Best Beach Songs: 25 Best Beach Songs Of All Time

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Are you planning your next getaway trip to the beach with your loved ones? Well, aside from your cool bathing suits, flawless beach wear, and a bag full of sunscreen, there’s one thing you must not forget! A cool and fun music vibe on the beach. The ideal music can turn a summertime getaway from a brief weekend trip into an everlasting utopia.

Our beach playlist features some of the greatest songs for your getaway whether you’re searching for some chart-toppers, a little salsa from your beloved Latinx singers, lo-fi sounds to bathe too, or some vintage and throwback jams, trust us. We’ve got you all covered and set with our perfectly crafted beach songs!

Beach Songs

1. Starships by Nicki Minaj

When it comes to tracks about summertime, it’s basically a no-brainer when a song begins, “Let’s go to the beach”. Our list’s opening track is by none other than the reigning Queen of Rap. Starships seem to be the Young Money rapper’s most radio-friendly track to date. It features her screaming the mantra.

“Starships were designed to fly/Hands up and touch the sky/Can’t stop ’cause we’re so high/do Let’s do this one more time.”

2. Some Beach by Blake Shelton

When it comes to music, Blake Shelton is a musical genius. A lovely song that portrayed a beautiful beach warm waves and smooth sand was released by him in 2004. The huge trees that are positioned on the beach near the beach umbrella are also mentioned in the lyrics.

The music and lyrics, which were created by Blake Shelton, also include descriptions of margarita-drinking beachgoers. The artist also makes note of beachgoers who are partying on the sand and the spectacular sunset that can be enjoyed during the early evening hours. This song is indeed a must-add to your playlist.

3. Summertime by Will Smith

This list would not be complete if we did not include the legend himself, Mr. Will Smith. The well-known star Will Smith wrote the song, and he did so in 1991. The lyrics speak about the summertime, enjoyable hobbies, and other sports. The musician casually describes people who are cleaning their cars while also mentioning the nice weather.

Expert Tip: Over 5.5 million listeners have downloaded this track, according to numerous reports, as its popularity has grown over the past ten years. You surely must not forget to add this to your playlist.

4. Dynamite by BTS

We must not overlook BTS, currently the biggest boy band on the scene. To convey its exuberant energy. “Dynamite” draws on the vivacious, contagious rhythms of disco, keeping with the genre’s history of acting as a kind of escape whenever things go unpleasant.

There have been hip-swaying grooves that are perfect for the dance floor and snappy handclaps that invite and beg you to pitch along. You know what they say with the proper music, any space can be transformed into a dance floor, and the beach is no exception!

5. New Light by John Mayer

Ever since the 1990s, well-known musician John Mayer has produced a number of breakthrough compositions. The words of this song, which challenge listeners to consider fresh angles, tell the story of a man heading to the alluring Malibu, California.

When he gets to Malibu, he may go explore the coastline, the lovely city, and the surrounding parks. He can also unwind on the beach and watch the tides, the ripples, and the tropical palms. John Mayer’s must be included in any list of beach songs.

6. Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles

Harry Styles is definitely one with a distinctive enough voice and image, so it should not come as a surprise that he gets the accolade for being the most successful solo artist among One Direction.

Harry Styles has moved his reputation in unexpected places with a personal, unexpectedly cryptic, soulful art-rock style, in contrast to the formulaic mainstream pop of the other four members. One of his compositions, Watermelon Sugar, deserves a spot on the list of the top beach songs.

Expert Tip: This song has divinity and edginess while maintaining a simplicity that will get it stuck in your brain for days after you’ve heard it. It’s a passionate bop with a chorus made for screaming in a rowdy beach crowd.

7. Only The Ocean by Jack Johnson

A tune by Jack Johnson from 2010 explores the sea, the tides, the seashore, and several seasons. The song’s composer incorporated background music that encouraged unwinding, improved wellness, and decreased worry.

