11 Songs About Self-Harm That Can Help You Heal

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The greatest timeless songs of all time feature some of the most delicate lyrics that touch on universal themes many can identify with. Every piece on this list has had an impression on the listeners, one of the many characteristics defining a record as timeless.

Although music, genres, and cultures have changed throughout the years, the self-harm message has remained highly pertinent.

Songs About Self-Harm

These are the top 11 songs about self-harm.

1. Popular Monster By Falling In Reverse

A trap-rock album with a relentless flow, Falling In Reverse is a banger from every viewpoint. The song’s production has many catchy components and does a terrific job of fusing several genres. From a production standpoint, it’s the most original music on our list because each changing dynamic is unexpected to the ear.

Expert Tip: Whether you like rock music or not, this album will make you feel a rush of raw energy and emotion.

2. Cut Me By Lil Peep

Lil Peep’s struggles with depression and mental health are widely known. This song has some incredibly all-encompassing melodies and provides a clear glimpse into the pains the singer is accustomed to experiencing.

The song’s instrumentation consists of a meandering, dreamy, arpeggiated tune that ripples from ear to ear and gives the whole thing a warped tone, along with persistent 808s. Despite the gloomy subject matter of the song, Lil Peeps’ voice is incredibly soothing to hear here.

3. Bleed It Out By Linkin Park

It’s a short, intense song with many repetitive themes that does a great job of hammering the point. It’s clear why this song is still performed today and why live performances are always a complete riot.

The late great Chester Bennington’s powerful vocals can be heard carrying the chorus on “Bleed It Out,” which is undoubtedly one of the best songs about self-harm on this list, with anthemic dynamics.

4. Breathe Me By Sia

Sia is quite honest on her album “Breathe Me,” which is a lovely peek into some of her issues. The track’s ethereal and menacing piano melody gives it a dreamlike quality, and the production’s sonics give off a cozy sensation throughout the body. She pours a lot of emotion into the song and gets quite personal about her hardships.

Her vocal delivery seems more like she’s venting than she is singing dynamically. She gives a relatable perspective on self-harm, depression, and loneliness that so many shares, making it a great song if you’re feeling lost or alone.

5. Last Resort By Papa Roach

“Last Resort” is an all-around banger that made an impact thanks to its enduring melodies and unforgettable hook. It is one of the best songs on self-harm since, in addition to its hard-hitting elements, the lyrics discuss mental issues. Fans have been listening to this song repeatedly due to its grimy instrumentation.

Expert Tip: This song is a mainstay from Papa Roach’s discography since they have always taken a raw, emotional approach to their music.

6. Ghost By Badflower

The instrumentation takes an unexpected turn with down-turning melodies that hold a sense of struggle. Badflower conjures an image with their album “Ghost” that touches on suicide and feeling invisible among friends and loved ones. They also performed a fantastic job filling the song’s empty spaces with resonant melodies that always catch the ear.

7. Slit Wrist Theory By 36 Crazyfists

“Slit Wrist Theory,” hailed as one of their best songs about self-harm, was written with no filters. The song opens with a memorable guitar strum that resonates with a delay, easing you into the upcoming dynamics.

Each component changes as the song continues, and the emotion’s intensity grows. With their instruments and vocal range, 36 Crazyfists do a fantastic job at conveying stories, and as a group, they are flexible in terms of genre.

8. Ohio Is For Lovers By Hawthorne Heights

Their renowned album The Silence In Black and White contains elements from various musical genres, including rock, punk, and pop influences. The voices enter with clarity and speed, making it simple to sing along.

The album has several terrific breaks, and the change in drum patterns provides a welcome diversion from the song’s otherwise upbeat intensity. Regardless of the sentiment of the lyrics, Hawthorne Heights knows precisely how to craft a catchy tune.

9. Suicidal Dream By Silverchair

Despite the lively tempo, the lyrics are somewhat depressing and immediately grab your attention. The songs on the album have a harsh tone and touch on the reality of loneliness and suicidal ideas. The guitars hit all the right notes to evoke your emotions and get you in the song’s mood.

10. Fucking Perfect By Pink

Pink was an upbeat song that left a lasting effect. With her powerful vocal and compelling production value, Pink brought all her best attributes to the music. The lyrics add a poignant element to the instrumental, uplifting and motivating.

There is general agreement on the song’s uplifting aspects, and many fans believe the album to be a lifeline for their self-esteem. Regardless of their musical inclinations, everybody may appreciate this record because it is generally reasonable.

11. She Talks to Angels By The Black Crowes

The song portrays the tale of a heroin-dependent girl. She doesn’t mind the discomfort of giving herself the injection because she usually feels better afterward.

However, she takes too much medicine and is in danger of passing away. She is said to be conversing with angels in the chorus, which could have a double connotation. She can be so near to passing away that she perceives angels. Angels may be a metaphor for the drug.


These songs thoughtfully address self-harm. Songs often struggle with the topic of self-harm. Self-harm may be viewed positively if it is not treated correctly. These songs, thankfully, caution against self-harm. These songs do an excellent job of not sounding overly melancholy despite the depressing subject of self-harm.

Additionally, these tunes need to hammer home how awful it is. You’ll be able to hear how detrimental it is when you listen to the music.

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