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Best intermediate Flute: 3 Best Flutes To Take Your Music To The Next Level

Deciding on the intermediate flute to purchase might confuse most players across the globe when searching to upgrade from beginner flute.

Intermediate Flutes are a famous instrument for musicians to upgrade their talent to the next level. So, which is the best flute for intermediate players?

The answer to this question is that you have to consider several factors and brands to buy the best intermediate flute. Since each brand of the flute is different, it is designed with other quality and construction processes.

Hence, take 15 to 20 minutes and read about intermediate flutes with their features and buying guide, including some famous reviews of intermediate flutes.

best intermediate flute

Three Best Flutes For Intermediate Players

Yamaha Vfl-222 Intermediate Flute
  • Highly durable.
  • Easy to play.
  • Affordable.
  • One year warranty.
Jupiter Intermediate Sterling Silver Flute – 611RBSO
  • Very high-quality instrument
  • Offset G key
  • Gizmo key
  • Beautiful, rich, and complete tone.
Pearl 505RBE1RB Quantz Series Flute
  • Reputed brand french pointed arms offset
  • -G case and cover
  • Pinless mechanism

Not only features, but pros, as well as cons, are reviewed for the famous three best flutes for intermediate players –

Yamaha Vfl-222 Intermediate Flute

You might be aware of the Yamaha product’s quality, so alike is the Yamaha YFL international flute, which is highly recommended and are lovely.

It has the C note with curled having drawn tone holes comprising embedded keys and offset G. Some of the critical features of Yamaha YFL – 222 are their foot joint alignment having a silver head detachable body. And this makes it easy for the young flutist to get fit together.

It is equipped with a pointe key arm A F and non-fingered keys. Those key bumpers are made up of a robust Neoprene material that is more qualitative than cork designed for a direct clean attack, sensitive response, and accurate intonation.

The closed-hole means plateau keys enhance the easiness of play for amateur players. Flute Keys are specially made for providing a natural feeling and comfort to the flutist whenever playing.

And the best thing about it is Yamaha YFL-222 has high and rich quality sound characterized by European music traditions, which is ideal and comfortable to use.


  • Highly durable
  • Easy to play
  • Affordable
  • One year warranty
  • Pointed Key arms in a European style


  • TD# trill key is close to D key.

Jupiter Intermediate Sterling Silver flute – 611RBSO

Jupiter is called to make extreme quality flutes highly reliable and durable, providing you good value for money.

This Jupiter flute provides an offset G key having an ergonomic design permitting more comfort playing.

This high silver content produces a rich and darker tone with impressive power, projection, and warmth. The body keys and foot joint is manufactured from a silver-plated nickel to keep their rate affordable, which is still a durable metal.

The particular flute comes with a .925 solid sterling silver head joint per your desire in an upper-level flute. Intermediate flutes must provide you a good challenge for a player, and the open holes on this flute guarantee it.

Also, it has a Gizmo key that improves intonation on high C, making it easy to play. The best part about it is that the intermediate flute comes with a neat french case and cover.


  • Very high-quality instrument
  • Offset G key
  • Gizmo key
  • Beautiful, rich, and complete tone.


  • No split E mechanism

Pearl 505RBE1RB Quantz Series Flute

If you are in search of a great flute but do not have a lot of room within your budget, have a look at Pearl 505RBE1 RB.

It is considered an excellent choice for everyone who has been renting a flute but wishes to get one to call their own without spending much money or sacrificing sound quality.

It is the most economical model of the brand that maintains high standards for tone and sound that other pearl 20models have. It also has a silver-plated head and body with many of the same features as pinless mechanisms, pointed arms, one-piece core bar construction.

In addition, Pearl 505 RBE1 RB has offset-G, which is suitable for smaller hands allowing for more natural placement of fingers.


  • Reputed brand french pointed arms offset
  • -G case and cover
  • Pinless mechanism


  • Some complaints observed by users
  • Only one year warranty

These were some of the best flutes for intermediate players. But there are few things to remember when purchasing flutes for intermediate players.

A Guide To Buying An Intermediate Flute

Whenever you are ready to upgrade your playing to another level, the correct intermediate flute will help you improving there.

There are some things to choose the perfect intermediate flute for you. If you wish to enhance your abilities, then the seriously intermediate flute is a good investment.

It enables you to play complex music that challenges you to play higher and faster, offering you more flexibility than beginner flute.

