very comfortable for long practice sessions and also allows you to sit upright quickly without having to adjust your legs or feet


• The weight limit is only 250 pounds

How to choose the best drum thrones

Consider the Height

When choosing a drum throne, it is important to consider the height of the individual’s legs and where the drum throne should be positioned.

Drum thrones are available in three different heights 24, 26, and 28 inches
A drummer who is shorter may need a lower seat height to feel comfortable behind their kit

Likewise an individual with longer legs will likely find that they prefer a taller chair or drum throne so that their knees do not touch the top of the drum kit.

Space You Need for Your Feet

Drummers need to have enough space in front of them so that they can do their job without any problems. The drum throne will provide this space for you and more.

They help the drummer by accommodating their setup, allowing it to be functional and comfortable at the same time.

If you have shorter legs, then you might want one that has more room for your feet. If you have longer legs, then one with less room for your feet might be a better option.

A good quality drum throne should be adjustable and sturdy enough to withstand abuse.

Consider Where the Drummer Will Be Sitting

If you are purchasing a drum throne for the drummer to sit in front of their kit, consider where they will be sitting. Drummers who like to play with extra elevation may want something that is taller and has more space between the seat surface and playing height.

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If they prefer being closer to the set, then a shorter chair would be preferable.

For those who like to play sitting down, then a pedal-operated drum throne would work best.

Consider what the drummer wants before making them sit in your chair for hours on end.

Type of Music Style You Play

You should also think about what type of music style they play. This is because if the drummer wants to play heavy rock and metal, then they need a throne that will not allow them to sink into it.

If they want to play jazz or classical, then a softer seat might be more appropriate.

Size of the Drum Set

The size of the drum set is an important factor when choosing your throne.

For example, a gigantic double bass kit will require higher thrones than a small jazz trio could use because they need to be able to comfortably accommodate two people at once for playing that large of an instrument.

Drum sets with fewer drums can sometimes get away with lower thrones, but it’s still important to measure and consider the size of your kit before making a purchase.

Consider the Design

Find a drum throne that suits your taste best. Consider the design, the material it is made of, and whether you need additional features. There are many drum thrones on today’s market that will suit your needs.

How Much Money You Are Willing to Spend

How much money you are willing to spend on a drum throne depends on the length of time that you plan on playing drums.

drum thrones for sale

If you think that this is something that you will be doing for years, then it would make sense to invest more money into a higher quality seat so that you can have a longer lifespan out of it.

Drum Thrones are expensive. Some drum thrones cost $400 or more, while others can be as low as $40 for the cheapest models.

Research What Other People’s Experience

Look for other drummers’ reviews on which drum throne they find the best for them.

Asking them can also give you ideas on what to look for and the different types of drum throne that can be out there.
Reviews can be found on websites like Amazon, Best Buy, and other review-based sites.

How Long Will You Use It

If you play drums a lot, then it is recommended to buy something that will last. With this in mind buying an expensive drum throne might not be the best option for you: what would happen if your budget falls short?

Or if you stop playing and want to sell or pass on the drum throne?
On the other hand, if you only play drums occasionally or use the drum throne for different purposes (e.g., to sit on), then an inexpensive option would be a better choice.

Importance of Drum Thrones

The drum throne is important for the drummer’s comfort and playing capability. Drum thrones can vary greatly in form size, price the material used for construction, and even color.

The drum throne is an important piece of equipment that needs to be comfortable enough for hours-long performances while still being sturdy, so it doesn’t collapse under someone sitting on it.

It also helps if it is a throne the drummer can play comfortably.

The importance of having a good drum throne is often overlooked by musicians. That’s why it’s important to know what makes for the best drum thrones on the market today so you can take care of your needs as well as any drummer in your band.

• They Give Musicians a Place to Sit

• Without drum thrones, drummers would have to sit on something less comfortable. For example, they could use a stool or chair that is not specifically designed for their instrument and playing style.

Drum thrones are designed specifically for drummers and their instruments.

They Provide Drummers With the Ability to Play Drums Without Being in Pain.

