Lil Baby Best Songs: 11 Best Lil Baby Songs You Need To Listen Too

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Lil Baby is an American rapper who rose to fame back in 2017 after he released his mix tape “Perfect Timing”. The tape made it onto the Billboard Hot 100, spiraling his success. He has collaborated with many successful artists over the years, and his fame is widespread across the world.

He has come out with several albums, and his epic tracks had gained the rapper millions of fans. Lil Baby’s songs have been streamed millions of times on all different platforms. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Lil Baby songs and what has made them so successful.

Best Lil Baby Songs

Before we get into further detail, here is a complete list of the best Lil Baby songs you need to listen to RIGHT NOW:

  1. Woah
  2. Drip Too Hard ft. Gunna
  3. Emotionally Scarred
  4. Pure Cocaine
  5. Yes Indeed ft. Drake
  6. Chastised
  7. How
  8. Never Needed Help
  9. My Dawg
  10. Close Friends ft. Gunna
  11. Sum 2 Prove

Best Lil Baby Songs


One of Lil Baby’s top albums “My Turn”, made headlines in 2020 when it was released. Woah’ is the second single from that album, but also one of the rapper’s top tracks that ever came out. The song is named after the popular “Woah” dance which originated in Texas but soon got widespread internet fame.

In the track, Lil Baby raps about his lavish lifestyle brought about by his rise to fame. He repeats the phrase “Woah” numerous times throughout the song, including during the chorus. His song has a catchy hook and is deemed to linger in your head.

The music video made for “Woah” features the rapper dancing and showing off some moves with a crew of people. In some scenes, cars spin around them, or a huge crowd of onlookers encircles them. While he boasts about his luxurious life. Lil Baby mentions how hard work also played a role in his fame “Work hard and determined”. It’s safe to say I earned it.

Expert Tip: “Woah” was the third song by Lil Baby that hit number one on the Billboard Streaming Song Chart.

Drip Too Hard ft. Gunna

Another masterful track, “Drip Too Hard” from Lil Baby features the rapper Gunna whose chemistry with Lil Baby is undeniable. The two have collaborated on previous occasions, and yet again no doubt made a great job when it comes to this particular song.

As a matter of fact, it became Lil Baby’s third-highest charting song and Gunna’s top-highest charting song, respectively, peaking at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. That was a profound accomplishment for both of the artists!

The hard-hitting rap/hip-hop track was further made successful when it received a Grammy nomination. In “Drip Too Hard” the two rappers mainly focus their lyrics on the matter of swag and hustling, hence the name ‘Drip Too Hard, which basically connotes: “having a great deal of swag”.

Emotionally Scarred

“Emotionally Scarred” is another great and impactful song from the artist Lil Baby which made it onto our list. The idea of the song goes beyond a catchy hook or beat it leaves a meaningful message. “Emotionally Scarred” centers around protecting your mental health, which is one of the most important assets of our life.

In it, the rapper goes on to rap about how his old life in the hood left him “emotionally scarred”. The things he did and the people he spent time with had an impact on his mentality, which could relate to our own lives too.

Lil Baby performed “Emotionally Scarred” at the 2020 American Music Awards. The beat of the song is combined with some underlying melodies which are rather morose and thus shape the idea of this track.

This is not the only track that the rapper has released which conveys a message to his audience, signifying that there is a lot going on behind what we see in the lavish lives of public figures.

Pure Cocaine

Another epic track from Lil Baby, “Pure Cocaine” was deemed one of the rapper’s most successful projects. The song’s idea revolves around how Lil Baby left behind his previous life in the hood and took pleasure in his newfound status as a rising rap star.

In the music video for the track, the rapper dances and raps in a stunning all-white house, with a crew of people dressed in white.

Even though Lil Baby flexes some of the luxuries of his success in “Pure Cocaine”, he shows appreciation for his new life and says hard work is the reason behind his great success. As a matter of fact, the rapper doesn’t muddy his lines with flexes he can’t back up. Instead, he raps about actual life, with lyrics that many of his fans can genuinely relate to.

Yes Indeed ft. Drake

For this particular track, Lil Baby decided to collaborate with the ever-successful rapper Drake, which made this song as perfect as could be. The song was produced by Wheezy and B-Rackz and became Lil Baby’s first top 10 hits.

It granted the American rapper huge success in his career, peaking at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one on Billboard’s Streaming Songs charts. The song is rather short, being only around 2 and a half minutes long.

Expert Tip: A fun fact about this song is that it was first made available under the name “Pikachu”. However, as we speak, it is now known as “Yes Indeed”.

Following Drake’s entrance to the song which talks about his luxurious possessions and busy schedule. Lil Baby enters for the second verse of the track and carries on rapping the subject of his lavish, rich lifestyle. Even though the main focus of his track’s lyrics is his newly acquired luxurious life, the rapper makes sure not to lose sight of his street roots.


Lil Baby’s vocals flow smoothly throughout the song “Chastised”, providing listeners with a multifaceted narrative that can be related to from a variety of viewpoints. The song provides a rather mellow ambiance, with an acoustic guitar instrumental playing in the background of the track.