The musician also produced a music video that included several surfers and in which the surfers discussed a number of ocean-dwelling species. The athletes talked about the advantages of surfing, such as the diverse kinds of waves and the shifting tidal waves, as the surfers chilled beside the beach.

If you aim for a chill vibe during your trip, this one should be added to your best beach songs list!

8. About Damn Time by Lizzo

We’re sure Tiktok will appreciate that this stirring tune belongs on our list of the top beach songs! Only Lizzo was capable of reintroducing disco as a summer staple. The opening guitar groove of “About Damn Time” sends the hips into a maelstrom of jiving. The tension is then raised by Lizzo, whose voice soars to greater heights.

The vocal quality easily floats through the mix grabbing our attention right away. The singing melody is reminiscent of Dua Lipa’s 2018 hit single “Electricity” featuring Diplo and Mark Ronson Lizzo.

However, continues to stick out and exude distinctiveness, demonstrating why she has emerged as one of the best pop artists to have appeared on our radio recently. Lizzo brings the thrills like never before, as usual. She gives us all the reminders to celebrate life no matter what challenges or difficulties may be on our path.

In short, she reminds us to enjoy our summer getaway like there’s no tomorrow.

9. As If It’s Your Last by BLACKPINK

We can’t talk about beach bangers without mentioning the biggest girl group in the world. Just like what BLACKPINK member Rose screamed during their Coachella performance. “I want everybody to dance like it’s your last!” This song is perfect for a wild dessert jam session, but it’s also a great addition to your summer beach songs playlist.

The track has been substantially refreshed and given a Summer Pop finish for added flair and zing. Despite the heat, we’re supposed to keep bopping along to that flair’s cool beat. The track and its accompanying music video perfectly capture the girls’ personalities. The song video is a visual feast. All of the girls are gorgeous and fashionable. A true summer anthem!

10. Catch A Wave by The Beach Boys

When they have the word “beach” in their name, isn’t it obvious they’d make the best beach songs? Kidding aside, they will surely entice you with their song “Catch a Wave” while you are literally catching waves.

The Beach Boys have produced a large number of well-known songs with uplifting lyrics, upbeat groovy music, and a powerful message ever since the 1960s. The lyrics of a song about skilled surfers from a well-known group from 1963 include the beaches, the ripples, the shoreline, and the warm sunshine.

Expert Tip: The song’s lyrics proclaim surfing to be the best sport, and over the past 59 years, numerous surfers have listened to it repeatedly.

11. Summer Nights by Grease Cast

This one will undoubtedly persuade you that movie tunes can also serve as the best beach songs. Two musicians wrote a song in 1978 about the summertime, the nearby coastlines, and fun evenings. The song emphasizes a loving relationship, companionship, and the advantages of the summertime while also mentioning the sun in the lyrics.

The song was previously written by the musicians for a local movie they were making since it complimented a variety of environments. The song became more well-known after the release of the movie, and radio stations have been playing it consistently ever since the 1970s.

12. Soak Up The Sun by Cheryl Crow

The beach is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the sunshine, but you can make the experience much better by playing Cheryl in the background. Cheryl Crow created a song in 2002 about buddies who want to go to the beach.

The singer plays her guitar, and the words she wrote are about the nearby beach, fun things to do, and the pleasures of sunshine. Additionally, the singer produced a music video featuring beachgoers, big ripples, lush greenery, and skilled surfers.

This song has been used in numerous films, and once the soundtrack is included, the producer may build intricate scenarios with characters having a blast at the beach. This one definitely counts as a filmmaker’s favorite because it perfectly fits the category of “best beach songs”.

13. If It’s Lovin’ That You Want by Rihanna

The obvious choice for this list is Queen Riri. This Rihanna flashback, which has reggae overtones and a video clip with an island setting, is ideal for a beach vacation. Rihanna a Barbadian recording artist, sang this track on her first studio album.

Music of the Sun (2005). This was produced by Poke & Tone and was composed by Samuel Barnes, Scott LaRock, Makeba Riddick, Jean-Claude Oliver, and Lawrence Parker. Marcus Raboy, the director of the music video, had the song’s location be a section of beach in Malibu, California.

