Best Backpacker Guitar: Top 5 Travel Guitars For You

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This is something that any artist will tell you. Every artist enjoys producing, recording, or writing music on the fly.

Consider an artist who is on tour in another country. They will never be without a music player and a pair of headphones.

And, if we’re talking about a guitarist, a guitar is a must-have when on the road. However, the issue occurs when they must travel with a large and heavy guitar that does not fit in a case. Travel acoustic guitars were created to ensure that a guitar player, whether skilled and beginner, could carry their guitar wherever they went.

These guitars are incredibly light, require no amplification, and can perform admirably on their own. The instrument can be played in the middle of a forest, on the streets, in a subway, on a plane, or at a campground.

However, with so many options on the market, it might be challenging to locate a fantastic acoustic travel guitar. As a result, this post will highlight the ten best acoustic travel guitars to buy in 2021.

best travel guitars

The best travel acoustic guitar

Let’s start with some of the things you’ll need to think about. Remember to keep your budget in mind. Every guitar you take from your house will be damaged or destroyed How much money can you afford to lose, or how much money will you pay to replace it? A cheap guitar isn’t always the solution, but it’s an option.

Next, the amount of space required for the guitar is essential, but it also impacts its playability and tone. A salon-style instrument has a distinct style and feels that you may not enjoy.

It may check the appropriate price point and size boxes, but you must connect with the instrument. It doesn’t matter how well it travels; if you don’t like the device, you won’t play it.

Some of these requirements are met by the guitars we’ve mentioned, but neither meets them all. We look forward to assisting you in narrowing down your options to locate the perfect guitar for you. We provide links to our in-depth reviews to present you with the most information for making an informed decision.

Top 5 Best Acoustic Travel Guitars

Washburn R010 Rover Steel String
  • That’s fantastic
  • The strong body
  • It’s loud enough
Yamaha SLG200S Silent
  • Material of high quality
  • High-quality strings
  • Top with small portability
Martin Steel-String Backpacker
  • Lightest option to have one.
  • 3-inch HD display for better visuals.
  • 128GB of SSD storage.
Yamaha GL1 TBS Guitariele
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent traveling partner
  • The guitar sounds fantastic
  • You don’t have a buzz
  • It’s loud enough
Luna Safari
  • A low-cost, high-quality guitar
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Deep tones are available
  • Excellent intonation

Best Acoustic Travel Guitars in 2024

1. Washburn R010 Rover Steel String

Nobody wants to practice or play on a 34-inch guitar. Some people may find the fretboard relatively narrow, or they may be embarrassed to have it on a professional level. If you’re the type of player who gets overwhelmed hauling your entire guitar around, the Washburn R010 is precisely what you need.

The body of the instrument is modest, but it is a 24-inch acoustic guitar. It gives you the impression that you are playing any other typical acoustic guitar.

The body also includes a sturdy acoustic guitar for touring. Its top is simple yet made of spruce, its neck and body are made of mahogany, and the instrument is high quality.

When you buy the R010, the producer will offer you a hard case gig Additional storage areas are provided in the interior for storing your items. It also contains a foam protection cover to keep your guitar safe from knocks on the road.

It may lack a strap button on the front, but it will keep you comfortable for a long time. The guitar also has a strap to keep it from sliding around.


  • That’s fantastic
  • The strong body
  • It’s loud enough


  • There is only one bracelet button.
  • It slides off your feet if you don’t use the strap.

2. Yamaha SLG200S Silent

The Yamaha SLG200S has a unique feature: it is completely silent! This steel-string electro-acoustic is one of the most expensive versions in our comparison, with a detachable cornice and rosewood frame and a robust mahogany body coming from a satin-finished mahogany neck.

The guitar is exceptionally light but comfortable to play, with a large single cut that allows easy access to the rosewood fretboard’s 22 frets.

As we said in our review of the Yamaha SLG200S. the SRT Powered Preamp System with under-saddle pickup has multi-purpose controls such as a built-in rotational control effect, reverb, and chorus. Sounds great with an acoustic amp or quietly to oneself via the built-in headphone jack.