“Chastised” once again, is a song that makes an impact on the audience. It offers a calmer vibe than many of Lil Baby’s other tracks.

While the message the track conveys can have a profound effect on the listener, many fans are impressed by the hard beat and the guitar instrumental found in the song. In fact, a lot of fans had called the song “underrated” and deemed that it deserves much more recognition.


Lil Baby’s track “How” gives off a different kind of vibe, as it mostly puts emphasis on the song’s lyrical material instead of on the beat. In fact, the percussion, as well as musical melodies which usually make up his songs, are used sparingly.

This song gives you a good glimpse into the rapper’s mind on a personal level, as he talks about some of his childhood and past traumas. This can have a profound impact on many of his fans and listeners.

In fact, the song’s message can help us understand that even famous stars like Lil Baby have past struggles that they may be dealing with. The listener can relate to such a deep message, which brings the lyrics to life. As a matter of fact, you can really concentrate on every word to get the full picture.

Never Needed Help

Eighth on our list is the track “Never Needed Help”. This track’s lyrics talk about the rapper’s rise to fame and how he had to handle a number of difficulties all by himself. Hence the name of the track “Never Needed Help”.

However, Lil Baby goes on to say in his song that he actually enjoys it that way and is appreciative of all the trials he has faced, which made him who he is now.

Another thing about “Never Needed Help” is that it is one of the artist’s earlier tracks from his career, so it contrasts some of his newer songs. It may not be as popular as some of his top songs from 2020, but it is still a favorite of many. Fans can relate to the message which basically implies sometimes you only need yourself to accomplish things.

That message is very true, as each one of us is indeed very powerful. All of us, no matter where we are in life, can succeed, even without the help of others.

My Dawg

“MyDawg” is one of the artist’s most iconic and hard-hitting songs which really boosted his career. The song has a catchy beat, with Lil Baby repeating “Yeah that’s my dawg” throughout the whole chorus.

The song may have a positive vibe and delivers cheerful energy, but behind the high energy of the track, there are yet again glimpses into the rapper’s past life. He presents a rather somber tale, which includes mentions of him previously doing drugs which he later gave up. and even ending up in prison while he was in the hood.

Overall, the song creates an upbeat spirit that will instantly captivate the listener, so it is easily a top track for many. As well as that, the meaning behind the lyrics lets you see some of the life Lil Baby experienced before his rapid rise to fame, allowing you to get on a personal level with the rapper.

Close Friends ft. Gunna

Yet again, Lil Baby collaborated with Gunna on the track “Close Friends”, which was a huge power move in both of their music careers. The song got the two artists a lot of attention from both fans and the media, only adding to the song’s popularity.

Expert Tip: The track talks about Lil Baby’s relationship with his girlfriend, and about struggles they experienced while the two dated. In fact, the music video itself features Lil Baby’s girlfriend whom the song is about, and the track was released just a day before Valentine’s.

“Close Friends” not only has great rhythm but as well as a deep meaning about love and relationships which many listeners can relate to. While the lyrics talk about the rapper’s own relationship, anyone who ever felt the same way can relate to it and understand the message it conveys.

Sum 2 Prove

Last on our list, “Sum 2 Prove” is another timeless hit from Lil Baby, once again with an underlying meaning. The song plays in a rather sorrowful tune which is combined with a hard beat and a series of bizarre instrumental sounds throughout the song. These only
add to the song’s greatness.

Many of those listening to the track can relate to the lyrics, which talk about the struggles as well as successes the rapper has encountered throughout his life. The song was one of the top tracks of 2020, with some particularly hard-hitting verses such as “They don’t want to see us on TV unless it’s the news,” and “My biggest fear is endin’ up where you should be”.

Throughout the song, the rapper also discusses what gave him the ambition to succeed, and how his achievements had not diminished his desire to keep advancing in society and to look out for his followers.

Is Lil Baby’s New Album Good?

Lil Baby is one of the biggest rappers on earth, with his songs making his fame widespread all across the world. Recently, the rapper released a new album”It’s Only Me”, in October 2022. Unfortunately, this album was not received too well by his fans. It was a big knockdown in his career as a rapper, and it has been vastly criticized.

Lil Baby’s fans have deemed that his tracks from “It’s Only Me” sound like he’s bored, uninterested, and rather uncomfortable in what he’s doing. Some have gone on to describe his new album as simply ‘indifferent’ or ‘mediocre’.

Whilst “My Turn” his vastly successful album of 2020 was a huge hit that showed off this rapper’s great talent ‘It’s Only Me’, was short of the same praise. For those fans who have waited such a long time for this new album to be released, it was rather a disappointment. They hope that the rapper will try harder on his next album.


Whilst everyone will have a different opinion on every song that there is out there, this compilation of Lil Baby songs for sure drips hard. Enthusiasts of Lil Baby can better understand the rapper and his personality through the tracks we discussed and easily relate to the lyrics.

The hard-hitting beats and melodious dynamics make the songs catchy and great to listen to. Lil Baby’s rapping talent is much evident in his songs, and as a result, he rose to fame in a very short amount of time.

We can easily expect more epic tracks from Lil Baby in the near future, as the rapper continues to top the charts and make headlines with his epic records.

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