Songs About The Universe: Best Songs About Space Ranked

Ranging from electric pop to rock genres, and periods from the 1980s to 2000s, the list of 20 songs about space explores the journeys of romance, scientific theories, and events throughout history, to leaving Earth and being transported into space to see the world from new perspectives.

The songs vary in style, length, and the effects that they have upon the listener, yet one feature that they all have in common is the inclusion of some level of personal experience, be that a relationship or unique life event. Many of the songs about space below are well-known songs that have regularly been played on the radio but the true meanings and depth have sometimes been bypassed.

These descriptions provide an insight into the meaning and substance behind the songs by exploring all aspects of the lyrics and how space. from a variety of different angles. led to influencing the meaning of the songs.

Songs about space

1. Space Dog – Tori Amos

‘Space Dog’ is a song that is based on a range of visual experiences that Tori Amos had in New Mexico and when she was flying over to Chicago. “Space Dog” is an animal that Tori saw during her experience and during one of her interviews, she explains how they come to offer religious guidance and understanding about how beneath the surface, we are all really one of the same.

Unlike other songs about space, “Space Dog” includes a unique animal and this animal helps to offer insight and positivity which is reflected in the repeated line.

“Your feet are finally on the ground he said.” There is a real sense of empowerment and finally finding a new perspective and realizing that there is always an opportunity to take back control of your own life and choices.

2. Walking on the Moon – The Police

‘Walking on the Moon’ offers an insight into the lead singer of ‘The Police’. Sting’s experience of falling in love, and his journey of returning home after spending time with his love interest.

It is clear that he is experiencing feelings of fear and excitement yet also willingly stepping into the risks of having his heart broken which are reflected in the metaphorical references of ‘taking giant steps’ and ‘I hope my leg don’t break’.

The reference to ‘Some may say. I’m wishing my days away,’ also pinpoints that others doubt the likeliness of the romance blossoming, however, this does not stop his pursuit.

3. To the Moon & Back – Savage Garden

‘To the Moon and Back’ presents outsiders’ speculation into the reasons behind why a woman appears so separated from society and those around her which the lyrics. ‘Everyone’s got a theory about the bitter one’ draws the listeners’ attention.

There is a reference to her emotional wounding due to weak family relationships and the loss of friendships. along with how she feels in a world of her own that lacks love and affection. It could be interpreted that due to the fraught relationships in her life, love is no longer something that she seeks yet by waiting for the right person to come along and offer to her what she wants and needs then she would give her all.

The song carries the meaning of her past and how that impacts her present yet it also shows a longing for love that is slightly hidden to some.

4. Aliens Exist – Blink 182

Written by Tom DeLonge. the lead vocalist of Blink 182. ‘Aliens Exist’ is about Tom’s interest in the extraterrestrial world. There is a tone of fear and misunderstanding in the first verse as Tom writes about being unsure of what is in the house yet his suspicions being unheard.

This song has a strong element of disconnect from this world due to his friends not necessarily believing his suspicions experiences and by repeating. ‘I’m not like you guys’ it leads the listener to wonder how in touch with his own life he really feels.

The lack of explanations and answers makes feelings that are ‘dark and scary’ arise and even leads to paranoia. Without answers, the song reflects how the preoccupation is consuming and his ongoing want for society and people in his life to listen to him remains from the beginning to the end of the song.

5. We are all Made of Stars – Moby

This song was written to describe the true interconnectedness between every human and how we are not only similar to the formation and nature of stars but also the scientific reasoning of how we are all made up of stars along with other matter in the universe.

The song’s lyrics are not only cyclical in form but also address the cycle of human nature which predominantly includes growth and change.

The lyrics, ‘Can’t fight the future’ also link to the purpose of the song which was linked to human rights issues in Tibet.

6. Girl from Mars – Ash

Written about a girl that there’s a connection with like no other. this song reflects how unforgettable each memory was with her and how they had made a lasting imprint in the mind.

Based on the look that lingered in her eyes, the girl is conveyed as a combination of both infatuating and also calming, which is further reflected by the description of the settings that they spent time in.

As a ‘girl from Mars,’ she is someone that is difficult to understand yet part of her charm is her ability to evoke feelings of being alive and ‘electricity in the air.’ Interestingly, the whole song is based on the writer’s perception of the girl and the lack of her perspective develops an even stronger sense of mystery.

7. There’s a Star for Everyone – Aretha Franklin

With an emphasis on time moving forward yet a persistent longing for a love interest. Aretha describes the mixed messages that she receives and her longing to form an emotional and physical connection with another.

