Soprano Solo Songs: Here’s 15 Of The Best Songs For Sopranos

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When it comes to preparing for that audition, you must be your absolute best from top to bottom. Remember there are plenty of other hopefuls competing for that role. So, ask yourself these questions:

What soprano solo songs are best to sing in an audition? Do I have the proper directions to the audition spot to ensure I get there a little before the scheduled time? What other requirements are for this audition and more?

Being serious about the soprano solo songs and more goes a long way in an audition. It can also set you apart from the competition.


Choosing a soprano solo song that was used by a class A actress in an audition or a starring role may itself impress that casting director for another reason as well. In addition to taking your time in finding an extraordinary song to sing, you may be one of the very few who were thoughtful in that regard.

Most competitors won’t even think about researching for soprano solo songs that extraordinary actresses sung at their auditions or in their starring roles.

Perfect Pop Songs For Sopranos
Perfect Pop Songs For Sopranos

The fact that you’ll take your time to research also shows the casting director that you are more serious about your craft. And even though some of these songs are negative and sad being convincing while singing those songs shows that you have good acting skills. Thus said, the 15 soprano solo songs to choose for that audition are as follows:

1. “No Other Love” on Me and Juliet

Written and music by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. “No Other Love” is a show tune in the 1953 musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein called Me and Juliet. In this musical, Jeanie practices to sing “No Other Love” for an audition. Also, this song was originally composed for a tv series on NBC in 1952/1953 called Victory at Sea.

Expert Tip: No Other Love” is a slow-tempo ballad. The woman who sings this song is expressing her deep love for her man. She wants him to hurry home and erase her doubts.

2. “Dear Friend” on She Loves Me

From the broadway musical “She Loves Me”, this song’s music and lyrics are by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick respectively. This song was created in 1959 and it’s full of heart, humor, and story-telling. Julie Andrews also sang and recorded this song as a single in England.

In this ballad, the lady expresses how sad she feels. She waits at the cafe, and everything is perfect. However, her date seemed to have stood her up. She pretends that she hasn’t been stood up even though the waiter isn’t fooled.

He informs her that they are about to close. He also tells her that it seems her date isn’t showing up. Other than that, he was kind by giving her encouragement that her date will probably write to her.

3. “China Doll” on Marguerite

“China Doll” was created in 2008 for this musical. The story here is based on Marguerite, a 40-year old singer. It talks about her life’s journey and her falling in love with a guy. At Marguerite’s 40th birthday party, Marguerite sang her most popular song.

“China Doll”. Armand played this song that she started singing to calm the rage of Marguerite’s lover as she flirted with all the men there. The reprise of “China Doll” also played as Armand and Marguerite passionately kissed each other.

The “China Doll’ ballad is pretty sad. It’s as if the China doll is a slave to please and dance to the music, and this is an ongoing thing with no end in sight. Nevertheless, the China doll is still open to the possibility of someone saving her. And yet, once again she remains a slave to dance and please.

4. “People Will Say We’re In Love” on Oklahoma

“People Will Say We’re In Love” was created by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II in 1943 for the musical, Oklahoma. In this musical Curly and Laurey continually restrained their relationship in front of their friends. They did this by having a list of ‘don’ts’.

That way, people wouldn’t be in their business with a lot of gossiping and suspect that they should be together. In the second act of this play, the song was reprised once they finally admitted their love for each other.

5. “Falling in Love With Love” on The Boys From Syracuse

“Falling in Love With Love” is a show tune produced in 1938 by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart’s musical called The Boys From Syracuse. Later on, Bernadette Peters sang this song in 1997 as she played the stepmother in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s movie called Cinderella.
This song involves a negative tone about love.

Expert Tip: The lyrics indicate a woman who was into falling in love, but love didn’t agree with her. So, now she feels like love is a childish fantasy and make-believe.

6. “Painting her Portrait” on Jane Eyre

“Painting her Portrait” is a song that is on a musical drama called Jane Eyre. The first production of this play happened in Wichita. Kansas, and it first premiered On Broadway in 2000. This play is based on a novel written by Charlotte Bronte in 1847, and Paul Gordan composed the lyrics and music of this song.

This song shows how Jane desperately wants to be good enough for Mr. Rochester. However, she doesn’t think he’ll ever consider her. She is tremendously critical of herself. And so, she painted her portrait in which she fought back tears while she was painting the flaws and all.

She also produced a likeness of herself as she fought back the tears and started to think and say good things about herself, such as her observing her poise and grace.

7. “Til Know” on Guys and Dolls

Created by Frank Loesser, this song was in this musical that began in 1950. Sky desired to have a date with Sarah so much so that he offered her 12 true sinners to obtain it. Sarah declined the offer. Then, Sky and Sarah had an argument concerning whom they will fall in love with. This argument led to the song.

