Morgan Wallen Songs: The Complete List

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Are you a huge fan of Morgan Wallens or country music altogether or you don’t even know who this singer is and you listen to a whole different genre of music but would you like to learn more about this famous country star that everyone is ranting about?

Well, I’m a huge fan of Morgan Wallen, and lean tell you from first-hand experience, that if you’re not listening to Morgan Wallen you are missing out on some of today’s best country music.

If you keep reading you will discover Morgan Wallens short summarized autobiography about his life, and the top 15 Songs off of his double album Dangerous, along with the real meaning behind each of Morgan Wallen’s songs off the Dangerous album by me providing you with short description or meaning of the lyrics on each one.

Morgan Wallen Songs

About Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen was born in a small town called Sneedville in Tennessee on May 13, 1993. He is a 29-year-old, successful country music singer, that can play several different instruments like the violin, piano, and guitar along with his excellent vocal talent.

His mother was a teacher and his father was a preacher. He grew up mostly in the Knoxville, Tn area. At the early age of 5, Morgan Wallen developed his amazing talent for playing the violin and singing in church.

All about Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen is a successful country music singer

These talents expanded as he grew older, and he learned his love for guitar later in High school. He played Baseball throughout his school years and was an overall good kid.

In 2014 Morgan Wallen auditioned for the talent show The Voice, where he was stolen and coached by Adam Levine. Unfortunately, Morgan Wallen’s appearance on the voice was short-lived and was eliminated fairly quickly.

Being on the voice gave Morgan Wallen exposure to the big guys in Nashville and a few people were interested in finding out just who this guy was ad what he was about. He moved to Nashville and formed a band called Morgan Wallen and Them Shadows.

Instantly he got connected with some of the big shots in music city and Morgan Wallen began his journey to fame. Morgan Wallen landed a spot with Big Loud Records and in 2016 was asked to start training on the radio.

In 2017 he collaborated with Florida Georgia Line on the song “Up, Down” which hit the top of the charts quickly and earned a gold record. In 2019 Wallen returns with the two singles, “More than my Hometown”, and “This Bar”. In 2020 He started working on his double album called Dangerous.

The first part of the songs of the album is about love and relationships, while the second part of the album’s songs is more about himself, his friends, his lifestyle, and his hometown. After his album Dangerous was released in 2021 it worked up the highest number of first-week streams of a country album to date.

Morgan Wallen has not remained the preacher’s son, with his fame came other issues to deal with, one being in and out with the law at local bars in Nashville and getting charges, and another being what was portrayed as racist slurs on the radio.

This trouble with the racist slur led to him being dismissed from his producer at the time and the Album Dangerous was his major comeback. COVID allowed Morgan Wallen the time that he need to be able to work on such as big project as a double album like Dangerous.

Top 15 Songs off the Double album Dangerous:

  1. Dangerous: The Double Album
  2. 7 Summers
  3. Silverado For Sale
  4. This Bar
  5. Wonderin’Bout The Wind
  6. Blame It On Me
  7. QuittinTime
  8. More Than My Hometown
  9. Sand In My Boots
  10. Wasted On You
  11. Outlaw
  12. Somebody’s Problem
  13. Rednecks, Red Letter, Red Dirt
  14. Cover Me Up
  15. Whiskey’d my way

Description of songs

Dangerous: The Double Album

Dangerous: The Double Album was released on January 8, 2021, by Big Loud Records, and Public Records. Producers that worked on this album include Joey Moi, Jacob Durrett, Charlie Handsom, Matt Dradstrem, and Dave Cohen. The album was made available on digital, vinyl, and cd.

Expert Tip: This song was country music star, Morgan Wallens, a second song recorded and became a hit instantly with country music fans across the nation. Dangerous: The Double Album has 96:53 minutes of excellent, non-stop listening available to country music fans around the world.

Country music singer Morgan Wallen and his manager were joking around about creating this double album in the summer of 2020, and it came to be what Morgan Wallen ended up devoting the whole year to doing when COVID provided him the extra time.

Morgan Wallen wrote the Song Dangerous after he had gotten himself arrested outside of Kid Rocks bar in Nashville Tn. Morgan Wallen was Arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. He wrote this song to himself a couple of weeks after his trouble.

Morgan Wallen states that he added a little love interest to this song so that more people would be able to relate to it. This album was written to be about life lessons he had learned and things he wanted himself to know. Now Morgan Wallen tries to control his drinking because this well-known country singer knows things can get “Dangerous” after too many.

7 Summers

7 Summers was released in February 2020. Morgan Wallen wrote the song Shane Me Anally, and Josh Osbourne. 7 Summers is a song about Morgan Wallen’s breakup with his girlfriend in 2013. He still misses her today and wishes things had turned out different.

This song was voted in by the people kind of because he tested out the chorus and first lines on social media to see the reaction and people on Tik Tok and other platforms loved it.