  • Material of high quality
  • High-quality strings
  • Top with small portability


  • Heavy

3. Martin Steel-String Backpacker

When you’re passionate about fantastic music and always on the run. the Martin Steel-String backpacker is the guitar for you. You may hear a variety of opinions regarding this guitar. However, one thing is clear. It accomplishes exactly what the engineer intended.

This instrument is likewise made with high-quality materials by the fabricator. The top is made of spruce, with tonewood on the back and sides, while the neck is made entirely of mahogany. Furthermore, the tuning pins are made of robust and durable chrome hardware.

Because of its length, you could think that this guitar is exclusively for beginners. However, musicians that have heard this guitar sound agree that it sounds incredible because it focuses on the highs, lows, and mid regions.

The volume is also sufficient. Unless you’re recording it live, it doesn’t need to be amplified.

The Martin steel has sounding strings, and shifting the fret back and forth is a breeze. As a result it is ideal for all styles, including fingers, blues, lands, and solos.

You can play bar chords pretty well despite reaching (maybe) up to 12 frets.


  • It is ideal for children, novices, and professionals.
  • Straps are perfect for allowing you to play comfortably


  • The neck may be too big for some players

4. Yamaha GL1 TBS Guitariele

The Yamaha GL Series is an excellent option to acquire a reputable brand travel acoustic guitar.

The GL1 TBS Guitarlelele combines a guitar and a ukulele. To put it another way. the guitar sounds like a guitar. You may also use the fourth string to make it into a ukulele.

Otherwise, it’s about the size of a ukulele.

Any professional player who enjoys composing on this guitar while on the road. The GL1 TBS guitalele is made of top spruce with a Mahogany neck and sides. It has fewer frets than a conventional travel guitar, but it still performs admirably.

Nylon strings are also used on the guitar. You can use steel strings if you don’t like the sound.

This guitar is a fantastic, really excellent travel companion. With both the guitar and ukulele functions, you can expect rich sounds throughout your fretboard.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent traveling partner
  • The guitar sounds fantastic
  • You don’t have a buzz
  • It’s loud enough


  • For beginners, the “A” tuning may be too complicated to grasp.

5. Luna Safari

The Luna Safari guitar is a gift that everyone who enjoys such a hobby would like to add to their trip abroad or during a camping trip. The guitar is a 3/4″ guitar with features that both beginners and pros will appreciate, especially for its low price. This guitar, by the way. can be played by both adults and children.

The guitar will be a terrific companion on your next journey. You won’t have any problems with your gig bag because it’s simple to use and made of high-quality materials.

The Luna Safari also has a beautiful mahogany body with a floral pattern that adds color to the instrument. The top is likewise mahogany, and the rosewood fingerboard and headstone have closed chrome tuners.

Even though its size suggests otherwise, this guitar remains in tune. You can easily tune it with an electronic tuner, and it will stay tuned even after playing for an extended period.

The metal strings and fretboard let the user experiment with different chord shapes and bar chords while playing various postures. It also has excellent intonations and naturally sounds like a ukulele.

The Luna Safari may be converted to any type, and it can be played without an amplifier from any location because it is loud enough. This guitar may be played by anyone, from young kids to travelers who want to tag along with their lightweight guitars.


  • A low-cost, high-quality guitar
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Deep tones are available
  • Excellent intonation


  • It generates a more significant number of intermediate frequencies

6. Baby Taylor BT1

Guitarists who prefer to travel with a super cool, scary acoustic guitar will fall in love with the acoustic guitar Taylor BT1. It is an ideal tool for travelers and those with tiny hands, such as children.

The color of the BT1 acoustic guitar is stunning. It also has a solid spruce top. a slim neck, and Sapele’s back and sides. An extra finish protects the instrument while also adding flavor.

The Taylor BT1 acoustic guitar uses a standard tuning comparable to that of a Jumbo Guitar. It’s also a low-action guitar, so you won’t have to exert extra effort when playing. Perhaps this is why your kids will enjoy playing with it.

You don’t want to use your regular guitar since it doesn’t sound well when playing a particular melody. You’ll like using it for any technologies for the BT1. It sounds excellent whether you want to strum, fingerpick. or solo.