• Drummers who play their instrument for long periods of time can begin to experience pain in various parts of the body, including the neck and shoulders.

• A drum throne is a seat that allows you to comfortably sit while playing your drums without experiencing any discomfort or pain.

• They Provide the Drummer With Height and an Elevated Position

• Drummers need to be raised up so that they can have the best vantage point for playing. With a drum throne, you will be able to comfortably play all day without tiring out your back or legs.

Drum Thrones as an Overall Winner

Drum thrones are a great investment for any musician. The drum throne is an essential piece of equipment for any drummer, and the benefits it provides to musicians can’t be ignored.

Drum thrones are equipped with height-adjustable seats, armrests, and foot pedals which provide comfort while playing the drums. This allows you to play longer without feeling tired or strained.

There are many different types of drum thrones on the market today, but not all of them will work well with your individual needs as a drummer.

It’s important that you purchase one that matches your height and weight so that it will provide maximum support in every position when playing music.

A good quality drum throne should last for years if properly taken care of. Please consider investing in one if you’re serious about making a career out of your drums.


The best drum thrones are the ones that can fulfill your needs and help you be a better drummer. When choosing between types of drums, it is important to consider what kind of sound or feel you want to produce when playing them.

This will assist in deciding which type of throne would work best for you as well! We hope that this article has assisted you in your search for the best drum thrones.


Are Drum Thrones Good?

There are several factors to consider before knowing if drum thrones are good for you.

What is the height of your seat? Typically a throne with a high back will be best for taller players who need to lean forward from their waist in order to reach the pedals.

A low back won’t offer as much support and may feel uncomfortable after hours of playing, especially if you’re tall.

What is the shape of your seat? A throne with a round or oval-shaped seat will be more comfortable for long drumming sessions, as it allows you to relax and sit in any position without being too stiff.

Some have deep seats that are better suited for watching performances from behind the drums than playing on them.

What Is the Tallest Drum Throne?

The tallest drum throne is the Evans Vertex at 52 inches.

The Vertex has been the standard for many years and is a favorite among drummers.

Its height makes it easier to reach higher notes on cymbals, while the thick cushioning of mesh will give you more comfort over long sets.

Why Is It Called a Drum Throne?

Drum thrones were originally called “drum chairs” or ‘bass drums.’The term was coined in the early twentieth century as a result of an advertising campaign by Ludwig & Ludwig drum company.

How Do You Sit on a Drum Throne?

The throne seat and the height of the mounting surface are two important considerations when selecting a drum chair.

Typically players sit on their right buttocks with their legs underneath them to create an ergonomic position that supports the spine, reduces back pain, maximizes dexterity for playing while seated (which is most common), and provides stability during rapid limb movements.

How Do You Adjust Drum Throne Height?

For most drum thrones, you can raise or lower the height by using a lever under the throne.

It is recommended to be able to find the right positioning for your feet without needing a footrest in order to have more control over percussion instruments such as drums, cymbals, and other types of sound makers.

How Tall Should a Drum Throne Be?

Many drummers find the height of their throne to be a key determining factor in how well they can play.

Taller drum thrones are better for taller players, and shorter thrones are better for those who are less tall or have physical limitations.

rocnsoc drum throne

If you’re not sure what size will work best for you, consult with your music instructor or drum mentor.

Are Hydraulic Drum Thrones Good?

Hydraulic drum thrones are great because they come with a hydraulic pump that can adjust the seat height and create an adjustable backrest.

Hydraulic drum thrones are also mostly used for live performances where quick adjustments need to be made while on stage, which is why it’s important to have the ability to make these alterations quickly from one of many positions.

How Do the Drum Thrones Affect the Body?

It is important for drummers to choose the best drum thrones for their body because they can affect your performance.

Drummers need to have a comfortable seat so they don’t risk injuring themselves when playing fast or hard rhythms.

The most common injuries in drums are back pain, headaches, and cramps from sitting too long without moving around enough.

With that being said, there is no doubt that it is important to have the best drum thrones in order to prevent injury.

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