Preamp vs Amplifier: A Ultimate Comparison

amplifier vs preamplifier

Preamplifiers, also known as preamps, convert weak electrical signals into audible output signals that can withstand noise. In contrast, an amplifier (power amp) can boost the output level of any movement, albeit with some additional noise. Despite the fact that both devices use voltage to amplify sound signals, they do so in vastly different ways. … Read more

Dac Vs AMP: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

AMP Vs Dac

It’s important to note that DACs and amplifiers are two distinct but related pieces of equipment. Both the DAC (digital to analog converter) and the amplifier (which enhances the sound before it reaches the speakers or headphones) are necessary for the audible playback of digital audio. This article will attempt to clear up some of … Read more

Fender Frontman 15g Review: Is It Worth It?

Fender Frontman 15g Review

What makes an ideal concert performance? Conventional wisdom says practice makes perfect, but for the purists, maybe a bit deeper. Perfect practice makes perfect. Most common to musicians and performers are being strict or particular about using the best instruments possible even in practice. We will put focus on the amplifier brand line “Frontman 15G” … Read more

Yamaha A-S501: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Yamaha A-s501

Yamaha has traditionally been considered to be a high-quality brand of audio equipment. Yamaha’s new A-S501 is a wonderfully constructed piece of equipment. It has a hefty, well-finished look that is appealingly vintage in style. The A-S501 has a design that is extremely similar to that of the 500. It is a huge amplifier with … Read more

Fender Superchamp XD vs X2: Which Is Better For You?

fender super champ xd vs x2

When it comes to music production, instruments are of crucial importance but every musician knows that choosing the right amplifier is what portrays creativity and performance at its best. An amplifier is an electronic device used for increasing the amplitude of electronic signals used in sound reproduction. This, some would say, is what makes or … Read more

10 Best Mini Guitar Amps to Take Your Music to The Next Level

best mini amplifiers

The guitar is a beautiful instrument popular amongst basement guitarists and professional musicians alike. To turn that lovely but quiet guitar riff into a full-blown rock concert song, all any musician needs is a little skill and a trusty amplifier. But with so many amplifiers on the market, it can be hard to choose the … Read more

Fender Frontman 25r: Should You Buy It?

frentman review

People can easily appreciate the sound of music but unmindful of the features it underwent during the process. Most often than not, people are less aware on the importance of amplifiers for guitarists and musically inclined individuals. How much more on its importance for a home recording studio? How would a certain Fender Frontman 25r … Read more