The result is a wonderfully balanced sound. It’s loud, and you’ll hear the highs, lows, and medium tones when you use this instrument. The intonation across the fretboard is also excellent, which benefits the compensated bridge.


  • Excellent guitar appearance
  • You don’t need to amplify if the sound is loud enough
  • Ideal for both students and elite gamers
  • Portable


  • It does not produce accurate acoustic guitar tones; do not anticipate them.

7. Gretsch Guitar Jim Dandy

This is a must-have for travelers who appreciate vintage instruments. The Gretsch Guitar takes its shape and inspiration from the vintage guitars used by performers to play Delta blues and country music.

Sunburst, agathis, a rosewood bridge, and X-bracing adorn their bodies. Many of these contribute to the creation of fantastic sounds that players of all genres will enjoy.

It’s the instrument you get if you like guitars with a terrific sound, especially outside. Except in a large hall, you don’t need any amplification.

Furthermore, the sounds are appropriate for vintage musicians, but we discovered that this guitar could adapt to most of the playing styles available.

While it does not have the breadth of sounds that a high-end guitar would, the Gretsch does precisely what its manufacturer intended. As a result, each player can collect and play this guitar while strolling, camping, or in a moving car because it takes up little room.


  • The instrument is tiny
  • Its retro design fits the high quality of its sound
  • A guitar in the shape of a C
  • The projects sound promising


  • Agathis isn’t the best acoustic guitar wood

8. Cordoba Mini M

This guitar was first launched at NAAM 2015 and is an excellent gift for those who enjoy traveling. It sounds fantastic, looks fantastic, and is a lot of fun.

Cordoba appears to understand what travelers want. The neck and body are of exceptional quality.

The guitar’s neck is more comprehensive, making it ideal for folks who want to feel like they’re playing their traditional classical guitar when they’re away from home. Children can also use the guitar if they only want to play single notes.

Cordoba’s body is made of solid spruce, with a Rosewood bridge and a mahogany neck. In terms of polish, the Cordoba has a thin lacquer that improves the instrument’s sound quality.

Classical players will enjoy the Cordoba Mini M. It has nylon strings, which improve comfort and playability for competent traditional players. However, standard steel strings can be changed.

In terms of sound quality, this brand does an excellent job overall. It’s loud enough, and the intonation is perfect across the fretboard.

Instead of the conventional diecast guitar tuning pins, this guitar has open tuners. In comparison to diecast varieties, they lighten the instrument and provide a more balanced overall weight.


  • Convenient for traditional players
  • Adapts to many forms of play
  • It functions similarly to a full-size guitar
  • Throughout, maintain a healthy weight


  • A more petite body means that it will not be as loud as a full-size guitar

9. Martin Nylon String Backpacker

If you’re a die-hard fan of traditional guitar or simply don’t like metal strings, this is the guitar for you. The Martin Backpacker Nylon acoustic guitar provides the musician with a gentle and serene sound that any classic or jazz artist would appreciate.

Beginners must contend with the difficulty of playing the guitar for an extended period with metal strings. Although everyone wants to. the nylon strings do not irritate your fingertips, allowing you to practice for a more extended period.

Another feature that makes this instrument more comfortable is its small weight. The body is made of sculpted spruce, and it has a 34-inch mahogany fingerboard with 15 cartridges and diecast tuning pegs on the head stalk.

If you travel frequently, you may have to bring it with you wherever you go. The guitar isn’t heavy, and its slim profile ensures that it will fit into a case if it’s large enough. However, the instrument comes with a gig bag.

Players can also be confident that the guitar will reliably play a variety of pieces from various genres. It is suitable for classical playstyle because it is loud enough and has sound qualities that most skilled players would like to hear.


  • Portable
  • Because of the nylon strings, it is easy to play
  • Attractiveness
  • The strap provides additional support to players


  • The nylon threads are not as noisy

10. Yamaha FG JR1

While many reviews recommend this acoustic guitar for youngsters under ten, it might also make an excellent gift for constantly traveling musicians. It has outstanding changes and peaks that every player, from novice to expert will enjoy.

The J R1 is primarily a member of the FG series. The goal of this guitar is to make you sing while driving, as it features a big 3/2-size neck for individuals with small and short fingers.

