Best Story Songs: 20 Songs That Tell A Good Story

songs that tell a story

Music is arguably the most universal and unifying form of art there is. Not only does it consist of raw talent and beautiful sounds, but it also conveys and evokes emotion in a way like no other. While many people might just consider music to be something to sing or dance along to, someone who … Read more

20 Best Fight Songs: Good Fight Songs To Get You Pumped Up

songs about fighting

Whether you are having a tough day or just need a little boost, there is arguably nothing more effective than a good fighting playlist! Here are 20 inspirational fighting songs which feature both physical and metaphorical fighting to give you medicine for your motivation. Each song has been chosen specifically for the fire they start … Read more

20 Best Songs About Trusting Someone & Honesty

popular songs about trust

Trust is one of the most difficult feelings for humans to achieve. Many of us trust only a few people in our lives, while others don’t trust anyone. Additionally, many people struggle with trust issues, especially in the age of technology. So ifs safe to say that trust is a major topic of conversation these … Read more

20 Best Songs About Pain & Being Hurt

songs about suffering

Pain is a universal feeling. We all experience it at least once in our lives. So it’s not surprising that our favorite artists and musicians go through it too and channel this feeling into their art . Songs about pain are everywhere you look, and almost every musician has released at least one. Here are … Read more

20 Powerful Songs About Freedom

songs about being free

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees freedom to its citizens; other foreign democratic governments also have political precepts that provide freedom to their people. Why then are people still fighting for its existence? From time immeasurable, freedom has been penned in songs. The lyrics poignantly point to the illusiveness of freedom for … Read more

Asain String Instruments: 10 Interesting Instruments From Every Country

chinese string instrument

These strings can be made from either artificial materials such as nylon or plastic or a traditional material such as silk, animal gut, metal, or vegetable fibers. Nearly all Asian string instruments have one thing in common they use vibrating strings and either a soundboard or resonating chamber to amplify the sound they produce. Asian … Read more

How To Tune A Violin Guide

how to tune a violin

Learning how to tune your violin is vital when you are just beginning to play the violin. It can take years of practice to learn how to tune your violin by ear, so we are providing an concise and in-depth guide on how to tune your violin!What you’ll needWith its four strings tuned in fifths, … Read more