Best Songs To Strip Song: 15 Best Stripper Songs To Feel Sexy

Looking for a great playlist for a strip club or gentlemen’s bar? Or just looking for a great theme to entice your partner on your honeymoon or date?

Don’t you worry, we got the 15 best ‘Stripper Songs’ from all types of categories, that will entice both the guests and the performers, or just for you and your partner to enjoy the night. Lets’s get started!

best stripper songs

1.) Motley Crue – Girls, Girls, Girls

Does this not only pump you up but also get you in a seductively aggressive mood? This all-time classic rock song from Motley Crue embodies the stripper environment as it depicts the boy’s night out on a gentlemen’s club, telling you to just have fun and let yourself be immersed with the experience and possibly taking out the scantily clad females after the show!

This will definitely excite all females who wanted to try out being a stripper and dance the night away, especially for those with a rocker and a fighter vibe. Super popular and an ever rotation on a strip club’s playlist.

2. Aerosmith – Cryin’

Ever felt crying and emotionally distressed that you just wanted a release and have all your clothes off? Then this song is for you! Another rock classic. Cryin’ from Aerosmith tells a story of a girl trying to break away from a bad relationship yet she keeps falling in love with the same person in that relationship and restarts the emotional cycle all over again.

It is crazy to think how love and emotions make us do stupid things sometimes. This song is just perfect for a night to reminisce about the past and try to release the bad memories by slowly undressing and releasing any tight pressure around your body to achieve that comforting feeling.

3. Kelis – Milkshake

Want to tease your man or woman with a song and dance? Then this song is the absolute fix for that! Milkshake by Kelis will forcefully make you want to pop your bum out and shake it around to create that sexy and inviting vibe.

Expert Tip: The song itself is just a way to seduce your partner from your sexy behind making them wanting for more!

The music video is also entertaining to watch as it is set in an old diner, in which Kelis works as a waitress, but strips down to a sexier outfit to entice the customers to buy their ‘milkshakes’.

This will definitely bring all people into the yard. A great crowd pleaser on all gentlemen’s clubs!

4. Britney Spears – I’m A Slave 4 U

Feeling hot and sweaty that you wanted to take your clothes off and just move your hips? Or do you feel like pleasing your partner and fulfilling all his or her wishes? Why not dance and tease to the beat of I’m A Slave 4 U by Britney Spears!

The beat has a very hip-popping tone yet you feel very sensual and seductive. The song describes someone’s desires to fulfilling their partner’s demands and meet them in any possible way that their mind can imagine.

It also has inviting lyrics that will let you and your partner dance to a sensual frenzy that will let you feel their body more. Females at the club love this song as it easily and directly portrays what they want their guests and clients to expect from them.

5. Ginuwine – Pony

Are most of the songs just male-centered? Don’t worry ladies this sensual and hip thrusting song is just for you!

Pony by Ginuwine lets females imagine their partner taking off their clothes and inviting them into bed, and telling you all the sensual stuff that they will do on your body. The lyrics themselves have this provocative tone that will instantly make your guests drool for seduction and want to have more.

Although not as popular in gentlemen’s clubs, this is a common track played on gay or ladies bars as it instantly sets the mood of their guests and the dancer. Just ready your hips as this will be a long ride!

6. Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me

Do you fancy a more energetic, heart-pumping song yet still has this vibe that makes you want to take your clothes off? Follow this classic rock song by Def Leppard and you will definitely enjoy every minute of it!

Expert Tip: Pour Some Sugar On Me is a song that teases couples to make their most intimate moves and experiment some more!

As the lyrics said, pour some sugar on me in the name of love, is such an inviting tone that lets you create and imagine all sensual desires. This track is an all-time favorite as it has been playing in bars in the 80s. and is still relevant up to today!

7. Rihanna – Needed Me

This slow and smooth beat makes strip teasing so alluring and sophisticated as if you are in a deep trance. Needed Me by Rihanna will make you feel with intense seduction as you slowly undress and make your way to the bed.

Although the lyrics is portraying a story of a bad relationship, the beat itself is enough to entice your feelings for a seductive tone. This song fairly growing in popularity as the music video itself features a strip club that perfectly blends well with the beat. An amazing way to immediately entice the guests once they set food in the bar.

8. Warrant – Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie by Warrant is another classic rock song that is always present in strip clubs and other men’s bars’ playlists. The beat itself is so recognizable that it instantly manifests a stripping woman or people being mesmerized by their beauty, especially in movies or sitcoms.

Lyrics though is well written as it highlights and graces the beauty of a woman and how alluring it is to men. As if men are hypnotized by women by this song and make them worshiped like gods. This might be the secret of this song and how its popularity is still relevant up to this day!