There are two slightly contrasting tones throughout this song about space: one of which discusses her thought processes and feelings about the heartache and the other alludes to dreaminess as it echoes, ‘There’s a star for everyone who’s lost.’

8. Drops of Jupiter – Train

Setting itself apart from other songs about space the idea for “Drops of Jupiter.” came to the songwriter. Pat Monahan in his dream and when he woke, he later wrote it in 30 minutes.

Analogies of space and the atmosphere are prevalent throughout “Drops of Jupiter,” as the songwriter poetically conveys the death of his mother in a spiritual and metaphysical way.

His mother is described as being omnipresent in the universe as she returns as natural elements such as ‘wind’ and ‘rain.’ Monahan makes comparisons between the life that she could be living and also whether he has lived up to her expectations.

9. Counting Stars – One Republic

Lost dreams, high hopes and ambitions. and aspirations for a better future. ‘Counting Stars’ has received numerous interpretations.

However, the writer, Ryan Tedder explained how this song has a niche meaning that focuses on the natural and intangible features of life and that he is on the cusp of an epiphany where he and his partner will begin to embrace the beauty of life beyond money and commodities.

The short amount of time available to us is also highlighted and how this time should not be spent being concerned about money but it should be spent being grateful for what is offered to us.

10. Meteor Shower – Owl City

Based on a strong faith in God, yet not categorized as Christian Rock, there is determination, and self-exploration in ‘Meteor Shower’.

The song begins by sending out messages to the universe about unanswered questions and drifting into space to find a new perspective. Earth, and everything on it, are also presented as a microcosm from up in space and there is also a sense of empowerment which is stated with.

‘There is nothing you or I can do. so let the stars fall’. Renewal is also a central theme and that during this process, the need for God’s support is essential.

11. Hello Earth – Kate Bush

‘Hello. Earth’ presents a journey of Kate Bush’s deeper understanding of the universe. the part that we each play in it. and the natural happenings of life. The essence of all time being combined and as one is also permeated throughout and it really draws the listener to understand the concept of time.

With a likening to ‘The Overview Effect,’ the writer shifts from being on Earth, to then overseeing everything from space which consequently, leads to an understanding of how small that we are in relation to everything.

With a birds-eye-view of observing men out at sea, this develops into overwhelming protection for planet Earth.

12. Space Boy – Smashing Pumpkins

With a meaning not immediately apparent ‘Space Boy is about Billy Corgan’s younger brother and his experiences of growing up not being fully understood by the world. The song is also about his brother finding independence in the world and discovering his manhood.

By referring to his brother as Space Boy, this is highlighting how he is viewed as coming from out-of-space and not directly fitting into the world.

13. Man on the Moon – R.E.M

As one of the well-known songs about space, “Man on the Moon’ is a tribute to a comedian. Andy Kauffman. The song is partially about Kauffman’s life and eclectic performances which included impersonations of Elvis.

The song includes conspiracies surrounding the landing on the moon with the line, ‘If you believe they put a man on the moon,’ along with misconceptions made about Kauffman’s life.

With these theories arising in the song, it suggests people’s gullibility and it steers towards a humorous tone. Although Kauffman is at the forefront of this song. there are also other historical figures mentioned in the song.

14. A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

This is a song that dedicates itself to love and it uses a literal ‘sky full of stars’ to describe what this person stands for and the breadth of the meaning that they have. Similarly, to the everlasting light of the stars. love is expressed as being forever on going no matter the difficulties that life presents.

The meaning of the stars also represents Gods guidance and that no matter what path is followed. there will be something bright and positive illuminating the journey through life.

15. Spaceship Coupe – Justin Timberlake

‘Spaceship Coupe’ invites love to be spontaneous. playful. and free. The double-entendre of ‘I don’t want to be the one to alienate you.’ and the search for trying to find the alien in his lover explores the fun side of the experience and the opportunity for risk-taking.

As the song about space progresses, similarly to the description of the couple ‘hopping into a spaceship’ and soaring across the galaxies, the song also steers towards a new direction of a deeper romantic tone which emphasizes the physical and emotional connection whilst being on the moon.

As the driver, taking his partner into a new world. he really strives to make her feel like the center of the universe and to finally create a sense of their own world.

16. 2000 Light Years From Home – The Rolling Stones

Based on the experiences of being away from home. Mick Jagger slips into a world where he is immersed in the greater stratosphere of space and stars. This imagery stemmed from the band’s psychedelic experiences and a time where there were some challenging emotions and situations.

