Songs About Monsters: Here’s 25 Songs To Know

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While we know monsters don’t ACTUALLY exist, they are definitely fun to think about, and they are fun to sing about too apparently if the following songs are anything to go by. There are actually many cool songs about monsters out there so if you fancy adding some new tunes to your playlist why not give some of the following a listen?

Songs About Monsters

1. Die Monster Die – The Misfits

If you are into that cool ’90s punk style of music, this song is worth giving a listen to by one of the coolest punk-rock bands of all time. It’s not about a physical monster but the internal struggle in recognizing our own monsters in the mirror, whatever they may be.

Expert Tip: In Die Monster Die, the narrator is staring at his inner monster and begging it to die. It’s a pretty intense message and the tune itself is a headbanger and you are just going to want to sing along when it starts playing.

2. Monster – Lady Gaga

We can always rely on Lady Gaga to put some awesome and unique tracks out there and Monster is no different. The song is actually about her being drawn to monstrous people in terms of personality, whether sexually or otherwise, she repeats the line “he ate my heart” often. It’s about knowing a person’s bad qualities but still not being able to stay away from them anyway.

3. Attacked by Monsters – Meat Puppets

Meat puppets are a lesser-known punk band from the late 80s and early ’90s and if you are into that kind of genre, you should definitely check them out. This track is very dark because it is actually about child abuse, with the bands Kirkwood brothers reflecting on their own experiences of childhood trauma in the lyrics.

It sends a very important and poignant message if you want to give it a listen.

4. The Monster – Eminem

Eminem teams up with Rihanna in this 2013 song, and it is a great collaboration that explores their different music genres in one.

The duo both think about the “monsters” they have faced internally in their life and the chorus makes a point of explaining that sometimes you just have to make friends with those types of monsters because there is no getting away from them.

5. Meet The Monster – Five Finger Death Punch

If metal music is your jam. this is one awesome track to check out, the band is known for their dark lyrics, and meet the monster is no different. It’s all about snapping after years of abuse in the worst possible way and unleashing YOUR monster to the monster who tormented you.

6. Man In The Box – Alice In Chains

Combining classic rock and heavy metal. Alice in chains is an amazing band and this song was released in their hay day in the early nineties. It is about a man who is suffering from some inner demons, hinted to be addiction issues, he is being chased by these demons in the form of an invisible monster who he just can’t seem to get away from.

7. The Monster – Imagine Dragons

This song was written to be featured in an action packed-film and it certainly captures everything perfectly. It’s about the main character being caught in their own head, they can’t get away from what they see to be a monster, which is actually just themself.

Expert Tip: Imagine Dragons are an incredible band and this is just one of their cool tracks that need to be recognized.

8. The Purple People Eater – Sheb Wooley

Is there any way cooler to describe a monster than with the title of this song? This is a really cool track and a really old one. it actually came out in 1958 and was the soundtrack for a movie of the same name. It is about a monster who wants to be a pop star, quite unique on its own, but he can only survive by eating purple people.

So yes, the monster himself is not actually purple! This is quite a lighthearted and fun song compared to some of the other more intense songs about monsters that have been mentioned.

9. Monster – Kanye West

Kanye West has put some incredible songs into the hip-hop scene in recent years and critics have actually said that his track “Monster” is one of the darkest and most ominous rap songs out there. It is about Kanye himself being seen as a deranged monster by the public and instead of denying that, he fully accepts it.

10. Furry, Happy Monsters – REM

This is a very fun song because it was actually created for Sesame Street and is basically describing the different characters. It is also a parody of one of REM’s most famous hits, “shiny, happy, people”. The song itself is about the ever-changing emotions of the monsters in Sesame Street, from being happy, sad, and everything in between.

If you want to listen to a fun song about monsters to get a break from the more serious stuff, this is it!

11. Thriller – Michael Jackson

Everybody knows Thriller, it is not just a song – but more like a work of art that shot Michael Jackson into the spotlight. It is a track that has major Halloween vibes and it is actually about someone being stalked. The music video is absolutely epic and the song itself has become a favorite with people young and old from around the world.

12. The Monster Is Loose – Meatloaf

Released in 2006 by the big man himself, this song has fantastically eerie vibes and lyrics to match. It tells the story of a girl being kept by a giant monster until she is rescued. The narrator himself has an inner monster that he sings about throughout the song and it is a great track to listen to, definitely earning it a place on this list.

