NBA Youngboy Hits: Here’s His 10 Best Songs Ranked

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Thanks to different artists of various genres, our love for music has always connected us. And, of course, NBA Youngboy is no different. At the young age of 14, he has already taken the attention of plenty of music lovers with his creative lyrics and fantastic rapping skills.

So, it’s no question why plenty of us are curious to see just how well he’s doing in the music industry. If you’re one of those fans, don’t worry, your prayers have been answered. In this article, we’ll be talking about all the NBA Youngboy best songs.

Top 10 NBA Youngboy songs of all time:

NBA Youngboy Best Songs

#10 Graffiti

Starting this list off strong, we have Graffiti. With over 142 million views on YouTube, this song is considered one of those that reach the top of the charts in his song list. It was released last July 27, 2017, and has garnered plenty of attention over the past four years.

Expert Tip: According to him, the song holds a lot of meaning, seeing as a lot was happening in his life then. It was also part of the last album that he made before he was incarcerated.

#9 Valuable Pain

Amassing about 217 million views, Valuable Pain stands as one model as to why fans support his music. This song had one of the most meaningful lyrics, touching the hearts of many. In this music video, we are also given a glimpse of his son Draco. This once again shows that family is something he values the most.

#8 Preach

One of the most underrated songs in this list would have to be “Preach.” This is the second song on his playlist, “Until Death Call My Name.” It features a progression he used extensively on his mixtape “Ain’t Too Long,” in which he explores treason, desolation, and betrayal. The song was released on April 27, 2018, and has amassed a whopping 60 million views since then.

#7 No Smoke

Throughout his career, NBA YoungBoy has known that he always carries a pistol with him and isn’t afraid to use it if required. In “No Smoke”, he advises listeners not to start any smoke with him because the result will most probably not be favorable to them. Even though he is rapping on some unpleasant subjects, he makes it sound acceptable.

#6 Lonely Child

“Lonely Child” is another illustration of how he aspires to be emotional and understanding in his music. The song has a pleasant pace and a general mood that leans toward melancholy. It raps about dealing with grief, breaking up with someone, and being a dad.

Even though NBA YoungBoy doesn’t always have a good reputation in the market, songs such as these remind the world that he is pretty similar to the rest of us. That said, it’s no surprise it has reached over 107 million views on YouTube.

#5 Kacey Talk

Another song considered one of his best is “Kacey Talk.” Believe us when we say that this song is well-known for the right reasons. Similar to “Lonely Child,” “Kacey Talk” is another playlist that shows his vulnerability and emotions to his listeners. The track was named after children and demonstrated a balance between vulnerability and hostility.

#4 Through the Storm

He’s not referring to the clouds when he says that different kinds of storms can form at night. He talks about some of his early experiences, including getting into unnecessary trouble that he could have prevented. An example would be his rise to affluence and so forth. This is what he means when he mentions “storms” in this context.

Expert Tip: In the part, “Late at night, I used to slip out my grandfather’s window”, you can see that he uses piano-based rhythms and harmonizes his voice nicely with them. The song has reached over 192 million views and has gained more traction daily.

#3 38 Baby

With about 11 million views, 38 Baby was one of his first songs to hit the top charts and gain the attention of many. NBA Youngboys’ ascent began with this song. His reputation grew after this song like plants in your garden’s soil. The rhythm is smooth, reminiscent, and not overly complex.

The words in songs like this are as harsh as expected, but even then, he raps them to the best of his ability. While he appears normal in the thumbnail of his music video, he actually has bumps on his forehead. When he was four years old, he fractured his neck while wrestling, resulting in the dents. A halo had to be fastened onto his head to remedy the damaged neck issues,

#2 All In

A significant number of people in the music business have admitted that once they reach a certain level of success, it becomes challenging to trust and truly know the people beside them. NBA YoungBoy constantly talks about this in his music.

In the chorus, YoungBoy pleads, “If I tell how I feel, would you really listen?” He makes it very clear that he will go “all in” once he knows the people he can trust. The song was released July 26, 2020, and has reached 103 million views since then.

#1 Untouchable

In his songs, NBA YoungBoy has made it quite clear that no one can stand a chance against him. That being said, De this, “Untouchable” is a wonderfully on-brand tune for it. Unexpectedly, YoungBoy doesn’t display any arrogance in this song. Instead, he raps about how he gained his start in the business and his gratitude for all he has accomplished.

Expert Tip: It was also NBA Youngboy’s first song to be published following his release from prison following his conviction on charges of attempted murder. Most real Youngboy fans believe it to be his best, which is why it’s given the title of number one on this list.


NBA Youngboy has created dozens of songs that have hit the hearts of many. May your favorite song be on the list or not, we’re all still so happy to see how far he’s come in his music career. He has done a lot, and we believe he’ll continue doing so much more. We can’t wait to see what else he’ll share with the world.

That said, we hope you enjoyed this list as much as we enjoyed making it for you. Feel free to comment on any questions you have, and we’ll be happy to answer them. Until we see you next time.

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