Songs About Dogs Love: 20 Best Dog Songs

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If you think about some of the biggest names in music you might say, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, The Monkees, The Beetles. Guess what they all have in common? They have all written songs about dogs.

Dogs are a massively important part of our family life, our best friend, our loyal companion, our release from the pressures of modern-day life, but did you know that some of the biggest names in music, across different eras and genres, have produced some brilliant songs about dogs?

If you have a special dog-themed event, want to share in someone else’s love of dogs, or would just like a good tune to get you through a tricky day, these 20 songs about dogs could be perfect for you or your event.

Who let the dogs out? – Baha Men

What a place to start An absolute early 2000’s classic from the Baha Men became a worldwide hit and nearly impossible for people to get out of their heads (that might happen to you after reading this, sorry!).

Whilst the song has the term dogs in the song title, it is thought the song uses dogs’ as a derogatory term for men who bark at women, but it’s such a great tune it couldn’t be left out. Did we ever find out who let those dogs out? Who, who, who?

The Reason a Dog – Aerosmith

Aerosmith once told us that they don’t wanna miss a thing, but you may have missed this dog-themed song from them. From the Done With Mirrors album, which to many true Aerosmith fans has become a bit of a lost gem, you might not be aware that Aerosmith is included in a list of songs about dogs.

Expert Tip: In this groovy hit, Aerosmith tells us that the reason dogs have so many friends is they wag their tails instead of their tongues. Maybe there is a lesson for all of us there to stop wagging our tongues.

I Love My Dog – Sublime

The first of our songs about dogs on this list with the title I Love My Dog’ shows how important they are to us and our favorite musical stars. This groovy reggae beat was about lead singer and guitarist Bradley Nowell’s pet Dalmatian called Lou and was written after he went missing for a week.

Lou features in a number of songs and became the group’s mascot. Lou has even been pictured wearing a rasta cap and is placed front and center of album covers. Good boy Lou, you look like one cool dog.

Every Dog Will Have His Day – Procol Harum

This song has to be without doubt one of the most raunchy and funny songs about dogs there is and because of that, it had to make the list. Whilst the title might suggest the song is a motivational classic, telling us that no matter what our chance of success will come, the song is completely different. With a wicked sense of dark humor.

Procol describes the way her male dog, how should we say this: cleans his bits. I won’t repeat the exact lyrics, but if you want to find them yourself you can. If you like this one. you might also be surprised to learn that Procol had another hit with a song about a dog called Salty Dog.

The More Boys I Meet – Carrie Underwood

In this cheery song, Carrie Underwood tells us that she realizes that she loves her dog more and more after meeting and kissing some useless men, who want to move things too fast for her liking, who she lovingly refers to as frogs. Who could blame her?

Our four-legged friends are much more reliable and trustworthy than the two-legged human form could ever be. As long as you keep them fed and walked that is.

Gonna Buy Me a Dog – The Monkees

Hey hey, we’re the monkeys, we love making songs about dogs. The Monkees’ Gonna Buy Me a Dog is a song about a guy whose girlfriend dumped him, and what does he do? He only goes and gets himself a dog of course, cause he needs a friend.

This is such a cheery song that The Monkees couldn’t help but laugh throughout the recording, and it is sure to put a smile on your face, it certainly did mine. Apparently, The Monkees intended on doing this song seriously, until Davy Jones highjacked the song with his comic one-liners, and there was no going back.

Expert Tip: In this song, apparently, the guy thinks of buying a raccoon, but unfortunately, John already has one, so he decides against it and ends out buying a dog which is the most random, but fun lyric in our list of songs about dogs.

Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog – Johnny Cash

Perhaps not the nicest title for songs about dogs, and it contains some rather should we say choice lyrics. Johnny Cash created this topical comedic tune in the 1960s, during a time when he was strongly influenced by Bob Dylan. In this song, Cash tells us that apparently, his dog isn’t very handsome, eats like a hog, and is always killing chickens.

I think it sounds like a delight. To stop his dog from misbehaving Johnny makes some threats to his dog, so probably not best for little ears (children), but I’m sure Johnny didn’t mean it.

Cracker Jack – Dolly Parton

If Johnny Cash didn’t like his dog. I’m sure the next star on this list would happily take it in and give it the love it deserves. The 9-5 star Dolly Parton is a massive dog lover, and this is another one on this list of songs about dogs that may have passed you by.

Originally released in 1973, Cracker Jack is a true story about Dolly Parton’s own childhood dog called Jack who was a stray when Dolly got him. In this song, Dolly Parton tells us that she found Jack down by the river, where he was cold and hungry and his ribs were sticking out.

Jack was apparently awkward looking, had a patch around one eye and his legs were too long. She then nursed Jack back into good health, and I’m sure Jack was a very lucky boy and repaid Dolly with the warming love a dog can give. This song gained a more modern following when it appeared in Dolly’s Netflix show called Heartstrings.

Old King – Neil Young

A hugely infectious hit about dogs. Neil Young even plays the banjo in this hit and is supported by Nicolette Larson on the harmonies. Like all of us, Neil tells his dog who chased and howled after deer, wasn’t scared of jumping off the truck at high speeds, was the best old hound dog he ever knew, and he told King’s everything.

The Old King name is thought to have been a play on words joke by Neil Young, as the dog’s actual name was Elvis. Whether or not he was named after the king himself. Elvis appears on this list in his own right

Gulliver / It’s Hay Chewed – Elton John

Another massive global star making this list of songs about dogs. However, this one has a sad, heartbreaking tale behind it. In this 7 minute song (yes 7 minutes) Elton John tells us about the memory of having to put his beloved pet down in a song of real emotion, which demonstrates his love for his pet.