13. Eye Of The Zombie – John Fogerty

John Fogerty is a talented artist with amazing vocals, and this song shows off his skills perfectly. The lyrics are chilling and the guitar riffs and thrilling from start to finish. The song itself is basically about monstrous terrorists with zombie eyes who have their plans set on destroying the world. Because they are not real, however, they just instill fear in everyone instead! It’s a great song that at times feels more like a horror movie.

14. Would You Love A Monsterman – Lordi

This heavy metal band dropped this track in 2002 and it’s definitely one that is pretty dark but what metal song isn’t? The lyrics are pretty murderous in places and talk about killing all in the name of love. While this might not be a song for everyone, if you are into heavy metal it’s worth listening to this unique masterpiece.

15. Monsters – Shinedown

This is a fairly recent track compared to most on this list of songs about monsters, and it’s got a message that most of us can likely relate to. It is about the singer’s inner turmoil, his “monsters” and addictions. We all have a side that nobody sees and this song is all about trying to suppress that side so that healing is possible.

16. Zombie – The Cranberries

This song has quite a political message about it because it was actually written after a local IRA bombing killed two children in Ireland. The band was outraged and the zombie was created to speak out about the attack in their own unique way.

Expert Tip: The song has a great tune to it and the chorus will be stuck in your head all day, but it’s also very intense as the lead singer sings about destruction and carnage throughout.

17. Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett

This is a classic song that features at kids’ parties, particularly around Halloween. It was originally released in 1962 and features a fun dance that you just can’t help but join in with. It is actually about a mad scientist whose monster creation comes to life.

The monster dances and sings in a zombie style and encourages other monsters to do the same. This is a lighthearted change from some other songs about monsters.

18. God Monster – The Cramps

This rock band hit the scene in the 70s and they had a cool mix of several types of music including punk, rockabilly, and dark gothic. God Monster is about a blood-thirsty monster looking to feast on virgins in particular. While there are some pretty dark lyrics, this is an awesome song that will become an instant favorite for you if you are into rock music.

19. A Monster – Nina Simone

Nina Simone was actually a jazz singer and she often sang about black rights but this particular song is about lies and secrets in a relationship. It is a pretty beautiful song and definitely worth a listen if you are looking for something a little different to add to your playlist.

20. My Own Monster – Katy Perry

Katy Perry was raised to be religious with her dad being a local pastor, but this song is all about her struggles in keeping that belief throughout different areas of her life. She sings of herself as the monster in this track and calls for god to protect her if he is really out there. This is a pop song with some really interesting lyrics, which earns itself a place on this list.

21. Beautiful Monster – Ne Yo

This upbeat song is a cool mixture of dance and hip hop and it was released in 2010, you have probably heard this song on the radio more than once because it is very mainstream. The narrator in this song sings about his attraction to a dangerous woman and that attraction is something that he just cannot shake. She is the beautiful monster in this story.

22. Unkillable Monster – Marilyn Manson

It doesn’t get much darker than Marilyn Manson and this foreboding track is no different. The song is as tragic as it is dark though as Manson sings about a broken heart and how damaged he is beyond repair, he is an unkillable monster due to what has happened to him. While it is not one of his hugely popular songs, it is a hidden gem.

23. Almost Human – Kiss

There is no doubt that Kiss is one of the best rock bands of all time but Almost Human is one of their less well-known songs. The song has some romantic vibes to it but also paints the narrator as a vampire who wants to feast on blood at midnight. All in all, it’s a pretty cool track that you will want to play on repeat.

24. Liars And Monsters – Escape The Fate

Escape the fate are a rock band that got together in 2004 and their music could be categorized as emo and screamo. Their songs often have pretty dark lyrics and this particular track is about an inner monster and the turmoil that can often happen in our own minds. The narrator is ashamed of being a monster but doesn’t know what to do to change it.

25. Feed My Frankenstein – Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is an incredible performer and this song was actually written for a Wayne’s World movie, and he performed it live a couple of times too. The “Frankenstein” in this song is actually referring to the singer’s monstrous sexual appetite and it does include some rather crude lyrics.

The riffs are incredible and if you are a fan of this type of music, you are going to absolutely love it.


All these songs about monsters are unique in their own way but all fantastic. Whether the tracks are telling stories of actual monsters, monstrous people they have faced in their past, or their monsters the lyrics will have you singing along and appreciating the artistry behind the music.

There is also music of all different genres that have been featured on this list. Give some of them a listen and you might just find one of your new favorite tracks.

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