This track is really about enjoying life and exuding a Caribbean mood. What a great song to play while traveling to the Caribbean. Don’t you think?

14. Wipe Out By Surfaris

A well-known band looked into different surfing-related songs from the 1980s and ultimately the ensemble wrote a song about surfers who come across big waves. Several of the sportsmen were capable of navigating the enormous waves, while many of the surfers struggled to stay upright.

The warm sea, pristine beaches, and different types of waves are all mentioned in the song. Throughout and ever since 1988, the song has been used in a number of motion pictures by different directors, many of which involve seasoned surfers, amateur players, and vacationers.

The group also produced a music video to go along with the song, and if you check it, you can see acoustic guitars, a variety of surfboards, and historical and cultural musical instruments.

15. Walking On Sunshine By Katrina & The Waves

There are several reasons why everyone takes trips and vacations. Some people go there to get away, while others go there to unwind and catch up with friends and family. Whatever your purpose, you won’t be let down by our next amazing creation, who fits our best beach song lineup. You could tune in to this music if you’re looking for something upbeat.

A person exploring a seashore is depicted in the verses. The sunshine may significantly improve well-being, lessen tension, and spark inspiring creativity, and the individual is taking pleasure in it along with the warm air and lovely ocean. But even though the song was written by the band in 1983, its popularity has grown throughout the 1980s.

Expert Tip: The song is commonly listened to by fans before going to nearby beaches. A popular musician may have a music video that the fans can view. In the video for the song, the viewers will witness people enjoying the beach, a lovely park, and a huge lake.

16. Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

The Beatles wrote a well-known song about the sun in 1969, and the appealing tune emphasizes how sunlight can enhance wellness, encourage tranquility, and melt ice. The Beatles observed the sunshine in the springtime while they wrote the lyrics.

Snow can be quickly melted by sunlight, and sunlight promotes plant growth in numerous different ways. As per numerous stories, the band used acoustic guitars to improve the song’s melody while the artists composed it in a sizable garden. The track has been more widely known since the 1960s and it has appeared in numerous films.

Without a doubt, The Kings deserve to be among our top picks for best beach songs.

17. The Days by Avicii

Who wouldn’t want to experience the main character’s moment while soaking in the sun’s rays? No one is right? The next song on our list of must-hear beach songs comes from Avicii.

Robbie’s recognizable voice conveys the statement that we should be aware that we are experiencing some of the happiest days of our existence as the song launches with a charming acoustic tune. It’s entertaining and engaging and brings you such joy.

I enjoy cruising down the interstate from the top to the bottom. With a synthesized melody and a technicolor pop twist, the track’s bridge firmly establishes Avicii’s identity and brings the piece to a close.

This song’s arrangement is perfect, with Avicii making Robbie’s vocals seem more modern than ever before, while Robbie gives one of the greatest and most promising young producers of this generation some old-school gravitas.

18. The Nights by Avicii

This next song on our must-hear beach songs reminds us that enjoying the beach does not only happen during the day and under the sun. It is also possible to have a quiet and enjoyable moment on the beach during the night with a glass of mojito and tequila to fire up the cold breeze, 2014 saw the creation and launch of “The Nights.”

A song co-written by Nicholas Furlong and Swedish DJ Tim Bergling, best known by his stage name Avicii. Avicii stated that the song was intended to be a dedication to his father. He initially emailed it to his management with the title “My Father Told Me”.

The video for the song, which debuted in December 2014 as well, has received over 730 million views as of 2021. You can catch sight of many aspects of his life that made him feel joyful while you watch the video. The message of the song and accompanying music video is to live a life that will be remembered since you never realize how much time you have.

19. Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding

Another classic is coming on our beach song list, a little throwback to the 1960s. The song’s lyrics were written by renowned artist Otis Redding, who also gave it a 1967 launch. Steve Cropper additionally contributed to the song’s composition. A well-known guitarist, Steve Cropper, has collaborated with over 12 acts since 1958.