Check out some factors below to consider when you are going to buy the best flute for intermediate players:

Factors To Consider When Buying A Intermediate Flute

Price Tag

These intermediate flutes come at wide ranges and prices from 1000 USD to around 2000 USD.

For people who have fundamental skills and are serious about taking flute pursuing consideration, it is the perfect idea to get advice from your music teacher to find the best-featured instrument.

Choose Nickel-Silver or Silver Plating

The material you select shows how serious you are about playing the flute. If you are trying the instrument and have no idea how to go or a beginner, buy a silver-plated flute.

best flutes for intermediate players

And if you are serious about learning the instrument and wish to upgrade to next-level playing skills, then silver-nickel works best.

Watch out Brands

You might be aware of the best brands of flutes, and if not, then consult your music teacher, or you can spend some time surfing on the internet about reputed brands.

There are many options available on our list. Yamaha and Jupiter are commonly called popular and are applauded for their high quality.

G Key – inline or offset?

Professional flutes have an inline-G. It is the most necessary factor to check out. It means that it is the key to the side or in line with the rest of the keys.

An offset G feels a little more natural to beginners if they are young or have smaller hands. Thus if you are planning to pursue the flute skills professionally, it is beneficial to get familiar with inline-G.

Embouchure hole

It matters a lot The shape identifies the type of sound produced and how easy it is for playing and articulating notes. There is no one size fitting in form; everybody has different preferences.

If you are pleased with the shape you are currently playing, it is good to get it to stick to it. You can try out few other forms as well that works well.

Material of flute

Not every flue is made of bamboo; some are just colored away to give a look and feel like bamboo. Flutes are made up of PVC. PVC fibers, and bamboos. When talking about the PVC material quality, it does not have any effect on the season.

It does not even get damaged easily and remains the same all time long. As we all believe in quality and long-lasting products, it is recommended to go for the best last long quality flute.

Keys – Opens or closed?

Available keys are the vital feature of an intermediate flute because they are helpful to learn more advanced techniques such as quarter and harmonics tones, forcing the player to use correct hand positioning. Before we move on, this a good video that’s go over beginner vs intermediate flutes.

If you are not ready for open holes but trying hard to use them, it is still beneficial. You can also purchase hole covers for it temporarily and remove them whenever you want


Many flutes come with valuable accessories, though some provide you more than others.

Each has a case to keep the instrument protected when you are not using it; some of the above picks, including Pearl 505RBE1 RB. come with polishing cloths and cleaning rods

Do Not Forget To Check Out the Warranty.

Warranty get with products. Although they all are covered, the warranty period differs from one to ten years.

So: the detailed buying guide with things to look out for when buying flutes. But still, there are few questions people ask –


What is an intermediate flute?

Now you might be aware of intermediate flute from the discussion above. So, it is the perfect choice for musicians who wish to upgrade their talent level and are serious about pursuing it. having offset-G or inline-G options for better toning

How to choose an intermediate flute?

It would be best if you focused on factors like price, warranty, plating, head joints, keys, and so on when buying an intermediate flute.

All the elements are discussed above in brief when you choose the intermediate flute for yourself.

What is the difference between beginner and intermediate flutes?
Beginner flutes are factory-made, while intermediate flutes are also factory manufactured but have handmade head joints.

Also, intermediate flutes have more solid silver compared to beginner flutes.

What makes a flute good quality to play

What makes a flute good quality? Is it the positioning of the keys? Or maybe it’s the amount of air you can pass through from the air hole when you play?

The good quality type of flutes are those that have lightweight, comfortable to play with, and can withstand heavy knocks and bumps.

Some examples of these flutes are the Yamaha Fl-222, which is made at a reasonable price and has fine qualities such as a closed hole key, an offset G-key, and a C-foot joint; recommended qualities for beginners looking to learn the flute made of nickel.

Another quality that sets the flutes apart in quality would be the material the flutes are made out of; if money is not a problem, then the best quality flute to play out of would be the ones made of silver. The professionally crafted silver flutes are said to bring the “most flute-like timbre” of all the other flutes.

So when searching for the right flute, search for the material made of out it, buy the silver one and watch for the keys and see how they positioner themselves for playing, some musicians would like keys in another spot than some.

Also, the positioning of the airhole helps as well, but of course, the rest of the mods are all subjective.

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