25 Songs About Getting Away: The Best Song About Running Away For You

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Have you ever felt like running away? Running away is the desire to escape and avoid a specific situation, generally, a situation that produces fear or consequently can produce pain. And although on many occasions we cannot escape, music has the power to transport us to other places.

Have you ever stopped to think how many songs about running away there are? Running away is one of the most common themes in music, because, with a song, the artist not only manages to express their feelings but also to make us feel identified.

Isn’t running away supposed to feel bad? Not everything is bad, some songs can be comforting, and why not quite catchy can also help us in the task of escaping from reality for a few minutes.

Do you like listening to music as an escape from your daily life? That’s why we have meticulously prepared a list of the 25 best songs about running away. This list includes the best songs that have sounded in different generations so that anyone can feel identified, and some timeless pieces everyone loves listening every now and then!

Songs About Running Away

1. Bruno Mars – Runaway baby

A catchy song from beginning to end that talks not only about running away but also about the duality that we experience when we start a relationship and one of the parties does not want to get involved 100%.

As an example, the chorus, which of course is followed by a second verse where he asks his girl to walk away if he doesn’t want to end up with a broken heart. Undoubtedly one of the best songs on Bruno Mars’ debut album “Doo-Woops & Hooligans” (2010).

2. AURORA – Runaway

This is a song about escaping and realizing that you want to go home. It not only transmits nostalgia but also manages to teleport you with its rhythm. Although the official video was released in 2015, with the rise of Tiktok and Instagram Reels it became popular again in 2021 due to its use as part of a trend accompanied by a filter.

Expert Tip: In addition, it has been used in approximately 5M videos on both social networks. Its chorus, of course, is the most emotional part of this gem that with more than 7 years is still current.

3. Linkin Park – Runaway

The power of music becomes so impressive that this song, with more than 20 years is still one of the most listened to by Linkin Park. Not only for its excellent chords but also for its powerful lyrics with which you can easily feel identified, especially in those moments when you want to disappear.

Its chorus easily becomes that desire to be free that we can experience when we are faced with an overwhelming situation.

4. Bon Jovi – Runaway

Adolescence is perhaps one of the most difficult stages in the life of any person because it is there where we build the foundation for our adult life and also where we want to make our own decisions, ignoring in many cases the rules of our parents.

Runaway, by Bon Jovi, is one of those songs with which you can easily feel identified because it makes you relive that rebellious stage when you wanted to run away from home.
Although it is one of Bon Jovi’s first hits and has been around since 1984. Its video is about a girl who shows rebellion against her parents and decides to run away from home.

A situation that more than one has experienced even if not in a literal sense.

5. Lenny Kravitz – Always on the run.

Composed of some guitar, bass, and drums chords. It is one of the samples of how Lenny Kravitz constructed his works in his beginnings. This is one of those songs that over time gains value and has reached the status of rock classics. It was on his second album “Mama Said” (1991).

And although it is not directly related to “Running away”, it is closely linked to the fact that many times we decide to ignore our parents’ advice, just to go our way because when we are young, we want to make our own mistakes.

6. Avril Lavigne – Runaway

Adolescence can be a time when our emotions overcome us, that’s why it’s easy to identify with songs were “running away” becomes the magic phrase. Because in most cases we just want to escape from our emotions or the situations we get to live.

Expert Tip: This is another one of those songs that despite being made for another generation and in another era, can easily be listened to today and evoke some memories.

7. Avenged Sevenfold – Runaway

Who hasn’t experienced heartbreak at some point in their life? One of those heartbreaks that make you think of only one question “Why”.

This is one of those songs, in more than one opportunity the guy talks about his pain, his loss, and of course, the uncertainty that causes him to think “Why did my love leave?”.

8. Ed Sheeran – Runaway

With quite realistic lyrics and with a situation that is quite common but no one wants to talk about. Runaway by Ed Sheeran immerses us in the relationship of a son with his alcoholic father. A problem from which the son wants to escape, as anyone would do in his place.

A lyric that takes Ed Sheeran out of his comfort zone, as he usually releases songs full of romance and with which he tells us a story full of emotions.

9. Galantis – Runaway (U & I)

An electronic song but full of vocal effects that make it powerful, released in 2014. through his lyrics leads us to experience the desire to escape with the loved one. It takes us to live like we’re in love, that feeling that initially makes us invincible. Galantis does know how to make us believe we can escape from all the problems with the power of song.

10. The Weeknd – Save your tears

“Save your tears” talks about a subject that nobody wants to talk about: The ex. But seen from the point of view of the one who decided to run away.

Not all relationships have to come to an end but usually, the one who ends the relationship may experience a desire to become the emotional support of the other sometimes the guilt may even lead the person to want to get back together for the sake of the other.

He asks her not to cry, that she deserves something better, words that of course, no one wants to hear after a recent breakup and at the same time, he talks about the vicious circle in which he has fallen because at some point he also had his heartbroken.

11. The Killers – Runaways

The lyrics of this song, apart from being a musical gem. also remind us of the rush with which we want to live in adolescence. That desire to keep love alive because it’s the best thing that ever happened to you and at the same time you think it’s the best thing that will ever happen to you.

But the day comes when this love is over and you have to run away, leaving aside what you feel and maybe looking like a coward but at the same time sacrificing everything for the person you love. This, without a doubt, is one of those songs that stirs every fiber of your being.

