Easiest Beatles Songs To Play On Guitar: Here’s The Top 10

Learning to read tabs and using your fingers to land the right cord at the exact tempo is not an easy feat to do, especially without the guidance of a professional music teacher or a veteran musician.

Better start with the basics at first, don’t just try any cover that you find on the internet, you will just end up wasting your time comparing yourself to them rather than actually investing in your skills.

But that should not stop you from striving, with enough practice, you’ll be able to sing along with your friends, and show off your skills.

Fortunately, we have just the right songs to start up your journey and build your foundation so you can play and enjoy the guitar freely.

So get your guitar ready, tune your strings, and stretch those fingers, because we’re about to dive back to the classics and learn – 10 Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar:

Easy Beatles Songs On Guitar

1. Paperback Writer

Starting off with a classical music dating way back 1968 that was mainly written by Paul McCartney.

The lyrics of the Beatles Paperback Writer talk about how people are wasting their lives working in poorly paid jobs. They can not write, they can not read, they are not living.

Expert Tip: This lyric can be interpreted to be referring to someone who is stuck in a routine and doesn’t want to do anything else with their life other than work.

Paperback Writer will surely perfectly fits off for your Beatles learning arsenal, only having G7 & C chords that you can start to master right off the bat.

2. Don’t Let Me Down

The Beatles song “Don’t Let Me Down” is a track from the album “Let It Be”. The song was ranked at #3 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of The Beatles’ 100 greatest songs, and it has been covered by many artists.

A song that entails a solemn genuine plea for Yoko Ono mainly written by John Lennon, this unfolds a heart touching story of a man yearning for love of a woman that he once had loved, with a basic chord of E, Fm#7, Amaj7/B and Esus 4, you’ll be able to play a song that once have captivated the people’s heart.

3. All Together Now

Composed by McCartney, All together now we’re solely created to target young audiences and make their album much more diverse in terms of age demographics.

It received small criticisms at first as the song completely goes beyond their normal genre, but soon was accepted as a fun and easy nursery song for the kids.

So if you’re into teaching kids how to learn the alphabets and colors, then this would be a good piece to teach them while being accompanied by a funky and pop beats, with a pattern of G, D7, and C you’ll surely receive a big smile and a warm thanks from them.

4. Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout originated from the two popular records: first, “The twist” by Chubby Checkers’ cover, and second, the Beatles’ “Shout” on the late 50’s.

The two songs were merged and composed by Bert Berns and Phil Medley and was lately recorded by Top Notes.

Unfortunately, “Twist and Shout” did not gain the favor of the majority, it only became popular with the help of the Isley Brothers that started to recreate it on 1962,  enough to make a wave within the industry.

The song includes an energetic and party like beats that will make your listener tapping their shoes in no time, this song starts off with the chord D, followed by G, A, and A7.

5. Yellow Submarine

A timeless classic that left a big impact on the Beatles reputation on the industry. This song continues to dominate people’s heart with an easy to tag along song that has a very fun and creative concept, according to McCartney, the tagline Yellow Submarine, was originated by his holiday in Greece in the year 1963.

Rumors have it that this song was associated with a drug named amphetamine, but on the contrary, Paul McCartney stated that it’s for a children’s song, with no Ill intent nor dark meanings.

With a basic chord of D, C, G Em, and Am, you’ll be able to easily amaze your family and the internet with only minimal effort.

6.  Let It Be

“Let It Be” had the highest debut on the Billboard Hot 100 at its time, beginning at number 6 and eventually reaching the top.

Unfortunately, the piece was the final single released by the Beatles before McCartney announced his departure from the band.

Paul McCartney’s “Let It Be” left a solemn impression not only to their ‘Beatlemaniacs’ fan, but also the sympathy of its listeners, it was stated that the song was inspired by McCartney’s beloved mother that reassured her on the age of 14 to ease his anxieties.

Expert Tip: The song entails a warm assurance and ease the listener’s emotions, with a little bit of effort, you’ll also have a song on your arsenal to heal your broken loved ones, the chords are as follows: C, G, F, AM, Am7, Fmaj7, E and D.

7. Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun is a song by The Beatles that was first released on their 1969 album Abbey Road.

The first line of the chorus, “Here comes the sun/And I say it’s all right” was Lennon’s adaptation of an earlier lyric he had written for Ringo Starr, “It wasn’t quite light and it wasn’t quite dark”, which Starr used as the opening lines for his 1968 solo single “Don’t Go Where The Road Don’t Go”.

The lyrics were inspired by John Lennon’s mother, Julia Lennon. The song’s extended introduction includes a descending F major triad arpeggio.

The song is a good example of a creative way to express any idea, and it does so in less than two minutes.

It is also interesting to note that the Beatles had no idea what they were going to do with the song when they first wrote it. They just wanted to experiment with some new sounds and chords.

The chords are as follows: D, G, A7, and E7

8. I Wanna Be Your Man

Among the Beatles well-known songs, “I wanna be your man” is one that many people remember because it was written by John Lennon. The song was created in the early 60s and shortly after it was released, it became an instant hit.

John Lennon wrote this song as a direct response to his manager’s wife Cynthia asking him to become her love interest instead of her husband, Brian Epstein. Though John declined Cynthia’s offer, he still wrote her this song as a thank you for all she had done for him and his band, truly remarkable!

The chords are as follows: E7, F#7, and B7

9. Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor Rigby is a fictional character in the Beatles song “Eleanor Rigby”.

The song was written by Paul McCartney and released on the album Revolver in 1966. The song tells the story of Eleanor, a lonely woman who died young and was buried alone.

Expert Tip: Paul McCartney also added that the song is about “a lonely person, not only just Eleanor but zillions of people in this world. It’s just that nobody talks about them.”

Not only it is easy to learn, but Eleanor Rigby can also leave a long solemn impression to its listener.

The chords are as follows: C, Em, Em7, and Em6.

10.  All You Need is Love

This is a song by the Beatles that was released in 1967. The lyrics are often interpreted as   love is all one needs in life, however, it can be argued that this song was written as a response to the hard times people were facing due to World War II.

Some people believe John Lennon wrote the song with an optimistic view on what love can do for us, trying to make us forget about all of the bad things happening during war times. But on the contrary, others think that it tells a more of a pessimistic outlook because he does not mention any specific solution to make things better.

Regardless of its history, it is still an undeniably good piece to learn when cheering your loved ones with a fresh and energetic beats.

The chords are as follows: G, D, Em, Am, D7, and D6.

Playing Beatles songs on a guitar can be challenging, moreover, as they’re one of the most popular bands in the world, it can get messy sometimes between learning the chords and adapting to an entirely new genre just to learn a new piece, but on the bride side, this iconic band will help you have a more all around skill set that will help you play much more flexibly.

Just remember that becoming proficient in the guitar will be an invaluable skill, and when you learn to play Beatles song on a guitar, you are not just learning to play one of the most iconic songs of all time, but also embracing your inner Beatle.

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