Most Expensive Guitars – Top 10 Most Expensive Guitars

Most Expensive Guitars

Guitars are some of the most sought after instruments on the market, and we have gathered a list of the top 10 most expensive guitars ever sold!With prolific names like Blackie, Tiger and “the holy grail of guitars” and legendary players like Hendrix, Clapton and Richards behind these guitars, these expensive guitars are the crème … Read more

Best Oboe Reeds – Best Oboe Reeds For Beginners Review

best oboe reeds

best oboe reeds of It is  very true that a reed could impact the ease of play, sound and the comfort of a any instrument. This is particularly true with the oboe, and much more so. Beginners who use a reed that is poorly-made tend to create habits which could be hard to fix over … Read more

Best Accordions in 2020 – Best Accordion Brands For Beginners and Best Children’s Accordion Reviewed

Accordions are one of the most popular instruments in the world, yet it’s quite hard to find the best accordion! Their sounds have found their way to Jazz and all different genres.Additionally, many colleges are teaching students to perform accordion. So today we have an in-depth on the Best Accordion and the Best Accordion brands for … Read more