Likening his experience of being out in space alongside the repetition of ‘loneliness’ also exemplifies how the distance from familiarity and the well-known really impacted him.

This is a common feeling addressed in songs about space and which is not surprising as both the emotion and distance of space are vast

17. Space Oddity – David Bowie

“Space Oddity” describes a journey of slowly stepping away from Earth, contemplating achievements. and how these have been received by others, along with saying goodbye to relationships.

There is also a level of observing everything from a different perspective up in space and there are several lines that mimic those of an astronaut trying to communicate with Earth from outer space.

The repeated, ‘Can you hear me. Major Tom?’ shows how communication cannot be made with planet Earth, and whilst the world below and around continues on, there is nothing that can be done to form a connection.

18. Puttin’ People on the Moon – Drive-by Truckers

The struggles of everyday life are at the core of this song. Difficulties with the economy and the emotions attached to living without a job and trying to provide for a family are pervasive.

There is a strong awareness of large-scale world problems yet the main focus is on improving their happiness and quality of life. There is also recognition towards how the difficulties impact other people yet returning the lyrics back towards the social disparities continually shows the level of doubt about the situation changing.

A level of frustration is also expressed towards those with political power with being ‘too busy puffin’ people on the moon’ instead of addressing the difficulties within society.

19. Cosmic Love – Florence and the Machine

Thrown into a striking and overwhelming love. the universe’s elements are used as props to make visual imagery and patterns to demonstrate how intricate and detailed Florence’s feelings are.

Examples of supernovas and the fast-paced cosmological changes lead the listener towards an understanding of the intensity of her emotions.

With a lack of reassurance that the feelings are reciprocated, she turns away from the emotions into ‘darkness’ to only then later find that they were returned, resulting in the opportunity for the romance to finally come together.

20. Jupiter Crash – The Cure

Inspired by a brief encounter with a woman. the nature of a star signifies the experience and how it is similar to the short-lived moment of witnessing a star come into view, fade, and then leave a lasting effect.

Behind the story of ‘Jupiter Crash’ is the inspiration taken from the Shoemaker-Levy comet that passed by Jupiter in 1993 and then, after the pieces dispersed, the comet blasted towards Jupiter.

Similar to the mesmerizing spectacle of the comet, the analogy demonstrates the breathtaking moment that even gravity could not sustain.


From solo artists to bands, the list of 20 songs about space has explored topics about the economy. politics. romantic and family relationships. to soul-searching and finding faith in the universe. A range of devices. such as visual metaphors and repetition, have been used to draw a link between the message and stories that the artists have shared whilst incorporating the vastness of space.

As such as strong-featured theme throughout this list of songs about space, it is clear that it is a source of inspiration for so many artists alike.

One of the most similar themes is how artists focus on interweaving notable historical events to their own life experiences. leaving a lasting effect of a real connectedness between individuals and the universe as a whole.

What song did they play on the moon?

People often wonder about what song did they play on the moon. In this case, it was Frank Sinatra’s rendition of “Fly me to the Moon” was the first song played on the moon when Buzz Aldrin first walked onto the surface.

This is a short music video played at the end of the 35th anniversary of Apollo 11.

It was played during the Apollo 10 mission, As a result of the monumental event, the music and pop culture worlds were affected. For performers of all kinds, the moon became the source of inspiration. Black Moon by Pink Floyd became the standard in rock music.

In the song “Man on the Moon,” REM pays homage to Andy Kaufman. Latin musicians La Mafia and the Ana Gabriel (‘Luna’) incorporated allusions into their own songs to make them more memorable, “Moon Landing,” a musical on the Apollo 11 mission was performed in England in 2007.

Today, the effects of those waves are still being felt today. They joined up for “Dark side of the moon,” a song about the actual star-crossed lovers who survived the apocalypse. What song did they play on the moon brought a phenomenal change in both Science and musical industry.

The Soul of the Moon

Songs are poems or set of words put into the music that are composed to be sung. These songs cover the varying disposition, thoughts and emotions of composers which have different genres as well. From rock, pop to ballads and blues.

Are there any songs about the moon? Yes, there are songs about the moon. Typically, songs about the moon have soulful meanings, giving the impression of deep emotions, of sadness, darkness, light over the darkness of the night, to name some.

Mentioning the moon on songs does not literally describing the moon but interpreting the effects of the moon to the composer.

There is a song in which the person longs to speak to another person who is far away. He treats the moon as a messenger, from his dimension and the other person’s dimension. In the latter part, he realizes that he only diverts his loneliness to the moon.

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