11 Rap Songs About Money You Must Listen To

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Examining the various ways that hip-hop musicians use their music to discuss money. Rap music is a popular genre appreciated by listeners worldwide and is known for its raucous lyrical content, high-intensity 808 beats, and combative energy.

Although rap music offers a variety of perspectives and narratives, one of the most frequent themes always revolves around money. Rap music is known for having a distinct aesthetic frequently linked to wealth and opulent lifestyles. For a good reason, rap is one of the most popular musical genres in the current age.

The top 11 rap songs about money are included in this article. Here are the following:

Songs About Money Rap

1. Get Money By Lil Baby

There is no disputing Lil Baby’s meteoric climb to stardom, and he rapidly caught the interest of other well-known rap musicians. Because of his persistent flow and one of the record’s most catchy songs, “Get Money,” off his highly anticipated album My Turn, the musician demonstrated his ability.

From beginning to end, it’s simple to get locked into this fast-paced song with upbeat percussion and 808s. Aside from the instrumental trap influence, the lyrical material can occasionally become quite passionate and apparent.

2. Got Money By Lil Wayne (Feat. T-Pain)

It is not only a well-known duet but also a song that was everywhere in the late 2000s. Although Lil Wayne has unquestionably impacted contemporary rap music, he once ruled the genre for many years. T-Pain nicely contrasts the natural vocal approach of Lil Wayne, and the percussion adds a driving force with lots of appealing percussion sounds.

Expert Tip: I’d say “Got Money” is unquestionably one of the best rap songs about money because of how popular it was when it came out and how much of an impact it had on listeners.

3. Hustlin’ By Rick Ross

The boss, Rick Ross, has never been bashful about his passion for making money moves, and he has a bold voice that blends in beautifully with the heavy symphonic sounds. One of his most well-known songs is “Hustlin’,” and like many other rap songs, the hook from this song will live on in listeners’ minds for the rest of their lives.

The instrumental’s dramatic brass melodies and tight percussion dynamics give the piece a clean tone. This record facilitated a significant portion of the artist’s ascent.

4. About The Money By T.I. (Feat. Young Thug)

T.I.’s hard-hitting duet “About The Money” features two Atlantan rappers from distinct eras and Young Thug, who was adored by many generations of rap fans. Young Thug’s vocals are always on point, and his harmonies fill the musical breaks that are left vacant.

This song’s inclusion on our list of the finest rap songs about money is partly due to the way it combines the raw Georgia sound of both performers with thrashing instrumentals. Thanks to the rolling percussion and the memorable hook, you will be engrossed in everything this banger has to offer.

5. $Ave Dat Money By Lil Dicky (Feat. Fetty Wap & Rich Homie Quan)

It is obvious why “$ave Dat Money” attracted the attention it did when one considers the song’s intent and lyrical substance, as the message is the total opposite of what is typical. A club-ready instrumental features funny, catchy vocals about conserving money rather than spending it on luxury, with backing lyrics from Rich Homie Quan and Fetty Wap.

The song features all the standard rap elements, including upbeat 808s, easy-to-dance-to B.P.M.s, simple melody plucks, and repeating shouts. Lil Dicky consistently creates some of the most enjoyable rap music with a dash of biting humor.

6. Money Keep Coming By Y.K. Osiris

Y.K. Osiris is a rapper that frequently combines R&B, rap, and trap elements while striking melodies evocating vintage R&B styles. The instrumental knocks with a forceful 808, offering thumping dynamics and soaring vocals.

The piano lends a lot of emotion to the artist’s vocal range, while the percussion and melodic layers in the instrumental build up for the hook. He does a fantastic job of experimenting with the record’s musical spectrum and providing a wide variation for listeners to enjoy.

7. Gold Digger By Kanye West (Feat. Jamie Foxx)

One song from the now-reminiscential rap music era, “Gold Digger,” has become ingrained in the memories of an entire generation. Although Kanye West has created some classical music during his career, many people will continue to favor this album.

This song’s success can be attributed to several factors, including Jamie’s supporting vocals, Kanye’s widespread appeal, and the song’s lighthearted tone. The message is unmistakable as Kanye raps over a straightforward instrumental in a conversational flow.

8. Mo Money Mo Problems By The Notorious B.I.G.

This song is among the most well-known rap tracks on our list. Not many albums since “Mo Money Mo Problems” have been able to replicate its impact on the genre. Aside from a few famous words, almost any rap fan can instantly identify its tune and sample choice.

Due to the artist’s reputation and the nostalgia that had come to be connected with the song, the entire production perfectly captures a bygone era. It continues to garner the praise it did when it was first released.

9. I Get Money By 50 Cent

Since he entered the rap and hip-hop world, 50 Cent has maintained a dominant presence. It’s easy to sense the confidence in his cadence on “I Got Money,” a staple song from his older career, and it seems natural to him. With a strong snare and thunderous kicks, the production has knocking components.

Notably, the song’s hook is the most identifiable portion of the album, and the synth melody that repeats will quickly get ingrained in your mind.

10. Cash Money By Tyga

Tyga is a musician whose song typically contains all of the elements of a club smash. From the beginning of his career, his aesthetic quickly embraced an opulent lifestyle. One of the many songs on his discography, “Cash Money,” discusses how money supports his luxurious lifestyle.

Expert Tip: This song is among the best rap songs about money on this list because the lyrics are uncensored, and even though it is pretty repetitive, the 808s keep you moving to the beat. Tyga is always a good choice if you’re looking for an upbeat party song for your playlist.

11. C.R.E.A.M. by Wu-Tang Clan

C.R.E.A.M., which stands for “cash rules everything around me,” was created by Wu-Tang associate Raider Ruckus. In addition, “C.R.E.A.M.” developed into one of the most well-liked slang phrases for money in popular culture because of Method Man’s hook’s stickiness and the song’s fame.

We learn about Raekwon the Chef and Inspectah Deck’s difficult upbringings, as well as the ups and downs of a profitable yet dangerous drug trade involving violence and being imprisoned, in their autobiographical poems.

It’s a direct warning to shorties about the realities of the paper chase from the senior Shaolin elders with first-hand knowledge of how cash governs. Note this.


Rappers often wax lyrical about paper, but rapping about money is familiar and novel. Biggie’s financial reflections are renowned and a part of a longer hip-hop history. Rap has always had money on its collective mind since its inception.

Rap is naturally the music of America’s marginalized communities, and as such, the acquisition of money and the pursuit of an ideal lifestyle are significant themes. Those without money will often daydream about having it.

And those who do own it will boast about it, mainly if they recently acquired it. But, what appears to be bragging and taunting on the surface is a celebration of a victory over the odds.

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