11 Songs For Divorced Parents You Must Listen Too

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Everyone in a broken home finds it unpleasant, and each family member uniquely handles the agony of divorce. Music is one of the most common ways people with experience in these settings deal with unpleasant memories.

For a long time, music has been a significant source of expression for both artists and listeners, and people connect with it in a way that helps them get through some of the most challenging periods in life.

Here are the top 11 songs from some of the most well-known musicians in the world that deal with divorced parents.

Divorced Parents Songs

1. Highway 20 Ride By Zac Brown Band

The Zac Brown Band, one of the most well-known southern rock bands, is talented and has a voice that can reach your deepest feelings. Given that the lyrics seem like an internal monologue, as if he were talking about your life, this album contains one of the best songs about divorcing parents.

2. Lullaby (The Divorce Song) By Stephen Lynch

Compared to the other songs on this list, this album takes a very different and much lighter approach to divorce. Stephen Lynch is renowned for fusing funny and severe themes in his songs, which many listeners may identify with.

The orchestra and Stephen’s soothing voice give the piece an emotional feel, yet the song’s lyrical material is highly humorous, making the subject of divorce lighthearted. Although “Lullaby” has a lot of humor, it also discusses the severity of divorce and the harm it does to families as a whole.

3. Starting Over Again By Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is a legend, and “Starting Over Again” is one of the iconic songs from her career that will stand the test of time. Her vocal provides all the necessary passion for the song, while the instrumental backing is uncomplicated and unhurried. She is a musician that creates music that appeals to listeners from many backgrounds.

You can sense the power in this album, and the music becomes more serene as her voice grows more powerful.

4. Family Portrait By Pink

Pink is a musician who consistently demonstrates her flexibility. She is well known for her numerous pop successes, which are frequently characterized by high levels of vigor and an “in your face” attitude that complements the artist’s overall style.

However, “Family Portrait” takes a different tack. Given that the lyrics are the focus of this song, she went for a hip-hop-inspired instrumental and a much quieter vocal range. It is clear that P! In addition to dealing with her divorce in 2008, Pink may have encountered the aftereffects of divorce in her life.

5. Older By Sasha Sloan

Sasha Sloan contributes ethereal melodies over a soothing backdrop that stays straightforward mainly from beginning to end in this track from her EP Loser.

Many fans consider “Older” to be one of the best songs about divorced parents since it addresses the long-term effects of divorce and how each family member is affected as time goes on even while love is a challenging aspect of life in and of itself, managing it when it comes to starting a family can be even more difficult.

She lets the soothing instrumental take center stage while her lines drift over it.

6. Broken Home By Papa Roach

One of their signature songs from their album Infest, “Broken Home,” is driven mainly by distorted guitars and a powerful drum kit. Numerous albums by Papa Roach have impacted fans and the music industry.

The song’s dynamics are kept in focus by the various tempo changes in the instrumentation throughout. The lyrical content is mainly unfiltered and highlights the harm a “Broken Home” can do to a family.

7. D-I-V-O-R-C-E By Tammy Wynette

Tammy Wynette is a well-known icon from the late 1960s. She has a classic singing voice, and many worldwide adore her music. The singer tells a moving story about divorce while the record’s tempo is laid-back. The lyrics, which contain several cultural references, make it very evident that divorce has been a problem for marriages for a long time.

Expert Tip: Despite the unpleasantness of divorce, Tammy was inspired to write this appealing song that will have you listening till the very end.

8. Stay Together For The Kids By Blink 182

This song’s instrumentation is a superb fusion of their distinctive sound with a somber tone to convey the sadness of having separated parents. The lead singer’s words alternate between a monologue-like tone and forceful dynamics that match the energy of the instrumental over a heavy drum beat and various guitar progressions.

Blink182 offers an excellent counter-example to the notion that melancholy music always requires sad instruments to support it.

9. When You Love Someone By James TW

A storyteller that always uses personal experience in their work and is highly talented. This album’s message is as obvious as day, speaking of the hardships that affect the parent’s relationship and how those struggles also involve the children.

Since the artist depicts some of the factors leading to divorce as merely a part of life and the human experience, it also serves to lighten the topic. People change throughout time, and “When You Love Someone” does an outstanding job of discussing the subject without
protruding overpowering grief.

10. Love Triangle By RaeLynn

RaeLynn’s vocals couldn’t sound softer and more emotional in tune, driven by an introspective acoustic guitar. The song’s deliberate pacing gives you time to absorb every word the musician tries to convey.

It’s a terrific song for country music fans, but anyone who has dealt with divorced parents will relate to the lyrics. Many of the artist’s sentiments in the song touch your heart while also bringing you calmly about your own experiences and thoughts.

11. Mockingbird by Eminem

American rapper Eminem’s 2005 song “Mockingbird,” which was included on his fifth studio album “Encore,” is a heartfelt ballad in which he considers the struggles he has encountered and how he has attempted to be a good parent to his daughter Hailie despite those struggles.

American rapper Eminem’s 2005 song “Mockingbird,” which was included on his fifth studio album “Encore,” is a heartfelt ballad in which he considers the struggles he has encountered and how he has attempted to be a good parent to his daughter Hailie despite those struggles.


Finally, it should be noted that divorce is frequently depicted in popular music as a trying and emotional experience for all parties. The songs on this list, which range from old favorites to more contemporary singles, all explore the subject of separated parents in various ways.

These 11 songs will undoubtedly comfort and support you, whether trying to work through your own emotions related to your parents’ divorce or want to connect with others via music.

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