The songwriters of the song were inspired by a local pier that was close to a shipyard. Guests could see the beach, the big vessels, and the sunset while typically sitting on the dock.

Additionally, the tourists talked about how the tide influenced the ships, the sailboats, the vacationers, the surfers, and the shipbuilding whenever the tide was higher, many guests liked to go surfing in the harbor.

20. Sea And Sand by The Who

A rock group wrote a song about the beach, the water, and the fine sand in 1973. The lyrics also discuss beach parties and several individuals who might get into difficult circumstances. Comparable tracks that the band recorded in the 1970s greatly improved the album’s financial performance.

Expert Tip: Along with hosting concerts that drew well over 100,000 people, the band also won various prizes while advertising and promoting the track. Don’t let this opportunity pass by, add it right away to your beach songs playlist.

21. All Summer Long by Kid Rock

Rock music, country music, as well as pop music have all been produced by the group Kid Rock, a well-known musician who has released numerous hit songs. The musician published a song in 2007 with a summertime theme, but he claims the plot was first told in 1989.

The song is about some mates who live in Michigan and regularly go backpacking, exploring the surrounding beaches, and hanging out at the piers. Notwithstanding the hot temperatures, the companions also went swimming in the area’s typically chilly waters.

The companions who were lounging by the lake and enjoying the sunset are described in the song. The artist has won numerous distinctions during the last 15 years.

22. The Boys Of Summer by Don Henley

A beach songs playlist will never be complete without a little help from our pal Don Henley. If you appreciate music about beaches, you could listen to this one a lot because the lyrics talk about unoccupied beaches, deserted roadways, warm summer days, and bright, healthy sunlight.

In addition, the song’s lyrics tell a romantic narrative and reflect the musician’s memories of summer. The song was written by Don Henley, who rapidly became well-known as a result. In 1984, he was given a variety of awards. The composer has written numerous songs that discuss various relationships, the advantages of love, and summer.

23. When The Sun Goes Down by Kenny Chesney

A composition by Kenny Chesney was written to promote relaxation at the beach. The soothing sea, the benefits of sunshine, a summery night, and several styles of shade are all mentioned in the lyrics. The song also tells the story of a beachgoer unwinding in a hammock while sipping a cool drink.

A music video that the musician also made has vacationers, a vintage van, coconut palms, and a nearby beach. The artist plays his guitar while encouraging numerous individuals to party on the beachfront in the song’s video. One of the most incredible beach songs of all time is this 2004 classic.

24. At The Beach by The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers have written a number of songs about public and local beaches in 2004. They produced a song that speaks about the coastline, the stunning sky, the lovely weather, and the big piers. The song’s lyrics invite listeners to decompress by mentioning people having fun on the beach.

The song is now more well-known because the band runs an annual music event. If a tourist goes to a music concert, they can meet other fans, watch the band perform, and listen to the tune. This groovy music qualifies for the best beach songs and it is proven by all the music festivals where it rocked.

25. Love Story by Taylor Swift

She is at the moment. She is in the music industry. We are wrapping up our list with the best teenage romance song ever written. A summer getaway track for lovers who are celebrating their anniversary, honeymooning, or just want to enjoy the beach and soak up the sun.

Blasting this creation on the beach while holding your lover’s hand is indeed a sign of a love that is so strong it can bring Romeo and Juliet back to life. This song makes us go back to our youthful selves, using an imagined future viewpoint to provide a little more detail to the romance tale we all desired.

Expert Tip: This song is a timeless classic and would make a great addition to any collection of the best beach songs.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for taking the time to read our suggestions. We hope our diverse and well-picked beach song suggestions make it into your own playlist. We know it can be quite a challenge to select songs when you’re there at the moment.

We hope to save you from the hassle and stress by offering you a variety of beach songs that have appealing lyrics, great rhythm, a unique chorus, and various forms of music. We wish to relieve you of the hassle and worry. Get on the Aux and take pleasure in the escape.

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