When this song debuted at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 this put Morgan Wallen up at the top with Garth Brooks in 1999, being the first male country artist to have a song debut in the top 10, and Morgan Wallen the second.

Silverado For Sale

Silverado For Sale was produced on January 13, 2021. This song is written based on experiences that he had seen or been around in his life about hard times and things people would do for a wedding ring, like selling their new truck.

Morgan Wallen usually writes all his songs based on his personal experience but this one was just a little different but was still just as wonderful as the rest of his music. Morgan Wallen stated that he still has his Silverado truck and didn’t sell it for a wedding ring but he would have done so if it were him in this situation.

This Bar

This Bar was released on December 31, 2019. Morgan Wallen stated that he wrote this song based on some of the very good times he and his friends would have out at their local watering hole (a bar). He stated that he hopes this song, whether you’re having good times or bad, can bring a grin to your face no matter what.

Wonderin’ bout The Wind

Wonderin’ bout The Wind was released in 2021 on the Dangerous album. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information on the meaning behind this song or if there is much of a personal experience between the writer and lyrics.

Morgan Wallen states that he came up with the lyrics one day while sitting around picking his guitar. He came up with the first chorus of it and then called his friend Ernest Keith Smith for help with the ending.

Blame It On Me

Blame It On Me was dropped in 2021 on the Dangerous album, as a mock apology to a woman that had fallen in love with him and couldn’t seem to revert herself ba any other type of way. Blame it on me was produced by Joey Moi, Ashley Gorely, Charlie Handsome, and Ernest Keith Smith.

More Than My Hometown

More Than My Hometown was Morgan Wallen’s consecutive song to hit number 1. It was released in the summer of 2020, while COVID was rampant and Morgan had plenty of time and was on the Hot Country Songs chart for 36 weeks after it had been released.

Expert Tip: This song is about a young couple who falls in love with each other but has very different plans for their future. The girl decides she will be moving to the city for college while he decides he will be staying in their hometown and they tragically part ways.

Wallen states that the other meaning behind this song is to always be true to yourself and don’t ever let anyone change who you are no matter what.

Sand in My Boots

Sand in My Boots is another song about heartbreak, after going on a vacation and meeting a woman on the beach. He has a thing with this woman and he expects more out of the relationship than her and is devastated after he discovers it was nothing but a fling.

This song was needed for a small comeback after Wallen made a comment that was taken to be a racist comment. Morgan Wallen was dropped by his producer and banned from the CMA Awards that year.

Wasted on You

Wasted on You is about an ex-girlfriend that he just can’t seem to get over. These lyrics represent both the bourbon That he’s drinking and the wasted money and time from the relationship. Wasted on You landed its spot as number one in the first week and was on the Hot 100 Billboards 15 weeks afterward.


Outlaw was released on Jan 8, 2021, this song became very popular on YouTube topping out at 1m views and 6.1k likes. Outlaw’s featured artist is Ben Burgess. I wasn’t able to find any more information on this song either.

Somebody’s problem was thought up because of a joke Ernest had made on the interstate one day. He had said, “Look at that girl in the car beside us”, and Morgan replied, “I wonder who she is”.

Ernest commented back “somebody’s problem” so the song is about not being to get over the pretty girl he saw that was somebody’s problem but not his because he could treat her better than anyone else had.

Rednecks, Red Letters Red Dirt

Rednecks, Red Letters Red Dirt is a song about missing home and describes deep memories from his hometown that have made him the man he is today.

This song has lyrics that read like poetry and is a message that is for anyone who has ever lost themselves, basically what it is saying is that if you feel like you can’t find your way home you need only three things to find yourself again and them three things are Rednecks, Red letters, and Red Dirt.

Cover Me Up

Cover Me Up was written by Jason Isbell. He wrote this song to his wife after about with an alcohol rehabilitation center that he had left, this song is pure romance and the possibilities of the ever-looming suffering that it may bring with it. Morgan Wallen shot an 8-minute video in Tennessee telling this song’s storyline on Nov 22, 2019.

Whiskey’d My Way

Whiskey’d My Way was written by Thomas Rhett and he refers to this song as one that was hard to give up. Thomas Rhett wrote this song while he was on the road and then turned it over to morgan Wallen. Whiskey’d My Way was produced by Joey Moi, Josh Miller, and Josh Thompson in 2020 for the album Dangerous.


We have covered a lot in this article so I want to come together here at the end and highlight some of what I think are the important things to take from this reading. Number one is that Morgan Wallen is a great country music singer and writer of 2022 and releases premium music for the whole nation to enjoy.

Number two is what kind of lifestyle he lived and still lives today he has morals and a good upbringing, with respect and dignity and it shines throughout his music.

And number three that the double album Dangerous is the best album yet we know the meaning behind the songs that are on it.

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