Sexy Songs To Dance To: Here’s 15 Great Lap Dance Songs

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In a lap dance, a performer (such as a dancer at a nightclub or strip club) engages in sexual behavior while perched on a client’s lap. A lap dance can be an excellent way to liven up your romantic life with your spouse, whether you visit strip clubs or prefer to get dirty in the privacy of your bedroom.

You’ll be motivated to let go of your inhibitions while dancing for your partner by the variety of songs on this list. Others have sexy lyrics that motivate you, while others have a great tempo for swinging your hips.

Here is a list of the top 15 lap dancing tunes ever made:

Lap Dance Songs

1. Kiss By Prince

One of the artist Prince’s hottest songs is “Kiss”. The song, released in 1986, has some seductive lyrics that make it ideal for our selection of the finest lap dance tunes.

Expert Tip: The song’s pulse will make you gyrate your hips while feeling sensual, and Prince dazzles with his superb falsetto. Add this sultry tune to your playlist today, and start doing lap dances!

2. Do Me, Baby By Prince

The song “Do Me, Baby” should be on your playlist if you enjoy languid, seductive R&B music. Prince is a talented musician, and when he released this smashing song in 1981, its controversial lyrics caused a stir.

The pop icon’s song “Do Me, Baby”, a fan favorite for its sensuous vibe and superb vocals, was included on his album Controversy.

3. Freak Like Me By Adina Howard

When you add “Freak Like Me” to your playlist of the best lap dance tunes, let Adina Howard set the tone for what might be a wonderfully enjoyable evening. Do you behave weirdly in the bedroom?

The 1995 song “Freak Like Me” can be found on the Do You Wanna Ride album. Playing this song before your next sex session will help you lose all inhibitions and move to the beat.

4. Cradle Of Love By Billy Idol

It’s challenging to look away from the explicit lyrics of Billy Idol’s song, in which he sings about having sex with a younger woman. However, the fact that Idol’s music is perfect for the bedroom cannot be disputed.

Billy Idol, a rock legend, provides a fantastic song with an excellent beat and sensuous tone on his 1990 album Charmed Life. With “Cradle of Love” as your soundtrack for the evening, let your hair down as you experience the world of lap dancing.

5. LoveGame By Lady Gaga

Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga is a talented musician. The artist sang about riding on a disco stick in the song “LoveGame,” released in 2008. I don’t have to tell you what this phrase means.

By including “LoveGame” in your lap dance playlist, you can emulate Lady Gaga’s sexy appeal. Put on your best red lipstick, slip into some sexy underwear, and impress your spouse with your skills as Lady Gaga performs in the background.

6. I want to Sex You Up By Color Me Badd.

As you listen to the lyrics of “I Wanna Sex You Up,” another fantastic song from the 1990s, no explanation is necessary. The song, released in 1991 by the R&B group Color Me Badd, is the greatest to listen to when feeling down.

Send them this as you entice your sweetheart into the bedroom for a sensual night. For all the right reasons, “I Wanna Sex You Up” is the ideal addition to your playlist of the best lap dance tunes.

7. No Diggity By Blackstreet (Feat. Dr. Dre And Queen Pen)

Although the R&B group Blackstreet’s song “No Diggity” doesn’t precisely have sexual lyrics, it has a fantastic beat and rhythm that is perfect for a lap dance. This song, released in 1996, will have your hips moving.

Expert Tip: The song featured Dr. Dre and female rapper Queen Pen was viral in the 1990s and is still on many playlists today.

8. Naughty Girl By Beyoncé

Beyoncé isn’t afraid to show off her sexual skill and female power. The ideal music for a seductive lap dance is Adele’s “Naughty Girl,” known for its majestic dance maneuvers. You can also misbehave while showing off your partner your best sensual dance routines.

Draw inspiration from Beyoncé and show your skills when dancing for your partner. As you let loose, let the music lead you and let your body speak for itself. The song “Naughty Girl,” written for the Crazy in Love album, was released in 2003.

9. S&M By Rihanna

You might take pleasure in a little S&M if you appreciate kink and other unconventional methods of sex. 2011 saw the release of “S&M,” another popular song by Barbadian singer Rihanna. This song, which describes the singer’s love of whips and chains, is fantastic for your excellent lap dance tunes playlist.

Turn this song up loud and demonstrate to your companion your strength as you sway and gyrate to the beat of this dance favorite. Enjoy yourself, let go of your preconceptions about lap dancing, and indulge a little.

10. Freak Me By Silk

The finest lap dance tracks conclude with Silk’s “Freak Me,” perhaps among the most incredible sex tunes ever produced.

You’ll be captivated by the words and motivated to act weird in bed. While you investigate the naughtier aspect of lap dances, the song’s sensual sound will slow things down. This song, from the 1992 album Lose Control, should be played after the kids have gone to bed.

11. Do Me, Baby By Prince

If you want something more romantic and sensual to grind your spouse to, Prince is one of the most renowned artists in modern history, and Do Me, Baby is a perfect choice.

12. Get Into It (Yuh) By Doja Cat

Getting into it is made easy with Get Into It (Yuh)! Its rapid pace keeps you on the edge of your seat for most of the song and doesn’t let up. You’ll need it, so I hope you have the stamina.

13. Girls In The Hood By Megan Thee Stallion

This song may be precisely what the doctor ordered if you consider yourself a wild woman. It serves as the anthem for all females who are sick of playing the good girl and want to display even a tiny amount of their dark side.

14. Focus By H.E.R.

The one thing you desire most when performing for your spouse is for them to remain focused on you. After all, this is for you both, and sometimes a catchy song keeps people interested. However, it’s improbable that many men would become distracted when having a lap dance.

15. I’m Too Sexy By Right Said Fred

I’m Too Sexy has its mouth firmly planted in its cheek, but that’s what makes it so fantastic. As they essentially dance to how sexy they are, it’s just the appropriate amount of silliness without detracting from the arousal of your spouse grinding on top of your lap.


The most excellent method to get better at a lap dance is to practice. Lap dances can be performed in a variety of styles. Think about the aspects of music included your partner finds appealing, but don’t forget to consider your interests.

In the end, it’s for your enjoyment as well. Additionally, your spouse will undoubtedly have more fun when you’re having fun. The ideal approach to achieve this could be to perform the lap dance to some AC/DC if you want to make it even more electrifying than it currently is.

It has a steady speed and could be a fantastic option if you want to leave your companion speechless.

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