The body comprises the top spruce, the back and sides of the nato neck, and the rosewood fingerboard. Yamaha now sells a gig pack that allows you to travel your guitar wherever you go.

Although the J R1 has some personality, it doesn’t come across in the way it sounds. The fingerboard is comfortable, you won’t hear a mood or a dead bug, and your neck is smooth enough to allow the fretboard to move freely.

Its volume is sufficient for everyone to hear, whether inside, outside, or in a small theater. It is difficult for anyone to say that the player is using a little guitar until he sees it.

Aside from a significant volume, the sound quality is excellent. With a single strand, each audiophile can select from a wide range of frequencies and tones. Furthermore, everything is in tune and balance.


  • Acoustically rich sound
  • Gig pack for portability
  • Portable
  • This guitar will appeal to musicians of all ages


  • This is not a game for adults

The best acoustic travel guitars are as follows:

Acoustic portable guitars are ideal for on-the-go artists. These acoustic guitars are made to be readily transported by musicians.

But which of the numerous acoustic travel guitars should you purchase? Most guitarists are perplexed by this.

So, in this essay, we will assist you in selecting the best acoustic travel guitars.

What is the purpose of a travel acoustic?

First, let us clarify why you require this type of instrument.

To begin with, moving a full-size dreadnought guitar is difficult, especially if you don’t have a car. This necessitates a sturdy gig case, plenty of space, and extra muscle. The travel guitar is very helpful here.

Furthermore, music is about self-expression, and musicians find inspiration in unexpected places. So grab your guitar and express yourself or jam at the airport, hotel room, or office before your inspiration goes.

A man travelling alone with a guitar
A man travelling alone with his guitar.

How important are these guitars?

That brings us to the first point to think about:

1. Portability

These guitars are excellent travel companions. Sure.

However, some musicians prefer travel guitars due to their portability and comfort. Ed Sheeran is one of them. These guitars are intended for both musicians and travelers.

In conclusion, the sort of travel guitar you select should be determined by your demands. A low-cost travel guitar may aid in the development of your skills as you advance.

A guitar sitting on a portable chair in front of camper van
A guitar sitting on a portable chair in front of camper van.

2. Specifications of the guitar

When it comes to travel guitars, less is more. Manufacturers, on the other hand, add extra parameters to make the instrument sound professional.

For example, some travel guitars have a substantially smaller body. Remember that, no matter how convenient the size appears to be, it may not deliver the full acoustic sound that a professional is looking for.

The neck of the guitar may be collapsible, and the truss rod may be adjustable.

3. Audio

The sound of a guitar is unique to each individual. You’ll have to put the instrument through its paces to see if it sounds well.

Take into account the intonation, any buzzing, the depth of the sound, the loudness, and whether it remains in tune. If it has electronics, connect it to an amp to hear how it will sound on stage.

Check to see if the sound is suited to your playing style or genre. You must also examine the activity and decide whether or not to change it. When looking for the best portable acoustic guitar, keep your budget in mind. The more expensive ones will sound better.

Check to discover if the guitar you desire comes with extra accessories if you want to save money. Check to see if they contain a gig bag or any other supplies you may require to get started straight away.

To acquire a guitar that’s ready to play right away. Small changes might add up, especially if you’re new to guitars.

Even if you’re a beginner, don’t buy a cheap guitar without considering the things mentioned above. If your skills develop, you may have to return the instrument if it sounds or feels correct.

So, keep in mind the best travel guitar and the factors described in this essay because they all work together.

Learn what professionals think about the guitar as well.

A quick review of the Martin Backpacker Guitar.


That’s all there is to it, my friends. Choosing a guitar for travel may need a selection from the alternatives given above. However, don’t be fooled by any of these technologies. Each has benefits and drawbacks. So, make a list of things you’ll need for your trips, especially if you’ll be away from your acoustic guitar.

If we had to pick one of the ten best travel guitars, we’d go with the Washburn R010 Rover Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar. It has a natural appearance and sound. You will also like its portability.

Aside from that, the guitar is suitable for all players. For both skilled and beginning guitarists. Your child will be able to play it effortlessly because it is a 34-inch guitar.

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