12. Gwen Stefani – Sweet Escape

No relationship is perfect, sooner or later problems appear, but what is important is how they are solved. Sweet Escape is a girl’s attempt to apologize to her guy and her inner desire to improve things within the relationship.

All this, while she fantasizes about a utopia where they can escape and have the freedom to be as the other wishes, without so many differences, and so many problems. All in all, this song talks about how running away could work even inside our minds.

13. Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Getaway

It is no coincidence that this song is the first one on the band’s album, which is also called “The Getaway”. Through it, the band takes us through a journey of self-discovery and that desire we experience to escape and go to other places where we can allow ourselves to know ourselves better. A very reflective song, full of excellent chords.

14. Band on the run – Paul McCartney & Wings

This is one of those songs that the more you listen to it, the more you will like because it never goes out of fashion. Over time, it has become one of those timeless compositions.

And it is not only because it is a song by the great Paul McCartney, but it is also because its lyrics lead us through a great emotion. And that’s what it’s all about the singer’s reflections when his band falls into prison and they lose the chance to see important people, for example, his mother.

Expert Tip: The chorus, however, is a bit more melodic and there, the singer relates that the band has escaped from prison and assures that they will never be found. A musical gem from 1973 that is still relevant today.

15. Craig David – Walking Away

With lyrics full of emotions, Craig David with Walking Away takes us through a story in which he simply wants to get away from the problems and start living a better life, because he has always felt that he is the one to blame for his misfortunes.

This is ironic because in the music video for this song, as much as he tries to escape, it seems that his misfortunes are chasing him.

16. Young hearts run free – Candi Station

Released in 1976, it is one of the most popular and remembered singles of the American soul singer Candi Station. It is one of the great classics of disco music.

And it tells us about the advice of a mature woman to the younger generation. She invites them to let themselves be carried away by the love and run freely, without thinking too much about the guidelines of society because in the future that generates consequences regrets, and unhappiness.

17. Runaway train – Soul Asylum

Speaking of good songs, this was the Best Rock Song at the 1994 Grammy Awards. And it is not surprising because it is a delicious composition despite the bitter message it contains.

The song talks about boredom, despair, and disenchantment, without attributing it to anything, in particular, just describing how it feels to be trapped in a situation part of the song’s success is because practically all of us have had this feeling at some point in our lives. So it is easy to take refuge in the listener’s empathy.

18. Radiohead – How To Disappear Completely

Another song that we can easily identify with, because who hasn’t wanted to disappear at some point? Especially in those moments when problems seem to overcome us and there is no desire to face them giving way to denial.

19. Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen

What can we say about an American classic that dates back to 1975? The first notes announce that something very, very big is beginning. And indeed, the song takes us to experience those desires for freedom.

And at the same time, it is an invitation to escape the comfort zone, to escape to a place where we can exploit our full potential. As well as the desire to experience the freedom of wild and out-of-the-ordinary love.

20. Naughty Boy ft. Beyonce, Arrow Benjamin – “Runnin’ (Lose It All)”

Known as a commercial song, which of course, triumphed long before being included in a TV spot for a well-known perfume brand. The song is accompanied by a spectacular video clip, so hypnotic, in which a couple runs to meet, but underwater is considered one of the most original in history.

Expert Tip: A song that leads us through self-discovery after a breakup, to get up, meet and find ourselves, to allow us to start again with someone else.

21. Run to you – Roxette

A song with a very catchy melody reminds us that the desire to run away is not always bad, it is also that desire for freedom, in this case, to love freely by running away in the company of the person you love.

A magical lyric where at the end the desire to live in a place where they can love each other becomes present, a place where they can be together without third parties.

22. Run – Joji

A song made for today’s generation. In “Run” Joji directly addresses a former romantic interest, his ex. Through his song, he takes us through his reasons and why he thinks they should be together, why he thinks they still have feelings for each other.

In this case, he emphasizes that they are both running away from what they feel and that even being with other people will never feel the same. So they should just get back together.

23. Run – Foo fighters

Run is a song that generates euphoria, not only for its thunderous rhythm but also for its lyrics. This song is an invitation to wake up to get out of your comfort zone, appreciate your own life, and pursue your dreams because life goes on.

It is a song that makes you want to escape the routine to free yourself and allow you to live what you have always dreamed of.

24. Running Away – Hoobastank

Another of those songs with which it is easy to generate empathy since it not only talks about a person who runs away from his problems but also about the importance that this generates in the person he loves and who is willing to help. Through his lyrics, he leads us to his multiple ways of communicating and trying to help, without success.

25. Airbourne – Runnin’ Wild

A euphoric song that invites you to start the day in a good mood. More than talking about heartbreak, it talks about overcoming problems, leaving them behind, and running forward. It is a song about enjoying the freedom of running away not from a bad situation, but escaping the boredom and complications of regular life.


There are many songs whose main theme is “running away”. But running away is not always about escaping, it is also the search for freedom and leaving the comfort zone to seek fulfillment happiness or just a new experience.

And although sometimes we can’t just drop everything and run away, music teleports us to places where we can make it possible. Do you feel identified with a song on the list? What song about running away was your favorite? Can you think of another song that makes you feel this way? Let us know in the comments section. Thank you for reading!

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