Also, regardless of the argument, Sky kissed Sarah. However, Sarah reacted by slapping him. As the song’s lyrics show, she believes the one for her will be perfect. She believes that she’ll know him even down to his pipe’s aroma and the brand of clothing he’ll wear. And basically looking down at Sky, she says that ifs no way a gambler would comprehend.

8. “How Lovely to Be a Woman” on Bye Bye Birdie

This song was produced in 1960 by Lee Adams and Charles Strouse for this play. In a scene, Kim thought about her heightened happiness with her maturity. She also thought that she was a full adult at the age of 15. With her misperceptions, she started singing this song. She feels great that she no longer wears bracelets.

She also feels great that her skin is now clear and smooth and she’s no longer flat. She likes it when males whistles, and she knows that they are whistling at her due to her figure and all.

9. “Will you?” on Grey Gardens

Premiering on off-Broadway and then Broadway in 2006 on Grey Gardens, this musical is based on a 1975 documentary about The Beales. In this musical, Little Edie decided that she will leave Grey Gardens for New York City after she fought with her mom, Edith. Edith, then, started singing this song to cover up her inner turmoil in front of her party guests.

One can feel the pain and yearning in her voice concerning Little Edie when she sings this song. She asks will you return when Spring comes back around, will you always stay true, and so forth.

10. “Come Home” on Allegro

Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hamilton created “Come Home” in 1947 for the musical, Allegro. In this musical, Joe completely had enough when he finds out that Jennie has an affair with his boss. Right before he finds out this, his job in the big city made him increasingly frustrated.

So, he wished to return to his hometown’s comforts and takes heed to his mom’s call to return home.

11. “Old Maid” on 110 in the Shade

First produced in 1963 as a Broadway musical, the reviving of this musical occurred in 2007. This musical’s leading role in 2007 was played by a four-time Tony winner. Audra McDonald. “Old Maid” closed the first act of this play when Lizzie fears that she may end up living alone.

She developed these fears after she upset the man she loves. Even before meeting Starbuck. the man she loves, she was worried that she would be an ‘old maid’. It’s truly a sad and negative song.

Where she says that all she’ll do is rearrange the furniture and lay in an empty bed. She says that she’ll always be single and never will have a mate, yet all her brothers will marry.

12. “Hello, Young Lovers” on The King and I

Produced by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II in 1951 for this musical. Gertrude Lawrence played Anna in the original Broadway production. Anna sympathized with the plight of the slave girl, named Tuptim.

Tuptim is also the king’s newest wife. Anna also told the King of Siam’s wives about her late husband. And with these events, she started singing “Hello. Young Lovers”.

13. “Goodnight, My Someone” on The Music Man

Produced in 1957 by Meredith Wilson, this song is a love lullaby in this musical. With its pleasant melody, this song is excellent for optimistic lovers to come and for parted loves.
In the play. Amaryllis asks Marian who should she say goodnight to when viewing the star in the evening.

Marian responded by singing this song, saying that she should say goodnight to someone who is to come for her.

14. “This is all Very new to me” on Plain and Fancy

“This is all very new to me” was created in 1955 by Arnold Horwitt and Albert Hague for Plain and Fancy. Barbara Cook played Hilda Miller. The setting includes an Amish community in America with an old-fashioned country wedding and a traditional barn raising. In this ballad, Hilda expresses her new feelings associated with falling in love.

15. “The Beauty is” on The Light in the Piazza

Produced and premiered in 2003 in Seattle, this play was on Broadway in 2005. This musical is based on a story by Elizabeth Spence. “The Beauty is” is sung by Clara upon seeing the amazing paintings that were in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Before this, Clara and her mom.

Margaret was touring on their first day in Florence. Clara’s hat blew off her head, and Fabrizio, a young Italian man caught the hat and brought it back to her. Immediately after this incident Clara and the young man were smitten with one another. However, Margaret steered her away to go to the Uffizzi Gallery where Clara was in awe of the masterpieces.

Later on, the reprisal of this song began once Margaret resolved to do all she can, so Clara will have a chance of happiness. She determined to do this when she was alone and was sitting on a pew at church. While there, she was broken and crying. She felt shame and revealed that her worst fears caused the lifelong suffering of her daughter.


When it comes to preparing for that audition, it is imperative to do your absolute best, even with a soprano solo song. You should do what you can to ‘wow’ the casting director, and choosing one of these extraordinary soprano solo songs listed is the way to go.

The casting director may even be impressed that you took the time to find and choose a soprano solo song that a class A actress sang. The only thing now to do is to ensure you properly practice singing the song. Then, rest your vocals the night before your audition.

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