9. Kendrick Lamar – LOVE. ft. Zacari

Wanted a song with depth and sophistication? Love by Kendrick Lamar featuring Zacari is a well-written song and a masterful adaptation of how unconditional love truly means. It highlights the ups and downs of relationships and how couples and partners adapt if there are changes in their lives.

It is especially critical to this article as it asks men or women with partners in the erotic dancing industry, how they ‘flow’ well with it or is making them uncomfortable in some way. This will surely immense both parties in terms of relatable and sympathetic ideas towards the meaning of the song.

The beat also gives a layer of smooth and calming vibe while you are slowly undressing and getting intimate with your partner. Love has garnered steady popularity in recent years as more and more clubs are using this song in their playlist to create a calming vibe or for the guests to get more attracted to the dancers.

10. Jodeci – Freek’N You

This song requires no explanation as to the title itself already sets the expectation and mood. Freak’N You by Jodeci exemplifies the seduction of a man towards his woman by counting the days until he meets her again.

Lyrics aside, the tone and beat are smooth and inviting that even non-English speaking people, understand what the singer is trying to portray and imply.

Taking notes from romantic RnB tones, this song matches perfectly well in striptease and pole dancing. Although not as popular as other RnB songs that are usually played in bars and gentlemen clubs. Freek’N You is a great song to start that fresh and sexy vibe.

11. Rihanna – Kiss It Better

Another slow and seductive song. Kiss It Better by Rihanna. will make you do the exact same thing in the music video, is that to roll around half-naked in bed and feel sexy and alluring.

The lyrics of the song though, explain a woman longing for a man’s kiss and touch, engulfing her with captivating feelings that she could no longer control, while she confronts the same man to let him know that it is ok to show his own feelings for her too.

The tempo of the music is ideal for slow undressing in strip clubs that most men favor, making Kiss It Better a popular choice for both guests and the dancers. A great addition to the club’s playlist!

12. 50 Cent – Candy Shop ft. Olivia

Need a sexy Arabian-style hip-hop song with a mixture of dirty talk and seduction? Candy Shop by 50 Cent featuring Olivia checks all the boxes! ideal for a themed strip club or music background for your bachelor’s party, the song invites a sexy vibe with catchy lyrics, which basically explains a man’s motive to invite a woman to his “candy shop”.

The music is well prepared and compiled a mixture of instruments to create a unique Arabian-style hip-hop song which is not common for any rap music but the producers made it work Candy Shop has been on the playlist of almost every bar across the United States and abroad, making it one best and ideal choices for guests and dancers alike.

13. Lil Wayne – Lollipop ft. Static

Yet another candy-themed song. Lollipop by Lil Wayne featuring Static has this quick and vibrant tempo that makes you want to twerk and grind your bum all night long. You don’t need to understand the lyrics so much as the title itself is self-explanatory, with some sexual innuendos and hidden messages in between.

The beat is fast-paced that it will not only make you twerk but dance hard and wild great for erotic dancers who wanted an alternative mood instead of the usual slow and steady moves. Lollipop has always been partnered with Candy shop in most bar playlists as it has the same theme and a great transition from a mid-paced to a fast-paced beat.

14. Ne-Yo – She Knows ft. Juicy J

Want extra energy on the floor while doing amazing twerks and body bumps? She Knows by Ne-Yo featuring Juicy J is a fast-paced, energetic song that will immediately hype up guests and make performers shine bright on the dancefloor.

The lyrics also tell a story of a woman who may look innocent at first glance, but carry secrets under her sleeve that will satisfy her man. The woman also knows how to play her cards right and picks her man carefully depending on popularity and wealth.

This song is ideal for bars with a party or energetic theme that will keep the guests entertained and energized!

15. Rihanna – Pour It Up

Why not close the night by playing a celebratory song for all performers and guests alike! Pour it Up by Rihanna is a great song to finish a night strong with a great beat and amazing lyrics.

Expert Tip: The lyrics itself a celebratory mood to splurge on champagne jewelry, and most especially on scantily clad women which in turn appreciate the guests by celebrating it with them.

The song also has a mid to fast-paced tone that will keep the dancers twerking even if this is played on the last set. Pour It Up is such a great closer that it is highly recommended for any bar or gentlemen club to use as a finale for the night or any event!

Hope this helps you with all the necessary striptease music that you need. Still, there are hundreds of amazing slow and face-paced strip club- type music that are available on all music formats such as Youtube and Spotify that will open your creative mind to ideas for future themes in clubs and bars. Cheers and party hard!

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