Expert Tip: The song even ends in a heartbreaking note with Elton crying, but it is one of the most touching songs about dogs which is wonderfully performed and demonstrates the true bond we have with our dogs.

Hound Dog – Big Mama Thornton

Everyone surely knows this song in one form or another. A powerful R&B anthem, Big Mama Thornton’s rendition of Hound Dog like some of the other songs on this list isn’t about a dog at all instead, it is a song aimed at her man for being selfish and exploitive.

I hope Big Mama Thornton wasn’t trying to give our four-legged friends a bad name? The song has been subject to many controversies and lawsuits, and many will know Elvis Presley’s version a couple of years later. All we know is that Big Mama Thornton’s version is one of the coolest songs about dogs.

Blake Shelton: 01’ Red

Country music is no exception including songs about dogs. But this song is truly like no other, trust me! In this song, Blake Shelton is looking after the guard enforcer’s dog (called Red) after being sent to jail for killing his wife’s boyfriend. Whilst looking after the dog, he finds a female dog for Red to fall in love with.

With me in this intriguing tale so far? When the two dogs are umm… making love, the singer decides to take this as an opportunity to escape from jail. Surely one of the most drama-filled songs about dogs there is? It’s almost less song and more Netflix drama series, a sequel to Prison Break perhaps?

The Puppy Song – Harry Nilsson

With perhaps the cutest title of any of the songs about dogs, is this utterly charming, bittersweet melody about someone’s dreams of owning a puppy which they would take everywhere and their other dream of having a friend who’d stick with them till the end.

Harry Nilsson talks about how lucky he would be to have a puppy, who he’d know would never bite him, they would stay away from crowds and even share a cup of tea. Whilst sharing a cup of tea with your pet dog might not be recommended, it really shows us about the companionship a dog (and friends) can bring to our lives.

Dog lover Paul McCartney later produced a lovely version of this song with Mary Hopkin. but more on him later.

(How Much Is That) Doggie In The Window? – Pattie Page

A heartwarming song, which is perhaps one of the best-known songs about dogs. Pattie Page’s version was released in 1953 and is in contrast to much of her other work which largely consists of ballads and country songs. But variety is the spice of life, and we are certainly glad Pattie decided to mix things up with this song.

The original recording included the sound of dogs barking. The song tells a tale of seeing a dog in the shop window, with a wiggly tail and wanting to buy it. But of course, you knew that already didn’t you?

Old Shep – Elvis Presley

See I told you some of the biggest names have made songs about dogs but unfortunately this song isn’t a cheery one. With very powerful lyrics, it’s a tale of a boy who lost his best friend, his dog. which was apparently poisoned by his neighbor.

But the song does end on a slightly more warming note, where Elvis tells us that if dogs to go heaven, he is sure that Old Shep is there having a wonderful time.

Bingo – Nursery Rhyme / Folk Song

B-l-N-G-0 and Bingo was his name-o is a cheery nursery rhyme loved by children everywhere, and they’re just can’t be a list of songs about dogs without it. It’s a folk song and nursery rhyme about a farmer who had a dog called Bingo, and that’s pretty much it.

We don’t even get to find out what dog Bingo is or what Bingo likes, but what the song lacks in detail, it more than makes up for in charm and happiness, and is a must-listen for little children.

Martha My Dear – The Beatles

Even The Beatles couldn’t resist making songs about dogs! From the 1968 album The Beatles, dog lover Paul McCartney wrote this charming love song to his first pet Old English Sheepdog, Martha.

Not everyone knew it was for his dog, many people interpreted the song to be written about Jane Asher, who McCartney planned to marry at around the same time, and many have used it as a love song to their (human) loved ones. But it is now widely thought that the song was Paul declaring his love for his dog Martha.

Apparently, Paul loved his dog Martha so much, he kept a litter full of her puppies.

Seamus – Pink Floyd

Yes, Pink Floyd got in on the act with a song called Seamus. Never work with kids or animals they say but the story goes that frontman guitarist Steve Marriott’s dog Seamus could bark on command, leading to an improvised blues tune around the dogs barking, which the group found to be really funny.

Expert Tip: The song featured on Pink Floyd’s 1971 album Meddle, and apparently, the group only performed this song live once, at a gig in Pompeii where a Russian Wolfhound named Nobs, was used as a replacement for Seamus. How’s that for some Pink Floyd dog trivia?

I Love My Dog – Yusuf / Cat Stevens

A list of songs about dogs including a song written by a Cat, there’s a joke in there somewhere. Our second song of this title is on our list of songs about dogs, showing how loved our pet dogs really are.

This song which was Cat Stevens’ debut single became a big hit in the UK and says how the singer has as much love for his dog as his partner, and that whilst the love for his partner might fade, the love for his dog will always be there. If we are being honest, don’t we all feel that way.

Man of the Hour – Norah Jones

In a similar theme to many in our list of songs about dogs. Norah Jones tells us how her dog is better than her man in every single way. Are men getting a bad rap here, or are dogs getting the praise? Or both!

The cover of Norah’s album shows her in a wedding dress with a massive St. Bernard dog which isn’t actually hers. Norah has a little poodle, a very different size indeed.

As you can see above some of the biggest names in music, across different genres and eras, have made songs about dogs.

Some of the songs about dogs in our lists may have passed you by or you may have forgotten about them, so hopefully, they will encourage you to find joy in these songs and remind you of the greatest of our loyal four-legged friends.

Some of them have declared their love for their trusty and loved four-legged friends, others use it as a way to trash talk their (ex) partners.

Whatever the motivation, I’m sure you’ll agree this list of songs about dogs contains a large number of songs for you to enjoy, whether you are out walking your dog, cuddling up with your best friend, or just wanting a great tune.

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