15 Sad TikTok Songs You Have to Listen To

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Since a few years ago, the video-sharing website TikTok has been a great marketing tool for musicians of all genres. The music associated with the video would first go viral due to its success.

It has become music makers’ most important social media channel as both marketers and musicians have grabbed on. Additionally, millions of app users have discovered their new favorite song.

Sad TikTok Songs

15 Saddest TikToks That Will Make You Cry

1. This City by Sam Fischer

Sam Fischer masterfully combines pop and slow jam components with softly played guitar chords. The orchestra is all there to back the message, and the record gives Sam complete freedom to carry the songs.

Expert Tip: This record stands up with the rest of the saddest TikTok tracks that have recently been trending because it is an excellent song for reflecting.

Sam Fischer did a fantastic job creating a piece that would connect with listeners worldwide because it had many relatable features.

2. Dancing on My Own by Calum Scott

The production value was excellent, and Calum Scott’s vocals have a lot of power. While not intrusive, it simultaneously emits a live venue sound for a more genuine approach. “Dancing On My Own” discusses sentiments of loneliness and lost love, both of which are pretty typical for many people, in a positive yet depressing manner.

Despite the song’s gloomy vibe, the dynamic progression offers a sense of coziness and warmth.

3. Keep Your Head up by Princess Anson Seabra

With “Keep Your Head Up,” Anson created a fantastic tune that swiftly rose to the top of the saddest songs you’ll frequently hear in TikTok videos due to the sympathetic vocals.

Aside from his lyrics, the piano plays perfectly without being overly strong or harsh. People from all walks of life can relate to these songs, and Anson has earned many new followers due to the song’s success on social media. Treat yourself to Anson’s creative vision if you have yet to hear the album.

4. Losing Control by Russ

Russ’s vocals lend “Losin Control” a natural tone, and the song’s simple production makes it completely comfortable. The song’s lyrics, which many listeners can relate to, are one of the reasons it became so popular. The melody is relatively straightforward yet serves as a gentle synth pad throughout the song.

Russ is a multi-talented independent artist with a respectable vocal range who has spent years developing his style and cultivating a devoted fan base. In addition, he creates a lot of songs on his own, customizing their sound to suit his taste.

5. Can We Kiss Forever? By Kina (Feat. Adriana Proenza)

This album features a contemporary percussion and synthesizer production that is light and melancholy. The vocals are laid-back and primarily designed to enhance the instrumental. This song’s audio is so calming that it doesn’t require lyrics to achieve the same effect.

The song “Can We Kiss Forever” has been making the rounds on TikTok for a while and will probably keep doing so because it is catchy.

6. To Build a Home by the Cinematic Orchestra

Although the song is challenging to get through, the production quality is stunning, and it is worth giving it a thorough listen. It’s a fantastic song to listen to aloud or occasionally. It is obvious that “To Build A Home” is a classic song whose worth will never diminish.

7. Say Something by a Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

“Say Something,” a song with a lot of genuine passion, has a lot of timeless elements that make it very playable.

Christina Aguilera’s backing vocals enhance the song while enhancing the dynamics. Many individuals have utilized this song for numerous related videos since it has a beautiful heartfelt message. Even though this song was released in the early 2010s, it is currently considered one of the saddest TikTok songs.

8. Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi

Aside from that, this song was already a strong record before it became well-known on TikTok. Lewis’s work on “Before You Go” is excellent, and many of his admirers adore the power in his voice.

It is obvious why the song has been utilized so frequently on the social networking app, thanks to the relevant elements of the lyrics and the uplifting instrumentation. Try this song if you enjoy strong voices with an even stronger chorus.

9. You Were Good to Me by Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler

“You Were Good To Me” has a strong message and a sorrowful piano accompaniment. The vocals are also somber. The song includes a lot of white space, which allows each note to ring out loud and clearly.

Although the lyrics have a depressing undertone, the music is nevertheless heartfelt despite the record’s many waves. The topic of this song had a role in the song’s success on TikTok, where viral videos are frequently very relatable.

10. Surrender by Natalie Taylor

Natalie attracted a lot of recognition thanks to the usage of her song “Surrender” in numerous viral videos on the site. Apart from that, the music’s overall caliber is excellent and has many lovely aural characteristics.

Expert Tip: The song does a great job of evoking emotion and can get under your skin. The song is currently on many new fans’ playlists, and according to numerous online comments, it’s one of the saddest TikTok songs you’ll ever hear.

11. Hurt by Johnny Cash

Even Trent Reznor thought the idea of a country music icon covering Nine Inch Nails on paper was horrifying. But ‘Hurt,’ released less than a year before Johnny Cash passed away, was his most tremendous success.

The Man in Black turned Reznor’s petulant angst into his all-American obituary despite Cash’s scowling baritone being worn down by ill health.

The movie intensified the pain when images of the ailing yet dignified Cash were cut with those of his wife, June, clips of his prior success, and pictures of the Tennessee museum’s dilapidated, collapsing House of Cash.

In the song “Hurt,” a man sings in the face of death while channeling a lifetime’s worth of regret, suffering, hard-won success, and unfulfilled desire.

12. Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour is highly cathartic if you’re going through a breakup, but “traitor” hits harder if any emotional cheating is involved.

13. Righteous by Juice Wrld

Not just the fact that Juice WRLD is no longer with us makes this song tremendously melancholy, his lyrics also referred to his passing. “We might die this evening, coughing, gasping, bleeding. Over ice, I’m freezing. Beautiful eyes, misleading.”

14. 929 by Halsey

With their painfully heartbreaking, honest lyrics in “929,” Halsey captures the essence of growing up in the spotlight as a woman. “They said, ‘Don’t meet your heroes. They’re all fucking weirdos,’ and God knows that they were right.

Because nobody loves you, they try to fuck you. Then put a feature on the B-side and who do you call when it’s late at night? When the headline

15. When We Were Young by Adele

Adele not only invented winged eyeliner but also nailed the sorrowful song. “My God, this takes me back to when we were young,” someone exclaimed. “You still look like a movie and sound like a song.”


Only underestimate the healing power of a great sad song if you’re feeling exhausted or stressed about life. Even though it seems paradoxical, some of the best slow, emotional songs encourage us to acknowledge our emotions, which is a complex but essential first step. Just turn on some music to relax.

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