Yamaha A-S501: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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Yamaha has traditionally been considered to be a high-quality brand of audio equipment. Yamaha’s new A-S501 is a wonderfully constructed piece of equipment. It has a hefty, well-finished look that is appealingly vintage in style. The A-S501 has a design that is extremely similar to that of the 500.

It is a huge amplifier with a thick metal faceplate and a plethora of knobs on the back. All of the controls are positioned in a vertical layout in the center of the front panel, with the power button at the top.

The A-S501, on the other hand, has a few small tweaks to its design. The A-S500 is an all-analog amplifier that tries to bring the A-S500 back into the digital arena. In other words, it includes all of the digital bells and whistles that are characteristic of the current generation.

Yamaha A-s501

Specifications and Characteristics

Yamaha A-S501SL Natural Sound Integrated Stereo Amplifier (Silver)
Yamaha A-S501SL Natural Sound Integrated Stereo Amplifier (Silver)

A total of 85W (8 Ohms) of output power is provided by this Yamaha device. Model A-S501 is the culmination of all of the technological solutions developed by the company’s experts over the years. It was created based on the “Natural Sound” idea. This suggests that every composition should have a natural tone to it.

Expert Tip: As a bonus, the amplifier has the capability of supporting the connection of a record player. As a result, the options are unlimited. The gadget will automatically enter standby mode if you fail to switch it off before leaving the room.


Yamaha has a reputation for never disappointing its consumers. They take care to ensure that the consumers receive exactly what they have paid for, even in the packaging. In addition, the packaging does a good job of protecting the item itself.

The amplifier is enclosed in a material that looks and feels like foam. It is mounted atop a strongbox, which is attached to the base by a thin piece of polystyrene. Furthermore, the package does not include just the amplifier. Additionally, there are remotes, batteries, and some manuals included with the package.

Strength and flexibility

Providing power to your amplifiers requires more than physical force. The Yamaha A-S501 strikes an ideal mix of strength and agility, resulting in music that is energetic and strong without being overstuffed or deformed.

Along with its high output power, this compact amplifier has a proportional circuit structure from input to output, as well as an anti-resonance housing. This prevents corruption and disturbance from clogging the transmission, resulting in a pure and clear sound.

Your sound system will come alive, delivering an immersive, vivid performance. Bypass tone and volume settings with Pure Straight listening mode with an even refined sound.


The A-S501 has also an adjustable volume control, which is unique for a speaker
The A-S501 has also an adjustable volume control, which is unique for a speaker

The A-S501 is simple to set up and use; there are no complications. After connecting everything and hitting the power button, the amplifier will need a few seconds to stabilize and come out of protective mode, so be patient. Then it’s only a question of picking your output and ramping it up on your computer.

You’ll be rewarded with a sound that’s every bit as strong and commanding as the original A-S500, as long as you give the amp just several days to break it in. However, there’s more of that sound in the A-S501, with more punch, more power, and an apparent improvement in headroom, no doubt due to the enhanced power supply used in the A-S501 design.

On the front panel of the A-S501, there is a modern digital volume adjustment that employs electrical volume for improved sound quality, allowing you to modify the intensity impact as wanted.

The balance of low and high-frequency sounds is controlled separately from the total volume, allowing for a full tonal spectrum at any sound level while accounting for the inevitable decrease of distinct frequencies in the listener’s ear at quiet levels.

Even at low volumes, the A-S501 gets to portray a high degree of detail that is quite remarkable. Because of the changeable loudness, it has a pleasant and appealing low-level sound that is just slightly missing in the bass although there’s in which the dynamic sound intensity comes into effect.

The A-variable S501’s loudness control restores the low-end strength while enabling you to use a greater portion of the volume range. The A-S501 has also an adjustable volume control, which is unique for a speaker. When the loudness of a sound is changed, the sensitivity of people’s hearing to frequency extremes fluctuates.

Using this volume control, you may compensate for those variations by resetting the ratio of bass and treble in the sound signal. It works, and it is worth your time to give it a shot.

Bluetooth? Even though the A-S501 doesn’t come with a built-in Bluetooth receiver, you can purchase one from Yamaha, which is named the YBA-11 and costs roughly £50. To make the amplifier operate, power is supplied through a USB connector on the back of the unit.

Do you want to have a good time? A-S501 is most delighted to accommodate your request. No problem! The A-power S501’s reserves may be unleashed when the pure direct mode is used, which bypasses the tone and volume settings entirely.

When allowed to “breathe”, the A-S501 has an uncanny capacity to push the speakers to absurd volumes with ease. It’s also consistent the amplifier never looks to strain, even though pushed to its limits.

While the A-S501 retains control over the drivers, it isn’t the tightest or most rhythmically competent listen to low-end bass notes occasionally leak, and the throughout notes have a propensity to blur together when played at high volumes.


The simple, minimalist appearance of the remote makes it easy to operate with one hand and is straightforward to understand. The basic design makes it very simple to change the volume and order of the songs in the playlist.

In addition to having a refined appearance, the device features a hairline finish that compliments the style of the amplifiers. Additionally, you may operate a Yamaha CD player with the included remote control.

Design and Set-up

Yamaha A-S501 Design and Set-up
Yamaha A-S501 Design and Set-up

Yamaha’s HiFi audio components have inspired the design of this amplifier, which features a delightfully simple and distinctive button arrangement that is simple to use and intuitive to operate. The front panel is made of aluminum and has a beautifully polished silver hairline finish.

The controlling buttons are likewise made of the same high-quality materials as those found on their top-of-the-line models.

Expert Tip: The A-S501 has a custom-designed power transformer, custom-designed block capacitors, two direct signal path speaker relays, a one-point grounding system, aluminum-extruded heat sinks, and other high-quality components that work together to readily handle even the most demanding audio signals.

Every audio enthusiast will be pleased by the elegant modern design. The model is small and straightforward to use. Even a rookie user will be able to operate the gadget with the help of the handles on the front panel. A one-of-a-kind and proprietary ToP-ART system is a concept that is constructed symmetrically.

It sends signals from the input to the output in a horizontal line from the input to output. The bottom frame of the ART Base lets you mitigate vibrations and improve the quality of sound reproduction by lowering the frequency response. Exceptionally high-quality components were employed in the construction of the gadget.

Every detail had to undergo a thorough inspection. As a result, every element has an impact on the character of reproduction.


It is loaded with visual and cable inputs, which makes it a versatile device. It is possible to obtain the audio from television using the first directional. As well as the second, which comes from the Blu-ray disc player. You will hear the crisp audio of your favorite music coming out of the speaker.

In addition, the system has a unique adapter for the bass, that permits you to increase the volume of the music. Wireless connections may be established with a smartphone, tablet, or computer by connecting them using the YBA-11 wireless adapter. All that is required is that they are compatible.

You can attach as many speakers as you like and use them in an alternating mode. Special connectors enable switching to occur quickly and without interruption.


Yamaha A-S501 is priced at around $549 in both Silver and Black. They are available to order at


Yamaha has produced another awesome product with the A-S501, which is a fine addition to the preceding A-S500. However, while the A-S501 has various improvements over its previous model, including a built-in digital signal processor, updated components, and reworked circuitry, it’s the same amplifier we are all familiar with and adore.

The A-S501 huge, bold, and powerful tone is immediately appealing, and he has the versatility to work well with practically any setup. It is also made to last for many years, and it will bring numerous years of music satisfaction.

Is it wise to purchase the Yamaha A-S501? Yes, it is. For the price, the sound quality and overall structure of the amplifier are excellent. If you have any questions or recommendations, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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